NOWhere by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

by ChiaraDina Cerweny

“It’s like the chicken and the egg … you think it started back then … but it didn’t  … it started here in the future … that’s why it gets larger in the past!”
– Jean Luc Picard – All good things : Star Trek TNG

“It’s deceptive to say that thus and so “happened in the beginning” or that “in the beginning was the word”, or whatever because there was no official beginning when God suddenly came parading out of nothingness. There are multitudinous beginnings. You’re bound to wonder what went on or how long it’s all been going on not realizing that in a matter of speaking, it just started when you got there. And in another way, it isn’t really there at all.”
– Jane Roberts – The further education of Oversoul Seven

Have you ever been in reincarnation therapy wondering what you can find out about your past lives … seeing yourself hitting those firestones in Godwana land or tearing down barricades in World War One? Are you convinced that you “must have lived as an Atlantean” because you just love working with crystals so much? Or do you think that you have drowned milleniums ago  … because how else could this fear of watery elements be explainable in other ways today?

A lot of people still leave the “present” for the thrill to “become someone entirely different” when drifting back in time, at the expense of the now moment. Understandable – it´s highly invigorating to dream about who we might have been or might become in the future – to leave our present day-in day-out situations with the possible learning loops we still might being caught in and fed up with. But the effort to escape the existence we experience now by “looking back” are in vain and can have the slight touch of illusion.

For someone who only identifies him/herself with his/her physical body, the idea of reincarnation may lift him/her to the next level of self-understanding by stretching the mental frame of self-definition. Going back in linear time to expand our horizon – to find us in similar circumstances, with the same people, in different roles…  Getting a glimpse of another aspect of the present situation we are in and intending to finally move out of by applying a key that fits for us personally may be something healthy and very freeing. Alas, it is essential that we continue to question that way of “traditional understanding of reincarnation” and take that concept onto the next level.

Conscious creation is based on finally knowing and applying who we really really are: self – realization and self-empowerment. It relates to ONENESS, not only the unity that comes from all possible choices and directions, lifestyles and existing frames of reality but furthermore the ONENESS of all times. A lot of people still victimize themselves by believing that they cannot choose differently and walk a new path.  They still link themselves to a certain kind of mental frame of dealing with a situation they have experienced in the past and are now about to repeat over and over again due to their inability to refocus and redefine cause and effect. The assumption of linear time might be helpful in our kindergarten development of being conscious creators, but when entering the magical mystery school of life´s wizardry it´s essential to recall that it is what it is… a frame wherein the mind can grow until it is finally expanded enough to “open that cage” and spread wings into the ever-existing: eternity.

When taking a closer look on the actual meaning of linear assumptions and also tuning into the vibrational energy behind that frame of mind, we often find that this unconsidered acceptance of a certain kind of ( linear ) way to interpret ancient teachings of reincarnation do not really leave us with a feeling of being entirely self-empowered, independent and free. The cage I am talking about is linked to a certain way of understanding “karma” like “something you did “back there” and that will bring “things” to you soon” … a twisted perception of cause and effect . Cause existing separated from you NOW, somewhere back in time, untouchable, solid as a rock… it´s the effects that you have to experience now, unable to do something about what is happening to you (because of this particular past ) – frozen . We are talking second chakra here – CREATION.  With it´s orange color it shows – in an unbalanced state itself as being victimized and locates itself around our navel – the symbol of our CHOICE to be born into this world (should someone still believe that it was not his or her own choice to be born in this particular period there is literally no one who can help).

A way out? Redefinition of cause and effect and allowing the linear way of approaching things slowly to fade into nothingness. I AM and All That Is mirrors myself ..back there (past) and in front (future) …  everything that exists on a physical, etherical or whatever dimensional level is what I AM .. so I AM not only the Roman soldier marching on his way to Spain or the poet living in London in 1557.  I am in my deepest essence and last consequence “every -body” that has lived or will ever live. Someone who might approach reincarnation therapy in a linear frame of mind might experience guilt when finding himself being a Nazi in Germany around 1938 or killing Indians in the United States.  Guilt – a  creation of the ego and in contradiction with divine love –  ceases to exist when we embrace our greater – whole – existence and come to understand that we are already all that exists and that everything is perfectly balanced, and we are, have always been and will always be, perfectly innocent.

Out of our very NOW moment we create our possible pasts and futures and they are unlimited, as we are. Back there and in front of us is only the reflection of what we are  – and do –  NOW…  it´s like standing in the center of a shining, reflecting sphere, and when looking back, perceiving that image we radiate somewhere there mirrored by the walls of our very own private bubbles.

All of those times we know are different appearances of one inexpressible experience in which all happenings out of itself keep newly, freshly happening.

(c)1999, ChiaraDina Cerweny.   Published in the October-November 1999 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.

ChiaraDina Cerweny, born in 1973, has been interested in metaphysics since being eleven years old when her grandfather suddenly died. After graduation she began to study several systems of kinesiology. A Reiki master, she is also educated in the works of Mantak Chia and practices Feng Shui. In Spring 1997 her inner ONE told her about the possibility to live on light and in April 1998 she successfully completed the 21 day process. As a light -worker, her main emphasis is on ONENESS and COMPLETION of the here and now. Besides holding workshops, she writes articles about Physical Immortality and Pranic Nourishment for online magazines, works as a webdesigner and artist and studies creative body expression.