My New White Robe by Sharon Mendenhall

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

My New White Robe
by Sharon Mendenhall

When I was seventeen, I read the book “1984,” and I knew that something would happen in 1984 that would change my life. And it did!  A book in the library fell off the shelf and hit me on the head, so I checked it out. Since then Seth not only has spoke to me, he has yelled, loudly.  Something about “You Create Your Own Reality, so get a clue, Jack!”

Fifteen years later, when I was just about able to convince Seth my name wasn’t Jack, here comes Elias to hit me on the head with a big hammer. I’m still in the process of getting a clue, but I had to do it my way. Put it in my own words, so Elias would put that damn hammer down. The result was some type of outlandish diary. A diary about me and my jumbled up concepts. I have no other excuse. If I did, I would definitely use it.

I created a reality entitled, “Diary of a Goddess.” It started out just a little at a time, just some random thoughts that I spontaneously committed to electronic paper. But then mysteriously, the chapters started to link together, and some 350 pages later I began to wonder what to do with all this stuff. Some of it is funny, DAMN funny.  (Oh my, Spiritual Humor! I always thought that was an oxymoron.)

I’m just a hitchhiker travelin’ through the universe and lookin’ for a good time, as we all are. The diary has been just plain fun for me, and I hope it will be for you also. If either Seth or Elias start hitting you over the head with a hammer, well, I had nutin’ to do wif’ it. You’re on your own.

Reader, beware!

Sharon Mendenhall

The Cosmic Motion Picture Company presents

My New White Robe

One thing I’ve noticed about Acceptance is that she is terribly arrogant. I’m  trying hard to like Acceptance, and I do sometimes, and other times I think  she’s a big pain the ass, and a bitch. But I like talking to her when I have  questions, because she does answer my questions one way or another. Like that  thing with introducing me to Tolerance, knowing full well that Tolerance was  such a flake. But that was so I would learn for myself, because if she would  have told me in advance, I wouldn’t have paid attention anyway.

I thought maybe I would give her a call this morning and ask her a few questions about Arrogance, because no one seems to like Arrogance, as he is  always coming off like he’s God or something.  Well, what she said was that she really liked Arrogance, because he’s so much  like her, and that threw me a curve, because they are alike. How that came up was, I was telling her my favorite joke about airline pilots with the punch line about how they are God, they just think they’re an airline pilot, and she didn’t laugh. In fact she said that’s right.

Well, hearing “that’s right, they are God,” was just about enough to make me choke on my morning coffee, because I have this thing about airline pilots not liking them too much either. So a mental image of God dressed up in that black uniform with the striped epaulets on the shoulders was just a little more than I could handle. So I asked Acceptance if she would mind just explaining that to me, because God is in a white robe, not a black uniform.

Now, you best be holding on to the edge of your seat for what she said next.   She said that God was actually an invention of mankind that represents someone that holds all the power and knowledge separate from mankind. That’s why we keep dressing up God in that white robe, as it represents that power and knowledge. She said that God didn’t make us to look like him, we invented him to look like us, and then gave him power and knowledge that we think we do not have. Well, I replied, does God exist, because there for a while people were saying that God is dead, and she said that whatever we believe,  exists. And that was a real head scratcher.  So, I went and got another cup of coffee, because I figured I was going to be on the phone with Acceptance for quite a while.

So I said, are you telling me that Arrogance is God? And she said, I’m telling you that everyone is God, and Arrogance is acting more like your  projected God, and you are acting like Humility. Well, I never thought I was acting like Humility, and I didn’t know that Humility was an act. But she said, it was just an act, and that I think I shouldn’t act like God, I think I should act like Humility. Then I said that I thought Humility is a turkey, and she said, well then you think you should act like a turkey. So I said, well then all that business about Humility bowing down is acting like a turkey? And she said, gobble, gobble.

Then she asked me if I especially liked Humility, and I said no, that I didn’t especially like him, but I didn’t think it was right to go around pretending I was God, so sometimes I do act like Humility to counteract that.  I mean acting like Humility says to everyone that I don’t think I’m God. And then she said, but you are God, the God image in a white robe is just an image of someone who holds power and knowledge separate from yourself.  And  then she said that I hold the same power and knowledge because there is no separation, but that I don’t access it because I’m too busy acting like a turkey, gobble, gobble. And all that caused me to get another cup of coffee.

Then I said, lets back up and approach this from a different angle, because I’m getting confused. God exists, yes or no? And she said, whatever I believed existed, existed. And I said, then if I believe God exists, then he does. And she said, yes. Then she asked if I believed that God is separate from myself. And I said yeah, the dude is up in heaven and he has a white robe on. And then she said, well he isn’t separate from yourself, so put the white robe on yourself. So I said, the white robe represents all the power and knowledge of the universe, and I can put it on? And she said yes, put it on. And I said okay. And she said, really put on God’s robe. Stick your hands through the sleeves, and tie it up with a rope. So mentally I did it. Then she said, how do you feel? And I accessed that for a minute for feeling, and I said, just like arrogance. And she said, that’s the point.

Then she said, now that you’re dressed for it, do God’s job. And I said I didn’t know what God’s job was.  And she said, yes I did if I thought about it, I thought God’s job was to judge, and that I’ve been doing God’s job for quite a while. Then I said, you mean I get to judge with the white robe on?  And she said yes, go ahead and judge.

So I went into doing God’s job of judging that everyone was a bunch of sinners, including me. And then she said, you mean God is a sinner? And I  said no, God is perfect, I’m the sinner. And she said I couldn’t be a sinner,  because I am God wearing the white robe. So I asked if God isn’t really doing the judging, then I am? And she said that is correct. She said I was trying to do God’s job, without wearing the white robe, but if I would put the white robe on, then I would notice that God doesn’t have to judge, because God would be judging himself, and he already is perfect.

Now, that still is a whole bunch of confusing to me. But I want to tell you that if you put on God’s white robe, you really do feel different. But you  have to really put it on. Put your arms through the sleeves and tie it up  with the rope. Then you feel a whole bunch of arrogant, like you could just rain some thunder and lightening if you wanted. And being God with the white robe on is actually pretty kewl.

So I wore the white robe all morning, marching around and pretending like I was God. And I did realize that God doesn’t have to judge, that’s all those  guys in the black robes. God is already perfect, so what’s to judge? I never realized I could keep that white robe in my closet and put it on anytime I wanted to, because me and God are the same person. So, God’s white robe is hanging there at the end of my closet, with all my other special clothes that I wear when I want to feel special.

And you know what? God is pretty special, and he does exist. And Acceptance is pretty smart, but she’s still a pain in the ass. I wonder if I’ll ever get over feeling that way about her?

What did you say?

Nobody is talking about you.

You’re listening about you.

They’re talking about themselves,

and you are talking about yourself,

and they are listening about themselves,

and you are listening about yourself.

And you’re thinking you heard what they said,

but you only heard what you think they said.

And they’re thinking they heard what you said,

but they only heard what they think you said.

So what do you think I just said?

©2000, Sharon Mendenhall.  Most of the art is also ©2000, Ragen Mendenhall.  Printed in the October-November 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Sharon Mendenhall has been a lover, a fighter, a bareback movie scriptwriter, and much more. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is no excuse, and has three children, which is also no excuse. She is a published writer, having written one story, in one book that was published. But you will find her name in italic print if you turn to page 23 of “Expect Miracles” by Mary Ellen. They even spelled it correctly….

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