The Loss of Love – Part One: An Introduction by Sandi Hunter

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 1999, Issue 8

The Loss of Love – Part One: An Introduction
by Sandi Hunter

What comes to your mind when I say, “Loss of Love”?  Is it the loss of a loved one?  Most of us would respond with a resounding yes!!!  Be it loss through death, geographical location, or the end of a relationship.  This is not of what I speak, I am talking about the loss of love for self.  The belief that we are not good enough, lovable enough, smart enough, good looking enough or worthy enough of all we desire, and all we deserve.

Where does this start?  As newborns we come into this physical world, open to all its wonder, to fulfill a mission, simply put, to love.   We are pure consciousness, pure love, in it’s barest essence, it’s most wondrous form. If you have any doubt about this, hold a child that is only moments old in your arms,  and tune into the energy.  I guarantee you, you will feel only love, in it’s purest sense.

Where do we lose this love?  The love of self? Of those around us? Of life itself?  Ponder that question for a moment, and look back at your life’s experiences.  Grasp onto that inner child that may still feel lost, abandoned, alone, and helpless.  When did that child start to experience these feelings?  For if these feelings were experienced, then that child must feel they are not worthy of love.  How would anyone leave, abandon or hurt someone they truly love?  Would one that truly loves you, criticize you, yell at you, tell you to be quiet, tell you to go away, go away themselves, or simply not be there when the time was so urgently needed?  We emotionally hold on to those moments.  Our emotional body takes them in, sticks them into our consciousness, and then pulls to us more experiences to validate the feeling of being unloved.  We carry around this adhesion, not even aware that it exists. The cycles and patterns in our lives, though, remind us that we are not loved, not worthy of the life we so desperately seek.  Our fears are realized, for that is what our emotional body believes and is comfortable with, and therefore keeps bringing forth more experiences to confirm this. This in turn, adheres these beliefs ever deeper into our emotional consciousness.  In simple terms, you draw your fears to you, you bring them into your life, for these are the beliefs based on your perception of who you are.

Take a moment to consider the time of your conception.  Were you a wanted child?  A  planned child?  What was the emotional state of your parents at this time?  Were they happy? Content?  Resentful? Angry?  What was the emotional atmosphere the moment you started to come into physical form? Do you believe it is all by accident?  We have no control or say in who our parents are?  What our circumstances will be?  And one more question… If you believe in Life after death, do you believe in life before birth?  If your soul/spirit goes somewhere after the body wears away, Does it come from somewhere before that body exists?

Nothing is by accident, and all is energy.  We chose our life and experiences to bring us back to that pure essence of love, pure essence of joy, and pure essence of peace.  Our lives and circumstances that surround us, and fill up our days, are there to show us where we are in this center of love.  For if we didn’t have these experiences how can we ever learn to know how we look at ourselves.  Now if we decide that we have no control, no say or no free will over our destiny and lives, then we become victims of circumstance and repeat over and over the events that come to us to teach us. To bring awareness of what needs to be brought back into our consciousness to manifest peace and wholeness.  How can we clear an emotional issue we are not aware of, and how do we become aware of this if not through experience.

What patterns or cycles do you find repeated in your life?  What type of people come into your life and do not bring you happiness?  These are all clues to the emotional beliefs we have stored in our sub conscious.  Do you strive for success never really attaining it?  Do you yearn for that relationship that is always out of reach?  Do you have trouble keeping jobs and sustaining success?  Do people cheat or hurt you over and over again in different scenarios that have the same type of outcome?  These are not haphazard, they are there to tell you how you view yourself in this world. These people that hurt you are not your enemies.  They come into your life to show you the lessons that need to learned and the emotional beliefs that need to be released,  By releasing these beliefs/issues, you free yourself of the chains that bind you to an unfulfilling life.  These are all gifts in the great plan to return you from whence you came.  These so called enemies, have come here in an act of love to honor your growth,  They are here because you both made an agreement to do this in order to learn, grow and raise your energy level to heights of happiness and  fulfillment.

Is all this easy to believe?  For most, a definite no!!  These lessons, until they are realized for the gifts they are, may be very painful and uncomfortable.  They may leave a person feeling stuck, and a victim of circumstance.  What power comes from knowing all this was pre-planned, and these beings came to you, in this way, out of love.  If the experience can be looked at in this way, it is most freeing and rewarding, for then the experience is not needed anymore,  The lesson is learn and released, and in that circumstance, peace and happiness may now take it’s place.

The next time, a friend hurts or cheats you, you lose a job, or money, a relationship breaks off, or your life just does not go the way you wish it would, TAKE ACTION!  Look first where the loss of love for self resides. It may not seem the easiest way, but it is the most freeing way.  Know that all that happens to you, was planned by you, as co-creators with all the people and events in your life, to bring you back to the love of the essence you are.  Speak to your inner child.  Find new ways to probe the depths of your subconscious.  Be it hypnosis, Reiki or any healing technique that feels right for you.  You and only you, have the power to bring about a life of joy, peace, health, abundance and love.  You are a powerful being with all the resources available to you to change anything you do not like.  You must release the need for these events and/or circumstances first.  By going within and really seeing yourself, and your beliefs, you unlock the power you possess to allow the life you desire to unfold.  It is not somewhere out there, it is located within yourself and only within yourself.

(c)1999, Sandi Hunter.  Published in the October-November 1999 Issue of the  Conscious Creation Journal.  Feel free to copy this article for personal use only.  Please include this copyright notice.

Sandi Hunter is a Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Fitness Professional, with a private practice in Shrub Oak.  (914) 962-6372, email her at: [email protected].