Total Reorientation

“Total Reorientation” Channeling Sessions
with Gradius & Ragon

A collection of channeling sessions about conscious reality creation and how to shift from the outer to the inner perspective to empower yourself to create your life in the flow of Source!

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Sometime in 1996, Becky Burke (Mundt) and Kristen Fox began channeling their higher selves (Gradius and Ragon respectively) and writing down the information they received. While both in altered focuses of consciousness, Becky spoke and Kristen wrote, and they ended up with a great deal of highly specific information on the nature of Conscious Creation and Absolute Freedom.

We offer a selection of these channeled sessions here for you to read and enjoy. (Feel free to copy these sessions for personal use only – we only ask that you keep the copyright statements included with each session, WITH that session.) As with ANYTHING, we also remind you to apply your own personal discernment to the information. If it resonates with you – great! If it doesn’t resonate with you, simply set it aside.

Although the general CONCEPTS behind the material we present here may feel similar to other channeled entities, we think this material represents a very specific, applicational perspective on the shift from the old way of being to knowing ourselves as conscious creators. These sessions seems to present information in such a way that the rational mind is drawn into trying to understand it, and to do so, must expand, or reach up to meet it on the intuitive level. Intriguing, to say the least.

Although we’ve given titles to each chunk of information, they are more a list of main points that we added later as a means of discernment, than anything else – which is why some topic words seem to be repeated occasionally. Also, during the time of the channelings, we were engaged in many creation projects which may be hinted at from time to time in the text, including things like new places to live, relationships, and money.

