Walking with George by Ted Mousseau

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

Walking with George
by Ted Mousseau


On days when I am not flying, George and I go for a walk.  Our walk usually takes us along a body of water.  It’s difficult to say whether the water is a lake or a river, as it is just about the point where Lake Erie turns into the Niagara River, then accelerates northward towards the Falls.  It is akin to walking along the edge of a vortex of energy, the same energy that permeates all physical and non-physical realities.  As we amble along, we notice that the things we discuss tend to manifest themselves physically in some form or other.  It’s that kind of place.  As we are reflecting, we often notice various reflections in the water, and in the windows of the buildings of Buffalo, across the way.

I am a pilot, and George is a retired weatherman.  I guess you could say that I have spent most of my working life as a traveler, and George as an observer.  We are both long-time readers of Jane Roberts and the Seth material.  I think it would be fair to say that our musings tend to be colored with that perspective.

I invite you to join us in our walking meditations.

Walking with George – One

Recently, George and I have been discussing how we humans interact with each other.  There is a great degree of volatility in our interactions, up to and including war.  It seems we are not particularly adroit at honoring the perspectives of others.  This is not all that unusual, I suppose, this having long been endemic to the race of man.

Could it finally be the time for humanity to transform itself?  The first step is in honoring ourselves.  If we are whole, we do not feel threatened. The second step would be to honor the perspectives of others, regardless of whether or not we agree with them.  The small step of truly honoring others could lead to the giant leap of transforming ourselves into a new mental species.

Walking with George – Two

Carol and I live across the road from the old fort, for which the town of Fort Erie is named.  When George and I walk along the water, we pass in front of the fort, which was an active and prominent facility during the War of 1812-14, between Britain and the U.S.

This weekend there was a re-enactment of the bloodiest battle of that war. All are happy to participate in the celebrations, possibly due to the fact that it is a war which is happily claimed to have been ‘won’ by both sides. As part of the weekend, the participants camp out in tents.  The tents are in the style of the day, and the tent dwellers are all dressed in the manner of soldiers, natives, and their families of that era.

As we walked through the tented area, soldiers were drilling and cleaning muskets.  Their families were cooking over open fires, or weaving or sewing, the children playing.  George and I were observers, oddly out of dress in our shorts and t-shirts.  We altered our focus slightly, and felt ourselves travel through a portal.  We were actually there…

Walking with George – Three

First, we must love ourselves, that is to say, acceptance of self is a prerequisite to acceptance of others.

It is necessary to understand and acknowledge our own beliefs and perspectives, prior to acknowledging and accepting  the perspectives of others…  Simple enough in the telling….

Walking with George – Four

It is raining today.  George and I choose a more sheltered route, walking through the forest, aware of the trees and camouflage.  Camouflage is also a word used in the Seth material to describe physical reality.  This is the route we had taken with another friend, Kevin, the time we were marching in step like soldiers. A tiny toad crosses our path, well hidden until it actually moved.  We tend not to notice the camouflage until we see it in action…  Perhaps that is why it is raining.

What is channeling? There are many ways of listening to inner self.  We may autotype, or simply start noticing more of the many ‘coincidences’ that seem to be part of everyday life.  The simple act of walking may allow the ego to dissociate enough so that we can catch glimpses of the energy behind physical reality.

Walking with George – Five

We step briskly out of George and Jan’s driveway this brightly sunlit morning and turn south towards the lake.  We are reflecting on miscommunication, a theme that seems intent on presenting itself to us this week.  As we approach Lakeside Drive, the sunlight is reflected so brilliantly on the water that we are unable to see clearly the low flying birds, or the Buffalo skyline.

If our reflections are too intense, perhaps we block out some of the surrounding splendor.  The activities are there, the signs all about; it’s just that we don’t see them quite as well…

By turning our focus slightly away from the reflection itself, it seems we are able to experience a little more fully the luster of the day.

Walking with George – Six

It is raining as we start out this morning.  In a few minutes, the rain lets up; the day transform itself from wet to gray… On this type of day, we often permit ourselves a different focus, a less intense perspective.

