The Physics of Law of Attraction in Action by Marelin the Magician

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

The Physics of Law of Attraction in Action
by Marelin the Magician

(dedicated to the memory and message  of Matthew C., 1990-1999)

If you’ve ever wondered why “bad” things happen to good people, or you are interested in knowing more about the universal principles and the laws of physics, in how they apply to all of us, we invite you to read this story. Law of Attraction, The Law of Cause and Effect–or what some call Karma, is constantly in effect. What we put out comes back. That is why here in the Wizard’s Wonderland we practice Mastering the Craft of Creator.  May these words shed some light and be of more assistance to you in this journey we call life. With this information we can better empower our world and the world around us.

As this message spreads, more people will come to know how it is they create, and with that knowing, humanity can then begin to create, purposefully, a world reflective of its highest intentions.

This is the story of sweet Matthew and the Physics of Law of Attraction in Action…  Matthew was the name I chose nearly thirty years ago if my child had been a boy. That child, though a girl, now had a baby boy. As my new grand baby lay sleeping upon my chest, I watched the story of Matthew’s murder and the Law of Attraction unfold before my eyes, like I have countless times before.

This time it was different. It was as though Matthew was speaking to me directly. His story must be told, not because of what happened, but because of why it happened.  This story has something to tell us and in the process can empower us.

Matthew C. was born in 1990 and was brutally murdered in 1999. Matthew’s story touched me deeply. This young being was and is the sweetest of souls–bright, beautiful, pure, and kind to the core. I could no longer stand by and say nothing about how horrific conditions like these come to happen.

The Physics of Law of Attraction in Action

Those who want to know more about this law will naturally draw this to them. Those who are ready to take fuller responsibility for their life experiences, or want to know why things happen, will happen upon or wander into this wisdom. For the simple reason of Law of Attraction: That which is alike unto itself is drawn.

Who we are is always about what we want, and love to have in our experience. We can have anything our hearts’ desire, but the Law says that we must give it to ourselves first. Creativity is never about things coming to us; they come to us through our creativity. That is how the physics of the Law operates, whether we are awake or asleep to its existence.

It hardly seems fair, and certainly wasn’t for Matthew and his family, to be playing a game and not know how the game is played or plays out. You cannot be the ruler of your life experience without knowing the rules.  The Law of Attraction governs the universe and is known as a universal principle. We live by this law even if we are not fully aware that we are. The Law says that if you are feeling something, you are sending a message that says: GIVE ME MORE OF WHAT I SAY IS SO FOR ME. We sow the seeds of thought, and in time reap the harvest thereof.

Attention to something is attraction of that something. The more attention you pay to something, the more attention it pays to you. Focus is energy flow. The same energy that creates the infinite cosmos flows through us and gives birth to where we flow that energy. As we see, observe, ponder, imagine, envision, focus upon or pay attention to anything, we begin, by Law of Attraction, to draw to us those things.

We flow energy right to where we do and don’t want to go. And it goes against all that is wholly who we are when we say, I give to myself something less than who I am! This is crazy making, as energy in motion fulfills both our dreams and our nightmares. There is no defying or denying this law, what goes out must come back. What we are experiencing in our inner world will come back to view us in our outer world, as a mirror reflection of who we have become.

Understandably, there is a big substantiated fear out there, because of what has happened, or what we see and hear in the news, that tells us to prepare our kids for the worst. Matthew’s wonderful guardians, well intended loving people, like most of us, drilled him time and again about what to do if an attack on him were to occur. Fifteen minutes before his murder, he was again instructed in what to do in case of an attack. Can you imagine the fear that had built up in this child and his family? By Law of Attraction, built upon fear over time, of what could happen, actually did happen. What this family most feared became their experience.

Secondly, Matthew’s emotional guidance system (your best friend and spirit guide), told him intuitively that something was not right. He said: “I don’t want to go into that bathroom alone.”  Those gut feelings are there for a reason, and it is best to pay attention to them. Ignoring them can bring about painful, even tragic experiences, like Matthew’s murder. The purpose of having positive and negative emotions is to tell us when we have moved away from or towards who we are and what we want. It’s best to pay attention to how we are feeling, because those feelings create all things we call real.

