Healer Heal Thy Self by Louix Dor Dempriey

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

Healer Heal Thy Self
by Louix Dor Dempriey

Many healing practitioners have shared with me their bewilderment over assuming illnesses or conditions from their clients, especially when they truly felt that their intentions were ones of loving service to another. Why would a healer or anyone become ill through healing others?

The first reason is based on the Universal Law which states that any condition or circumstance which your soul needs you to have in order to purge something from within yourself, you get. How you get it is a matter of harmonic convergence between demand and supply. Does it matter whether you drew your circumstance by way of a client, a passerby, recycled air on an airplane, or germs on a railing in order to initiate your process? The means is not important.

The second reason–and focus of this article–is one which warrants immediate attention. Many healers (this includes channels, doctors, shaman, etc.) become ill through healing because they are attached to that which they do. The ego personality has an investment, an energetic hook, in the process. There are many types of these hooks, including: being impressed by one’s own abilities, wanting to impress others, seeking approval, having expectations of (or attachment to) results, etc. When one has expectations or attachments surrounding the result, one has placed a condition on love.

Therefore, God’s unconditional love (the power that heals) cannot flow. Similarly, if one is attached to the process, one can just as easily become attached (affected by) the illness or any of its symptoms and side effects. Furthermore, these attachments may be either conscious or unconscious and still have the same effect on the healer.

Some of these distortions stem from a gross misunderstanding of what a healer is. Humanity collectively agrees that the healer is the “doer.” To that, many will say, “No. I disagree. I am the instrument, I am the vessel.” Perhaps, conceptually, one might think so, but I am talking about belief systems, which are very different than thoughts or opinions. The belief system currently held on this planet is that healers “fix” people. Inherent in that distorted belief is a consciousness of separation. It implies that the client is broken, which implies that he or she is less than the perfection of God’s creation. This is tantamount to saying that God made a mistake and that God is fallible. Consequently, any healers who hold the conscious or unconsciousness belief that they are fixing others are, in essence, elevating and separating themselves from their clients and, ultimately, from God.

Implicit in one’s understanding of healing as fixing there is a judgement. The origin of this judgment is, again, fear-based. People unconsciously fear pain because they do not understand that pain actually is healing itself. All pain is growth. Furthermore, all pain experienced is pain which is leaving the body. There is no pain ever being introduced into the body. The soul draws situations and circumstances for the purpose of extricating the energies (and consciousness) of separation from the self. In other words, pain is one way people experience separation.

Pain–a very natural and important part of the healing process–is falsely perceived as the enemy because most people are seeking comfort more than growth. The fact that people rush to doctors to obtain pain “killers” bespeaks this self-deluding belief system. Human beings molt, just like crabs and snakes. Ours is simply not as visible. or is it? Hair, skin, cells–these all molt and replenish themselves. But so does our whole being. The one aspect of molting which humans deny, avoid, and resist the most is the molting of consciousness. Paradoxically, this is the most important part of the healing process because it affects all others and is the very vehicle for endearing one into the heart of God and for realizing one’s own divinity. Does one HAVE to experience pain as part of the growth process?

Absolutely not. God did not create pain and suffering. We did. It is not growth but resistance to growth which causes pain. Simply put: ALL PAIN IS RESISTANCE TO GOD’S WILL.

It is for this reason that the soul, in its infinite wisdom, has to sometimes resort to drastic measures in order to elicit the surrender of the separate ego personality’s tyrannical, fear-stricken control over the course of one’s life on earth, a life which is about nothing else than uniting with the Beloved. And every time the consciousness outgrows its shell (which can happen from one to one hundred times a day), it molts. It is the resistance to this very necessary and ongoing growth process of the soul incarnate that has come to be known as pain.

Unfortunately, the antiquated paradigm of healing is still held in the collective grid of humanity’s consciousness. Independent of what any healers think about themselves or their practices, it is a stain on humanity’s consciousness which has yet to be fully transmuted.

In truth, the healer is not solely responsible for the healing. The healer allows and facilitates Love. Love is the power that heals. Though this is widely known, it is still only half of the Law of Healing (I prefer to think of healing as “transformation” because it does not hold the connotation that one is fixing something). The second half of the Law of Healing is faith. As love is the power that heals, faith is the power which allows love to heal.

Ideally, the healer’s role is to provide a clear, surrendered, unconditionally-loving conduit through which God’s love can flow. The client’s role is to provide faith in the power of God’s love to transform. The healer’s faith does not negate the necessity of the client’s faith. The process and relationship is co-creative. If both aspects of the Law of Healing are not present, transformation does not occur. In cases wherein clients did not consciously acknowledge faith in the healer, God, the cure, the process, or themselves–yet still experienced “healing”–the faith was present and strong enough in their subconscious to create the transformation.

On the other end of the spectrum is the “It’s not me. It’s all God.” mentality. This false humility bespeaks a flavor of unworthiness. It is God and it is you as God and as an extension of God. It is all co-creative. Beneath this veneer lies arrogance and vanity. How dare you demean yourself as God!

There is a place which lies in the center, a place neither boastful nor shameful. The place of the I AM. To know oneself as God while constantly, reverently, deferring to the supreme power and majesty of God is a sign of mastery. From this state of transcendence, true humility is born. It is from this state of being that a true healer can bring unconditional self, unconditional God, and unconditional love to the table. If you really want to see magic happen, see all your clients as whole and perfect as they are now, prior to rendering your services to them. Then watch the glory and power of God’s love further perfect their already-perfect expression of themselves as God. This is the true essence of healing.

It is from this state of consciousness that the healer heals itself. The purification of the self, in turn, purifies and expands one’s gifts as a healer. With this new model in place, not only would one no longer be adversely affected as a result of healing others, one would become uplifted and exalted by doing so. Aches and pains would start to disappear as a result of tendering clients. Even the need for food and sleep would diminish. One would find mood swings becoming shorter in duration and intensity. More and more joy would be experienced because that light of God would be flowing through, unhindered, as it was being allowed to do its deed. In this way, love’s affect on the healer would be very positive. The
healer’s consciousness would now be one with it and no longer be monitoring it, controlling it, or trying to do something about it. It knows what to do. It found you, did it not?

The minute the gaze falls onto one’s separate existence, a life-sustaining, energetic cord is cut and one spins in a downward spiral into the depths of illusion. Again, it is all about perception–very different from avoidance and denial, which many practice. While you are dealing with, and growing through, your circumstance, the gaze must not fall. This was the great metaphor that Jesus delivered to his brother upon the Sea of Galilee. He helped him to define the illusion. The moment the disciple looked to the sea upon which they stood (the illusion), fear rushed in and he began to sink. Jesus then said to him, “Lift your gaze. Look back into My eyes and do not take them from Me.” It was in doing so that he rose again to walk on water with his brother Jesus, thus transcending the illusion. It is always and only when one’s gaze is transfixed on Love that one can be in the world, but not of it, and thus be no longer affected by its illusions, no matter how real they might appear.

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