CCJ – October-November 1999

October-November 1999 Issue

Channelings Du Jour – The New (Indigo) Children (Oct-Nov 1999)
The Final Surrender (Oct-Nov 1999) by Michele Mayama
Healer Heal Thy Self (Oct-Nov 1999) by Louix Dor Dempriey
I’m Not a Writer, But Sometimes I Play One in Physical Reality (Oct-Nov 1999) by Kristen Fox
Inner Desire, Outer Space (Oct-Nov 1999) by Mui
The Loss of Love (Oct-Nov 1999) by Sandi Hunter
NOWhere (Oct-Nov 1999) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Magic & Manifestations (Oct-Nov 1999)
Manifesting 101 & Beyond (Oct-Nov 1999) by Susan James
My Favorite Dream (Oct-Nov 1999) by Lisa Wallach
New Age Tyranny (Oct-Nov 1999) by John McNally
On Magic & Creating (Oct-Nov 1999) by Samantha Kaswell
The Shift to Organic Awareness (Oct-Nov 1999) by Michele Mayama
Walking with George (Oct-Nov 1999) by Ted Mousseau