On Magic & Creating Reality by Samantha Kaswell

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

On Magic & Creating Reality
by Samantha Kaswell

All realities are created from the inside out, just prior to the conception of incarnation. And desire is the impetus that sets it all in motion. In the between-lives state, all possibilities are available to the Soul, from which will be chosen your incarnations. Note that I use the plural. The reason for this is that your soul groups choose many incarnations simultaneously, meaning that “you” exist in many places and times at once. For the purposes of this writing, I will refer only to the individual self that you know as “you.”

In your between-lives state you exist without form, without limitation. And yet, you do exist, as pure consciousness. The nature of consciousness is to express itself, in infinite variety. And because of this nature, you create form. The creation of your self is an act of ecstatic, desiring choice. The state just prior to your conception is the crucible in which you, using ecstatic desire as the impetus, choose the characteristics of your birth and the self you will be. It is where you create the Template that your living DNA will resonate to. This is Magic.

The mechanics of creation are automatic. They are the result of your powerfully focused desire. For example – You chose to manifest in this Terran reality as an artist. Your powerful, ecstatic desire to be so created all of the conditions necessary for you to experience your artistic nature. Once a desire is focused with a singularity of intention, it is the nature of manifest reality to respond by forming itself to that intention. There is nothing you need to do to make this so. The basis of all realities is this seemingly dual nature – the unformed, unmanifest and the formed, the manifest. The former is your reality as the Creator, the pure Consciousness that exists outside of time and space. The later is your reality as the Created, the joyfully manifest expressions of your Will to Be. This is the Eternal Dance. It is the nature of Consciousness to Be and it is the nature of Manifestation to express Consciousness.

You, Samantha, remember your conception. I will go over this with you and try to help you understand that process. In that between-lives state, you remember being without form, yet all things, all possibilities were known to you. When you chose to Be as you know yourself now, this is what happened. The choices you made about who you were going to be and what your abilities and interests would be, what your gender and physical characteristics would be…. In short, everything inherent in your nature was all made out of a passionate interest, an ecstatic desire to experience those particular things. Some you chose because they were things you wanted to learn, others simply because they “tickled your fancy.” In all cases, the prime creative impetus was your intense desire.

As you chose each thing, a change in your DNA Template was created. This Template is analogous to your DNA. In fact, it is what informs your DNA. As each choice was made and set into motion, you experienced a focusing effect and moved closer and closer to the womb door that would provide the earthly match for what you were creating outside of time and space. When all was set and ready to enter the realms of the manifest, you were conceived. That was the point where you remember going through a purple-lit doorway.

Okay, but I have a question…. If desire is the motivating force that creates manifestation, why do so many religions seek to end desire? I mean, a lot of Eastern traditions see the world as something you really wanna get away from….

For some, the appeal is in no longer experiencing anything at all. Remember – as long as you choose to be in the phenomenal realms, pain exists alongside joy. For many that is intolerable. Some forget that All-That-Is chooses pain as easily as joy, understanding that nothing temporal is permanent.

Is it possible to access this magical state while alive? Can one go back to this Template and tweak things? Like, say I wanted to increase my creativity. Could I do so?

Yes, it is and, in my opinion, it is desirable for you to do so. And there are many techniques that you can use. One of them is meditation, which can take a very long time, but has the advantage of being an old, reliable and well-understood method. I know that you are thinking about using hypnosis and that is, indeed, a good technique, if done properly. It may be more suited to what you call Western cultures, as it would take less time. An important thing to remember is that you must learn to finely tune and focus your desire. For many people this is the difficult part. You are used to emotions and desire being somewhat out of control. Some meditation and/or hypnotic inductions specifically designed to help you understand and focus your desire should be part of your endeavor.

It is very important for you to realize and accept that what you are doing is nothing special. You already ARE both the Creator and the Created. All you are doing is reintegrating all of the seemingly disparate aspects of who you are into a CONSCIOUS whole. By doing so, you open up endless possibilities for yourself. Stay alert, pay attention to all that you do and experience. Enjoy the process. Your nervous system is already designed to allow you to accelerate and expand your awareness. And, above all, remember that this is all Play, the Cosmic Game of the Sacred Self. Maintain a healthy sense of  humor about yourself and what you do.

(c)1999, Samantha Kaswell.  Published in the October-November 1999 Issue of the  Conscious Creation Journal.  Feel free to copy this article for personal use only.  Please include this copyright notice.  http://www.consciouscreation.com/