My Favorite Dream by Lisa Wallach

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

My Favorite Dream
by Lisa Wallach

I realized that I was at the point in dreaming when your conscious self becomes alert and realizes that you are, in fact dreaming.  I found myself standing in what appeared to be an islet to an ocean or sea.  There were mountains in the horizon covered with haze and muted colors.  I had the impression that this was a biblical surrounding.

I was standing near the water and I found myself gazing out at a wooden boat.  The craftsmanship was elegant but not ornate.  It had great beauty in its simplicity and design.  Standing in the boat were men and women dressed in robes of different muted colors.  They were all facing the same direction, standing erect and expressionless, they looked like an army or tribunal.  They all had that look of age that comes with deep understanding and wisdom; like the elders of a tribe.  In the center, holding a staff in his left hand was a man.  He had long white-gray hair and a matching long beard.

In the water before them was a young man with dark hair.  He was lying on his back on an inflatable raft.  His eyes were open and he seemed focused but afraid.  He knew that he was being tested.  He wasn’t tied down to the raft.  He was wearing only a white loincloth. The bearded man was speaking to him and telling him to “…have faith and believe in yourself…if you maintain faith within the self everything will be fine…we will not let you sink…no matter how bad things get, or how awful things might seem to be we won’t let you drown…We have always been with you, always, and we will always be with…but you must have faith and believe in yourself, always…. Remember…etc.”.

I was watching this entire scene unfold.  Even though I was ashore I was able to view them as if I was directly in front of them.  I had zoom-vision.  The man on the raft was being tested and he was aware of it.  The raft began to deflate, water was beginning to splash around his face and over his body.  He remained still and squeezed his eyes shut as he strained to maintain his concentration.  During this time the bearded man never ceased his mantra of “faith and belief in the self…”.

The man on the raft continued to sink, water was splashing over his face and body, consuming him completely.  I could see his body and the raft sink underneath the surface of the water.  He never once thrashed around or struggled to stay afloat.  His eyes remained closed tightly and his hands were clenched into fists.  There were veins popping out of his neck and I could see the tension within his body.  He seemed resigned to whichever fate lay before him. The peculiar thing was that he wasn’t sinking further down he was hovering underneath the surface of the water.  Huge bubbles of air were boiling to the surface and I wondered if he was going to make it through.

All of a sudden the raft began to fill with air and it returned to the surface.  The man opened his eyes and I saw his body relax.  I could see a mixture of exhaustion and relief on his face.  The group on the boat made no overtures of congratulations. They just stood there, without expression, watching him.  The bearded man had not once ceased his words of encouragement and truth.

The bearded man then looked directly at me.  Despite the distance it was as if he was standing in front of me.  He said, ” If you have faith and believe in yourself everything will be fine.  We have always been with you and we will be with you always.  Everything will be fine as long as you maintain your belief in yourself.”  I wake.

(c)1999, Lisa Wallach. Published in the October-November 1999 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to copy this column for personal use – Please include this copyright statement.)