Lesson Two: The Encounters Continue by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

Lesson Two: The Encounters Continue
by ChiaraDina Cerweny

“That´s the first conscious creation article I wrote in the states,” ChiaraDina told C while cuddling into her, and added laughingly, “You know, C, that I am a little bit afraid to allow intimacy with you now, and all of this question and answer game.”

C who had an arm around ChiaraDina´s shoulder looked at her encouragingly. “There will be nothing brought to your awareness that you don´t know already.” … “Hm, still,” ChiaraDina said, “It´s always a feeling of anxious waiting for something, tension, excitement, not necessarily in a negative way, but what you feel before Christmas, for example. You want it and at the same time you are trying to block it because you want the moment before fulfillment, the actual emotional peeking to last longer .. that´s what I feel when I am writing this article now with you.”

ONE who had sat on a swing, going back and forth while listining to the two of them, now jumped off in an extended bow and before she actually sat in a lotus position among them, decided to hoover a little bit above the ground. ChiaraDina rolled her eyes. “ONE you know that people who are doing their best to fulfill their desire of levitating and are actually watching now will think about you performing this task.” …

“Whatta show-off!” C and Chiaradina said at the same time and started to laugh. “I was just doing this out of the desire for pleasure,” ONE replied, trying to hide that she was about to burst out laughing as well.

“Well and I guess you were also doing this because you want me to write a little bit about the relativity theory concerning objects slowing down for the one observing?” ChiaraDina asked provokingly.

“You let them think it through,” ONE said while looking really meditative.

“As I have told you before already in one of our private conversations, my life is utterly perfect right now. For this year, I feel that I have almost reached everything I wanted to achieve, and the best thing is that my faith in life has grown enormously. I have a fulfilling relationship and job, I have been able to move to the place I want to live, I am content with my performance in life and myself as a person. Still, I feel very empty right now, in this time where I realise how much I actually have and I am just wondering why? Why does fulfillment necessarily contain emptiness and might this be a reason why some people just pretend that they cannot have what they want, because they cannot bear the emptiness that goes hand in hand with the fulfilling manifestation of their dreams?”

Chiaradina looked at ONE and C, “Tell me guys, why do I experience this kinda stuff right now – all those emotions of confusion connected to successful manifestation? Am I confused because within me the person who has always thought that she cannot have what she wants, dies?  Am I confused because what is demanded from me is again another redirecting of energy and even more precise definition of what I want? When I think of you, and you being in a dimension without apparent density delay if one believes in it – I am sure you do not feel any more emptiness when you think a thought and it manifests. What do you feel? When you have already moved beyond that state of feeling something for your thoughts how have you two guys and your thoughts progressed and what challenges you in creation and ….”

“Don´t you feel like breathing once?” C carefully asked ChiaraDina and looked with a mixture between being worried and amused at ONE who has started to play with a set of glass balls.

“Look, ChiaraDina, it´s as easy as that,” One threw all of the balls into the air and let them hoover around up there for a while; they looked like a video tape that had been paused. ChiaraDina was tipping her foot against the floor in an impatient manner, so ONE hurried to continue, “You see, I think they will fall down so they will – this is the thought I am conscious about. But there are all posibilities like them NEVER EVER falling down, vanishing into pure air, all breaking, all melting into one. What actually interests me is not so much the control of one thought aspect anymore. What I am interested in is – if I allow all freedom of expression and choices – what will be created in this big melting pot from all these various alternatives and to have fun observing it?”

ChiaraDina made a funny face, “Well, ONE, this definitely sounds VERY sophisticated and evolved, but please don´t tell me that there is not more to creation. Expand my mind, tell me about other dimensions, let me share other expressions of experiencing creation, let me attach to a new perspective of looking at things.”

“Well, isn´t that actually the reason why you incarnated? Have you ever asked the consciousness of a chair or tree how it creates in cooperation, out of the ONE Self (ONE rose an eyebrow in pretended importance), your reality with you ? I know you have often asked yourself about animals and plants and talked to them, merged with them, felt them, become them – but recall that there is even consciousness in the atoms and molecules of a chair that posess something like an instinctive awareness about their final solid barrier and ego self. I guess if you really try to, you can, by touching elements and objects, even become aware of the consciousness within them and learn more about creation processes beyond your normal human awareness. You´ll surely experience a shapeshift in perspective.” ChiaraDina sighed.

C hurried to take her into her arms. “I know you will miss your home in other dimensions you recall and ask about it because you want to remember what you have been. But please also try to recall as well that you usually have all you need around you. Allow the human experience to be for expanding it. Start by really stretching your focus, awareness and consciousness around your body, to feel and merge with your surroundings emotionally – which might be a challenge of course when it comes to other beings – mentally and in consciousness. This is actually a very big task, and understanding will be deepened by practice. You´ll further understand then what your material surroundings will need, which will allow you to create a infrastructure that can, because it´s own needs are met, contribiute to your own health and wellbeing.”

ChiaraDina had listened attentively. “This actually sounds very exciting. It almost appears to be like the entirely conscious spaceships in Star Trek.”

ONE nodded. “Yes, and you’ll be amazed when you start to become co-operative, how much matter can do for you. Not only living and breathing organisms, also “dead” matter, as scientists think it to be.”

ChiaraDina nodded. “I will do my best to keep my focus on that, also when I am looking for “my perfect apartment” during the next days. I will listen and feel what matter tells me and how it communicates with me. I will try NOT to think too much about choices, infinite universes and parallel existences, but simply be aware of the one I am in by choice, and expanding on that. And I will keep you two updated on what I learn.”

ChiaraDina turned around and started to dance into daylight reality again, twice looking back and waving at C and ONE.

“She always helps us to see what we do not see about ourselves in creation, doesn´t she?” ONE said to C, as ChiaraDina had dived again entirely into earthly matters. “You still try to not focus, right?” C made a funny face, replying, “Don´t blame me, ONE. You can and are everywhere, and I have learned to blur and filter out parts so we have an illusion of focus. But ChiaraDina is still part of us, recalling her Self. She might know soon by experience. Up to then, we just be with her.  I guess she really needs us now.”

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