If more of us knew how it is that we draw experiences to us, the less experiences we would draw to us that do not represent us! A violent murder surely doesn’t represent a sweet Soul like Matthew. How else can we account for such a pure child being tragically taken from this world?  If something does come to you that you would never in your right mind create, one might say: “It must surely be someone else or something outside of me, for I would never do that to myself. I would never create any kind of pain or unfortunate situation in my life! When I experience something that does not feel good, it could not in all honestly be my doing. I surely would not attract or give myself something I don’t want, are you nuts with this stuff? I can’t buy into a belief in Law of Attraction.”

It is not a belief that can be bought, because we already own it. And trying to function outside of the Law can bring grief and pain. We don’t necessarily have to believe in this law, but it totally, wholly, fully, faithfully, 100% believes in us. This law does not discriminate, it holds no prejudice, has no restrictions, and never condemns. If it did, Matthew surely would still be alive today.  The Law gives us exactly, precisely what we give ourselves, most often without our full knowing that we are the givers and receivers of such.

The more we don’t like something, the more we draw what that is to us, even though it is not what the awakened one would choose, if our truth be known. All this can change as each of us bring to light how it is we create, as nothing by Law of Attraction can change until we do.

What we have been conditioned to fear is all too easy to believe because of past experiences that have nothing to do with now, until we bring them into another now, and fear what could become a possible future. Those thoughts start to send energy in motion, through negative emotions that move us away from who we are and what we want, and that is why they simply don’t feel good.

If Matthew’s parents knew differently, they would have done  differently. None of us can do differently until we know differently, and we are not going to know until we want to know. With that asking, we can then summon the answers. We only have ears to hear if we are calling out and asking. The information has always been there, but it never occurred to us to ask. Often, what happens is that when we can’t take anymore, we seem to allow ourselves to ask. We are then open to receive the information that can change or transform us. It surely did for myself, and perhaps it could do the same for you.

I have made a personal in-depth study of the Law of Attraction for ten years now, and it all started the same year Matthew was born. Once I came to know this powerful principle, through experience, I began to put it into deliberate practice. I found it to be so accurate that I decided to write about it, and did so in a little $7 companion handbook called “Merlin’s Message; Reawakening and Remembering.” I wrote it for the purpose of sharing with others, how they too, can become more aware of how it is they create. With that wisdom, we can then use this law on purpose with deliberate intent. When we come to know that we create everything, we can then begin to create anything.

Law of Attraction tells me that wherever I go, there it is. It  just IS! So I surrender to it and make great use of it when I remember to do so. I know that even the things I do not like, I draw to me, and when I do, I simply turn my attention to what I prefer to see. It may take a few turns, but I know that practice at anything I want to master is worth it.

We exist. We are powerful. The Law exists. The Law is powerful! It is in fact so powerful this Law of Attraction, that it allows us to create anything, just because the Law wants us to know how powerful we are. The Law demonstrates our exponential freedom.

We are so free in fact, that we can and do create lack and limitation, murder and mayhem. On the other side of the same token, with that same freedom, we are free to create our natural state of magic and miracles, bliss and ecstasy.

Thank you dear sweet Matthew for moving me so, so that more of us may go beyond our limitations. We will remember you for assisting us in further awakening from our deep sleep of forgetfulness.

I have asked Matthew, from spirit, to assist me in finding the courage to come forward with this information, to reach out to the many rather than the few who know about this powerful law. His love from where he is now, and his life lived here have enormous value, worth, substance and special significance. It can have a powerful force and effect upon humanity. Matthew’s murder has a message that can empower our world, that of returning to our power and intuitive nature. This beautiful being is a shining light unto the world from where he returned, into the nonphysical world.

©2000, Marelin the Magician.   Printed in the Oct-Nov 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)
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