Magic & Manifestations – October-November 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

Magic & Manifestations

The Gold Bracelet

A few weeks ago I lost my cherished gold bracelet.   It is rather pricey and was a recent Christmas gift from my parents. The moment I realized that it was gone I wanted to stop what I was doing at work and call my significant other to see if he could find it, but I just couldn’t get away.   Then I went home that night and started to look for it and got distracted, but I felt that it was safe and everything would be okay.  Now Saturday evening rolls around and I was out with friends and told Tim that I would be very upset if I didn’t find it.   He immediately said “Don’t worry WE WILL FIND IT!”   Okay, so I denied loss right then and there! The next day I went out to my car to look for it, when I popped my hatch I saw a gold barrette of mine (silly thing how did it get there??)   But then I realized it was a “land signal” telling me I was close.   I closed the hatch and looked down – there on the pavement between my feet was my bracelet!!!  It had been kept safe there for four days!!!   We had torrential downpours, but it didn’t budge!  It seems to me that I get a knowing when I stop a spin from occurring. If I remain calm and do not over rationalize everything falls into line.

– Avy

Magic Suitcase

Magic always appears when I am not thinking about it and not expecting it (yeah, I know, I have this constant rant with Seth about the “expectations” bits.)

Today, my oldest son and I were getting his things together to start packing for school. We were ABOUT to go through all luggage in the house (which means dragging it out of the attic which is accessed through his closet in his room) to see what I have that would be appropriate for him to take to school, along with his duffle bag/carry on and backpack. He needed one more bag.

We realized it was getting close to noon and he had to make a run to the dump and then pick up his younger brother at a friend’s on the way home, so we stopped the packing operation and he took off.

When he got home, guess what he found sitting near the Edgartown dumpster?  One fine piece of almost new Samsonite extra large, upright, pull-type (on wheels), looks brand new… hardly used, plastic price tag line still on one zipper…. travel tickets from London to Boston to Martha’s Vineyard to Boston, etc.  One zipper broken but the second one does the same job and works fine to close it up.  AND it’s his favorite (non)color – black.

I’ve just sent him back to the dump looking for someone’s thrown out piggy bank of gold coins.  If you own this luggage, please don’t claim it till after the 14th.  Thanks <grin>

– Hipparchia

Just a Little Finesse

I love the idea of ‘bending’ reality. So.  After reading some great email posts, I’m re-inspired to ask NP to feed me thoughts and ideas about new and expanded ways to bend reality.

I especially love the idea of asking NP to ‘finesse’ things…that is, to make something ‘right’ that is almost right.

First I got the inner guidance to do this several years ago after recording the first self-help tapes I’d ever done for my Essence Repatterning® business.  The studio had given me three master tapes to listen to and approve, as I drove out to the Delaware beach for a much deserved respite from lots of crash-creativity and a jam-packed schedule.

As I listened to the tapes, my heart fell.  They sounded… not so good. Like there were little things I wished I’d recorded better.  But I certainly didn’t want to re-record.   And I wanted to be able to call and give them the o.k. while I was away…so they’d be ready when I returned.

As soon as I heard the first couple of ‘glitches’ and began feeling downhearted, I heard a little voice say:  ‘Ask that these things be finessed.’

This was the first time I’d heard that word offered to me by Spirit.  But I thought, what the hey, I’ll try it.   And I did.

AND, the tapes were fine!   Had them duplicated just as they were  [this was several years ago], and I’ve never noticed ANYthing ‘off’ with them.


That same weekend, during hurricane-type winds, after shopping in a mall in Ocean City, MD, I came out to my car to find that a parking lot light had crashed down in the wind, and hit my windshield–cracking it thoroughly!

Freaked out at the expense of replacing it, but quickly heard to go in and talk to the mall manager about their insurance policy.   He was nice, but wasn’t clear whether or not it would be covered.  But gave me info to call, etc.

As I drove back to my rented place, trying to stay centered, I heard again: ‘Just finesse it.’

Huh.  O.k.   What have I got to lose.   So, everytime I thought of it, and I did many times in the next hours and next day, I just finessed it.  That is, I mentally asked spirit to handle it.

When I got back to D.C., got my car into the shop, I learned that it would cost over $2,000 to replace the windshield.   But I kept finessing.

Finally, got the word from the insurance folks that, yes, they would cover the cost, according to a pre-set amount… which totalled $75 more than the repairs would cost!


Since then, I’ve often gotten the word to just ‘finesse’ something, i.e., have the corners rounded, or the edges smoothed.    Last week, in fact, I made a cold rice salad which called for mustard in the lemon/oil dressing. Didn’t measure the ingredients…and actually just used some left-over Dijon mustard that didn’t look like much in the jar.

But when I tasted the prepared salad, it was wwwwway too mustardy.   And this was for company!

Yikes. What to do.   Then I heard NP suggest:   ‘Ask us to finesse it.’

I did, and lo and behold, when I served it… IT WAS FINE!!!

Even mentioned later to my boyfriend that I’d been worried it was too mustardy, and he said, ‘Oh, no, it was perfect.’     :^)

I love bending reality.

(c)1999, Pat McCallum
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