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The Channeling Sessons

Group 1: Outer Reality as a Reflection of the Inner, CONSCIOUS Creation, Creating Money, Discernment and Judgment, Decisions, Responsibility, and Absolute Freedom
Group 2: Intention, Free Will, Being Asleep or Awake, Self-Acceptance, Perfection, Compromise
Group 3: The Intentions of Fear and Love, Choosing What You Want, Spotting Beliefs Around ‘How Creation Works’, What is Real Anyway?, and Who Do You Think You Are?
Group 4: How Do You Feel? Intention, not Prediction, Staying in the Now, Becoming Your New Self, Ease, Working WITH Your  Conscious Awareness, Intentional Creation is MAGIC
Group 5: Becoming Conscious, Choosing As You Go and Predictability, Rational Mind as Observer, Allowing Creation, The State of Your
Beingness, Wheel of Probabilities, Psychological Perspectives, Room to Move
Group 6: Circumstances and Choice, Be Where You are and Choose What You Want, “I Don’t Know”, Distraction and Physical Reality,
Focus, Intention and Spontaneity
Group 7: Proximity, Creation IS, No Rational Basis, Absolute Freedom, Explanation and Understanding, Impatience, Trust, Acceptance
Group 8: Dreamlike Qualities of Physical Reality, Perceiving Essence, Realitivity, Expanding Perception in Physical Reality, Clarity,
Trust, Moving into a New Creation
Group 9: Releasing Restrictions, Judgments About What Is, Pretending, “Outer” and “Inner” Perspectives, Responsibility and Others, Tests, Ease, Receiving, Earning, Problem Solving and Solutions, the Creative Flow and Absolute Freedom
Group 10: Synchronicities and Limitation, Fears Associated with Becoming Conscious Creators, “What Do I Want to Do?”, Trusting Yourself, Key Ingredients and Gifts from the Universe
Group 11: Cycles of Discernment and Analysis, Connecting with Others of Like Mind, Dis-Integration and Integration, “Walk-Ins”,
Ideas of Identity and Psychological Structures
Group 12: Releasing Judgments, Integration, Love, Making Choices, Looking Back, Releasing Dramas
Group 13: Trust, Experiential Knowing, Intuition, Expansion, Multi-Selves, Releasing Old Ideas of How Creation Works, Reintroducing Fear
Group 14: Validity of Self-Exploration, Creative Structure of the Self, Natural Emergence, Acceptance Based on Intuitive Knowing,
Group 15: The Commitment to Conscious Creation, Physical Body as a Perfect Reflection
Group 16: Levels of Actualization and Awareness, Transformation, Mounting Evidence, Choosing, Seeing without Judgment, Personal Power
Group 17: All Things Known Despite Doubt, Trying to Predict Form, the Need to “DO”, Advice for What to “Do”, Levels of Freedom
Group 18: Ease and Magic, Separation, Details, Perspectives, Labels, Value Fulillment, Extending Trust, and Self-Leadership
Group 19: Power, Fear, the Rational Mind, What Are You Focusing On?, Fear of Consequences, Deliberate Choice from Knowing, Looking Outside for “Proof”
Group 20: Uniqueness and Cooperation, Fear as Communication, Knowing, Rest and Molecular Changes, Gentleness
Group 21: Aggression, Moments of Integration, the Calm Before Creation, Psychological Impact on Physical Reality
Group 22: Mystery and Frustration with the Process
Group 23: Trying to Explain, Being the Child, Expanding the Focus
Group 24: Impulses and Doubting the Self, No Shortcuts to Absolute Freedom, A Pattern of Self-Worth, No Conditions
Group 25: Completion is the Process, New Questions in Absolute Freedom, Being Bound to Fear
Group 26: Honesty and Clarity in Relating, Release of Manipulation, Getting the Hang of It, How Many Times?
Group 27: Shifting Away, What’s the Point?, Only Through Integrity, Old Traps and New Reminders: The Discomfort of Others
Group 28: Working Through the Process, Changing Assumptions, Releasing Old Conditioning, No Compromises,
Group 29: Sacred Cows, Limiting Beliefs, the Appeal of Dreamland; Self-Alignment, New Level of Ease, Process of Awakening
Group 30: Friends & Family, Being Awake, Freedom to Feel; Discovering Perfection, Self-Judgment, Rules & Roles
Group 31: Impatience as Struggle, Connecting with the Goal; Feeling “Strange”, Shiftings, Opening to & Discerning Information   for Ourselves
Group 32: Centering Ourselves & Our Energy Fields, Making Conscious Decisions; Act of Creation, Utilizing Feeling, “Hard Work”
Group 33: Green Men in the Kitchen, Expanding Awareness, Rationalizing and Craziness
Group 34: Poignant Reminders to Trust in the Self; Ideas about Telekinesis & Stones, Conscious Energy, Paradox; Taking Time to Expand; Relaying Expansive Concepts, Sense of Inner Safety
Group 35: A Good Look at “Spreading the Word”; No New Boundaries, Rational Mind Without a Box
Group 36: Accepting the Chosen Goal, Belief Spotting; Recreating the Self, New Freedom, Achievement & Failure, Loving the Self
Group 37: Why Bother With Physical Reality At All; Death Throes of Transformation, Pointlessness of Justification, Defenselessness
Group 38: Individual Landscapes, Feeling Tones; Seeking Answers the Old Way, Unchartered Territory; Playing With Doubt Again, Essence of Oppression and Sentimentality
Group 39: Alignment with Joy, Gifts; Allowing Joy, Following Impulses
Group 40: When Times Get Tough, Walking the Dream, The Lifelong Career of Observing Thoughts, Clarity of Intention, Trust the Knowing
Group 41: Recognizing What is Yours, Integrity and Compromise, Necessity of Experiental Understanding
Group 42: Alliances Within a Desired Event, Creation Outside of Linear Time, Degrees of Awareness, Honoring Others Choices
Group 43: Rejecting That Which You DON’T Choose, Healing Comes Through the Self, Honoring Your PAth, Course Corrections
Group 44: Widening the Focus
Group 45: Accepting Your Power As a Conscious Creator, Choose What You Want, Persistence, Letting Go of Letting Go, Choosing in the NOW, A Question of Time