In our daily lives, we are fathers, daughters, professionals, shoppers, etc. We are still the same person, but present a different aspect of ourselves to others, depending upon the situation. In similar fashion,  ‘outer’ ego is not so much separate from our ‘inner self’ as an aspect of it.  Each of us is yet another way the universe has of perceiving itself..

Acceptance.  Somehow, It seems easier for us to focus on the issues of others, and note how they may benefit by changing their beliefs.  At the same time, we accept our own eccentricities as normal.  For us, of course, they are normal.  As we learn to be more accepting of ourselves, the next step may be to accept that the beliefs of others have the same validity for them as do ours for us.

Walking with George – Seven

A dazzling summer day.  We leave early.  The Canada geese have returned, honking mystically. Assuming there are an infinite number of probabilities, does it really matter, from the perspective of this one?  Rather than intellectualize, it may be better to intuit it.

Time is like an ornately decorated plate.  In this reality, we experience linear time,
much like looking straight onto the edge of the plate. Yet, if we look at the entire plate from above, we see the edge of the plate in a different way.  It is now but one aspect of a large, magnificent moment point.

Walking with George – Eight

On the way to George and Jan’s house, the air is still and sweet.  Even the empty lot smells fresh today.  The lot is not really ’empty’, but resplendent with fine young trees.  Reason enough for it to have become a dumping ground for the local canine population.

Many of us have begun to appreciate the power of our own creative energy, and the compounding of such energy when coordinated with that of others. How, then, do we attain shared goals in the face of differing beliefs?

Partner A would like to manifest a large amount of money, in order to purchase a home.   A has a strong belief that the money would greatly facilitate the purchase.   Partner B would also like to help manifest the new home, but believes equally strongly that the acquisition of capital is not a prerequisite.

They can, of course, recognize their shared intent, while accepting the perspective of the other. Since most of the energy ‘work’ is done outside physical reality in any case, it is not necessary for either of them to change their beliefs, nor to subjugate them to those of the other partner.

Walking with George – Nine

This morning, we walk along Lakeshore Boulevard, and into the forest. We have not taken this route for a while; one of the dogs living there barks a welcome tinged with warning.  The great lakes are low this year.  This gives the the lake algae a chance to make its presence known, in a malodorous sort of way.  What is the perspective of the dog?  Of the algae?

Recently, many of us have experienced dramatic life changes. In some cases, this has involved changing career paths, and moving hundreds, even thousands of miles.  We have moved to different countries; we have realigned our lives and our relationships.  These new locales and relationships give us an opportunity to look at ourselves in a different way.  We must be comfortable in our own skin, in order to embark on these ventures; to allow the emergence of a new ‘I’.

We have also given ourselves an opportunity to develop what Seth calls our inner senses.  These inner senses are not at all like our physical senses, but we can develop a feel for them by allowing a deep sense of empathy. We can do this by deliberately trying to understand the perspectives of others, no matter how much they differ from our own.

Walking with George – Ten

Today, we took George’s car in for repairs.  Then, finding ourselves in my car, we chose to start our walk at a different location.  The Niagara Parkway starts at
the north end of town, wending its way along the river for some 20 kilometers toward the Falls.  The park is very well kept, as are the expensive homes overlooking the park and the river.  The effect is more one of display than of community.

On our regular route, some of the familiar details have slipped out of our conscious awareness.  This new route, like physical reality itself, somehow demands a much sharper focus, more attention to detail.  Dazzling, even mesmerizing.

This north side of our small town is like a neighboring dimension; familiar, yet different; attached, but separate.

… the road continues …

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Ted Mousseau calls himself a traveler.  He has been a pilot for three decades, and currently flies DC-10 aircraft on international routes for Canadian Airlines.  He and his wife Carol reside in Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada. They are both directors for Jane’s Heirs, a corporation devoted to the dissemination of the Seth/Jane Roberts material.  Their url is