Manifesting 101 & Beyond by Susan James

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

Manifesting 101 & Beyond
by Susan James

The following Article entitled, “Susan’s Manifesting Story” was sent at the end of what was called the “90 Day Manifesting Program”. The “90 Day Program” was offered as a supplement to those subscribed to the electronic newsletter, (e-zine), that I publish entitled “Manifesting 101 and Beyond”.

The criteria of the program was sent to all interested and based around the Laws of Deliberate Creation (Laws of Attraction and Allowing). Various exercises were suggested, and folks sent their successes back to me , and I put them back out to the database.  This was not an interactive list. I was the only one that had the pleasure of “seeing it all”.  95% of what came in to me was sent back out to the “90 Day” folks, the other 5% were personal comments that for what ever reason were asked to be kept just with me. But trust me, they were wonder-filled gems as well.

I do hope you enjoy the process as I have described here. It is all based on the Laws.  Once you understand the Law of Attraction and begin using it…your life changes….MAJOR ! And here is “Susan’s Manifesting Story”.

90 Day Manifesting:
Susan’s Own Manifesting Story

At the close of the “90 Day Manifesting” program, I am answering the call of some who have asked for my own manifesting story to be told.  Due to the nature of my own stuff, you will see why I have waited. This is only one aspect of my life, but one that is important to me and all that  I can tell you, is that I took the Laws of Deliberate Creation and applied them to my own life. I took them with joy, but “seriously” applied them.  I applied them to areas that made my heart sing.  I applied them to areas that seemed to be my talents and natural gifts, but was unwilling to do that for many years because I had to “make a living first”. (sound familiar to any of you?)

First I made a “decision”……NO MORE ! Then I made an “intention”: I will follow my heart, no matter what!

There is power in Decision and Intention.

Once I set my intention to follow my heart……things began to happen. Synchronicity.

It was not that long ago that I had little computer knowledge, didn’t have a computer, didn’t have a printer, didn’t have an office…and the Internet? Well, what is that?

And I did not have an overall mission or intention for my life, other than, “to follow my heart and to trust whatever was happening.”  I began following my heart, which then led me to the Laws of Deliberate Creation, which many also have found in other ways.  My first introduction was through the “Abraham-Hicks” publications and the teachings of Abraham. But before that, synchronicity played a role, in that I subscribed to a wonderful e-zine put out by “Jeff Forte” who simply posted the Abe-Hicks web site….and I just “clicked”…….and then…. all of my answers and my searching began coming together.  I say this, because I had evolved enough spiritually by that time to know there had to be an “easier” way to live a successful and bountiful life. And of course there is.

So here is what then happened as I began to apply the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing and combining them with what I was learning about true, and I mean “true” unconditional love, and how to use the Love Force Energy.

I wanted a mission of sorts….something within me told me that I had one, but I did not know what it was.  Then I received some information from Jeanne Marshall’s website on mission statements, and there in the middle of a ton of them was mine. “My mission is to bring the consciousness of abundance to the world.” Now, at the time, I knew that is “why I came”…. I had no idea how, this was going to happen.

However, once the Intention was set….the action started flowing towards me. TOWARDS ME!

The first “teeny” decision I made was to publish my own “electronic newsletter”. And I called it “Manifesting 101”. All of a sudden, information was thrown at me on “e-zines and Internet publishing”. I knew nothing about the Internet.  I decided to do this “email lovers” (internet) work which was free to start…..and it taught me tons about the Internet.

Then came some of you…..and you know EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE ! You offered to carry my ads about Manifesting 101 in your own newsletters and on your web sites. You sent me “tips” on how to do things better, to increase the ease in folks signing up…Internet folks want “easy”. I didn’t know a hyperlink from a golf link, or a cuff link!  YOU taught me.

I had written a handbook “17 Seconds to Weight Loss” which came about due to my affiliation with the “Abraham-Hicks”material.  I got Jerry and Esther Hick’s permission to use the “17 Seconds” phrase in my title. I began promoting that first in direct mail order…..then it got easier……to do on the Internet ! Then my overall goal was to build a huge “Internet Publishing Business”. Where I had the freedom to go and be and do whatever I wanted, and my computer would be just like a “Christmas gift box”  every time I turned it on!  It was and is!

Many of you reading this now have supported me in many ways…..AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ! You have let me know that something I wrote, moved you “off stuck”….and my heart melts every time you tell me stuff like that. I am EASY…..and that just made my heart sing more, and on I went with more and more and MORE!

I’m going to stop here……but I am going to list all of the publishing efforts to date, which in a short period of time,  have come from me following my heart and the Laws of the Universe…and standing VERY FIRM in them.

17 Second to Wt.Loss………Handbook
17 Second to Wt.Loss………Electronic Newsletter
17 Seconds to Wt.Loss…….Email and Phone Consult Coaching System (Foodstyle 17)
Manifesting 101 ……………..Electronic Newsletter
Manifesting 101……………… Email and Phone Consult Coaching System (User Friendly Physics)
Fruition Moments…………… Supplement to Manifesting 101
90 Day Manifesting…………..Supplement to Manifesting 101
Electronic Book: “The Guide: 17 Seconds to Wt.Loss” (soon to be released)
Electronic Book: ” The Guide: Manifesting 101 & Beyond” (soon to be released)
Booklet: “Manifesting 101: Essays & Tools for Creating” (soon to be released)

Now, here is the “funny” thing…..I had begun all of the above……with NO FUNDS. I had begun all of the above with NO WEB SITE. (at the time, I hardly knew what a website was.)

It was part of my overall intention in this to have it come to me with ease and effortlessness. And Free falls in that category!

When I started taking Credit Card orders…and having no web site ……that can make things tricky….along came my CPA friend, who said…. “I’ll handle them for you”….Cool !

A further note on the “web site”…..every once in a while my “brain” would go: ‘Susan, you need a web site to do this “right”.’ And I would begin that process. And as some of you know here, I’d almost break out in hives ! It was too hard! And it hurt my Brain!  I finally did do a really amateur looking one on “anglefire” and it pulls orders for me for the first “17 Second” publication.

But, here is the thing that I have realized.  If I had set up a web site from the beginning, I would not have had the pleasure and joy and love of the personal contact with many of you. And the fact that it was so “hard” for me to attempt to do one, was telling me something. NOT TO! NOT YET! The time will come when I will have one, but only when the “timing” is “right”, and how will I know? Well, duh, it will just feel right.

Things, people , events, circumstances fall out of the sky for you when you “get serious” about having joy and abundance in your life.

I write about Manifesting and Love stuff…..because I live it !  YOU, reading this are part of it all with me.  The Universe, God,,,,your higher self, your angels, your guides…..YOU….all of them, all ONE of them, scramble around frantically to help you make your dreams come true.

Your part is to make a statement and then…..listen and watch and follow what shows up!

That’s all I did.   And it is quite GRAND!!!!!


All Material (c)1999, Susan James.  Published in the October-November 1999 Issue of the  Conscious Creation Journal.  Feel free to copy this article for personal use only.  Please include this copyright notice.