CCJ – October-November 2000

October-November 2000 Issue

Book Perspectives: Phoenix Return & This Strange Quantum World & You (Oct-Nov 2000) by John J. McNally and Kristen Fox
Channelings Du Jour (Oct-Nov 2000)
Cosmic Motion Picture Company – My New White Robe (Oct-Nov 2000) by Sharon Mendenhall
Dimensionality & Probability (Oct-Nov 2000) by Tom Burke
Excerpts from the Book: “Relax, It’s Only a Ghost” (Oct-Nov 2000) by Echo Bodine
Human Beings in the Mirror of the Universe (Oct-Nov 2000) by Michael Levy
I Created All of This (Oct-Nov 2000) by Mia Pokorny
It’s Hard to See Without Clear Vision (Oct-Nov 2000) by Linda Jones
Just One Day of Freedom (Oct-Nov 2000) by Kristen Fox
Lesson Two: The Encounters Continue (Oct-Nov 2000) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Magic & Manifestations (Oct-Nov 2000)
The Physics of Law of Attraction in Action (Oct-Nov 2000) by Marelin the Magician
Prediction & Focus (Oct-Nov 2000) by John McNally
Remembering Tina (Oct-Nov 2000) by Lydia