The Shift to Organic Awareness by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

The Shift to Organic Awareness (Part 5 of the 9 part series on the Transformation to Conscious Creation)
by Michele Mayama

I often find myself struck by the awesome immensity of what we are collectively accomplishing during this age of transformation. Many people are pursuing personal healing work be it through energetic, psychological, or other means. Science reflects how we are interdependently connected and how decisions in Brazil or Pakistan affect the whole world. The internet is quickly altering the way we communicate and interface with each other enabling millions of people to participate in a process of transformation without knowing how big a deal it really is. And our Earth Mother continues to shift her frequency upward while our collective consciousness struggles to make the shift with her, some facets working with her and some against.

Like many of you reading this article, I have chosen to participate in this age of change with greater consciousness. Yet there are times when the process challenges me to stay true to my training. The foundation of that training is trusting the transformative power of Universal Unconditional Love. That Love has served me and those I work with to move through the release of eons of trauma, karma, and unprocessed memories that were stored in our bodies, soul memories, and higher selves. It has supported us to step beyond the familiarity of duality and judgment to open the doors of transformation even in places such as Auschwitz or Dachau. Sometimes, in the midst of decisions or confusion, it has assisted me to sort out where to put my focus and attention, and where I am vulnerable to distractions. Most recently, it has been facilitating another process within this unfolding metamorphosis of matter. The dissolution of the mind’s hold on its perception of reality within matter has been and continues to be a most interesting experience. I can feel and see changes within my field and body as the locus of consciousness shifts from my mind into the larger field of awareness, and I would like to pass on some of what I am learning in the process.

First, I want to  talk about something I’ve begun to call living or organic awareness, that field of pure creation that informs us directly when we release the hold of the mind. Organic awareness is like an abundantly blooming garden full of flowers, fruits, trees, birds, etc., teeming with the energy and consciousness of life. It is sourced by Universal Life and knows what ideas or experiences will open to a greater flow of life and fulfillment, and which thoughts or desires will not enhance life or move towards fullness and joy. Since every moment arises from this field of potential, what we create and experience is linked to it; past, present, and future. We are designed by this creative force to evolve, change, expand, grow, move, create, and transform Universal Life into a living experience of consciousness. If we have worked with our soul’s wisdom to clear our chakras, bodies, and lives of all that has been stored, filed, inherited, or forgotten, then we will begin to be informed moment to moment from this living field of awareness and our choices and life will flow from and through this field directly. When the mind is in the way, it can cut off the flow, capture energy intended for life and divert it for its own outcomes separating from Life and its wisdom. Because the separated mind is grounded in survival fear, the result is death or limitation in one of its many manifestations.

Within duality, the mind has been patterned to fill all the space and think about everything in our lives as it is patterned to perceive it; separate and external and something to be fixed, controlled, manipulated, or changed to suit what we think we want, need, or desire.When we consciously interrupt it, choose our focus, or let go, the mind fights to regain control. But sometimes during exercise or running, meditation, orgasm, or play, we relax and something flows between us and the universal source of living awareness and every cell opens and takes in its nectar. Afterwards, we feel revitalized and balanced. What if we could consciously choose to live from this place most of the time? What would our bodies look and feel like? And how would we create our lives and our world?

So I have been exploring this frontier. Much of the time, I yet find myself thinking along without much consciousness. I have also been allowing myself to stop the mind, assure it with Love and acceptance, then step out of it into the field of organic awareness. With practice, the shift is nearly immediate. The mind temporarily loses focus, I sense my consciousness moving into the whole of my field, and I listen with a whole body/field awareness to what is present. If I have a decision to make, I sense the field pulsing gently towards one thing or another. My mind may still be in the background saying what it thinks it knows, but it is more willing to trust and see what the flow is creating. I am collecting many little examples. The other day, I was to prepare something for a pot-luck dinner. I sensed a very fresh green salad. The store I went to was convenient, but carried little in way of organic produce. As I walked without thinking up to the lettuce, my field opened up to it. I felt the life in the lettuce reach out to me and I to it, and even though my mind argued that it didn’t say organic, the living field chose it. In the past, I would have let the organic label determine my choice and either made something else, or driven a long way to get the organic lettuce, a less efficient use of time and energy.

I also recently moved to a new home. The whole process has offered many opportunities to practice. One day, I was feeling overwhelmed by so much “stuff”. Sitting in the midst of the growing chaos, I felt tired and heavy. My head and back hurt and I couldn’t seem to decide what to do with the things that surrounded me, either those that are currently serving  my life or which had in the past. I chose to take a break, lay down, and step consciously into the garden of living awareness. My breathing spontaneously slowed and deepened, tension released, and I began to sense the powerful field of creation pulsing and breathing into every cell. It felt as if I were filling up and restructuring, yet my mind was not able to understand or comprehend any of it within its frame of reference. Love again offered assurance and support, so I rested in the garden of living awareness with my mind observing the experience while in it. When I got up, I moved easily without thinking and without pain. The stuff I had unconsciously separated from myself became either extensions of life or not. My give-away and recycling piles grew, new things flowed into place combining with those things that yet had life, and everything felt simple, clear, and even fun!

This way of living has a different quality than that of duality with its emotional dramas and inherent separation of everything outside of us as “other”. The quality is one of fulfillment without attachment to an outcome. In this field everything is already full and abundant and known and present. When we come to it with a request, an idea, a physical need or desire, it opens its fullness immediately into the place we are focusing with our attention. It informs us through subtle but clear indicators whether or not our request is in harmony and support of all of life or not. If not, creation does not respond with a natural flow into the channel we present. If so, we feel full of life and know that even if the physical manifestation has not occurred, that it is present and already coming into our experience in ways we cannot control. Instead of living from the perspective of lack and trying to fill it with stuff; thinking, doing, talking, worrying, working, buying things, taking care of others, meeting deadlines, checking off lists, emotional dramas, addictions, etc., we feel a kind of fullness and lushness as the ground of our experience. Then we create the abundantly fruitful garden as our personal and collective experience, consistently choosing to include only what has life, serves life, or enhances the flow of life within all of creation.

People have different ways of learning and growing. I learn best from direct experience and have learned to only listen to and trust what has energy or life within it. This process, the infusion of Light within Life, mind and spirit within matter, creator within creation, is the culmination of the intention of source to be within its own creation. We are the vehicle of consciousness for this culmination and it is to be felt, lived, and made manifest in our world. Yes, many are yet caught in the paradigm that has placed mind over matter and creator over creation, but that is what has been. The frontier is open, a new way to live and create is already present awaiting our choice to join with it. It seems I end where I began; struck with awe. Blessings of great Love and Life during this powerful transformative eclipse cycle!

©1999, Michele Mayama. Printed in the October-November 1999 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)
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