I Created All of This by Mia Pokorny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

I Created All of This
by Mia Pokorny

It was either Richard Bach or Paulo Cohelo who inspired me to my favorite CC workout, I forgot in whose book I read it. My favorite place to do it is at the beach. Find a comfy spot, sit down, close your eyes.Then, slowly open them and say, “I created all of this”. Whenever I do this, I immediately feel uplifted, I feel like a goddess, the world’s greatest magician. :o)

In exchange for my riding lessons, I shovel horse manure for 3 hours every week. The other day, while lifting a fork of equine poop, it occurred to me that “I created all of this” and this awareness started me off giggling. When I have this thought while looking at a breath-taking sight, I feel on top of the world, however, looking at you-know-what in my wheelbarrow, judgments cloud my view (and insults my sense of smell). And taking it a step further yet, looking at my life saying “I created all of this,” sometimes evokes pure resistance; and there I stand, my eyes fixed at “what I don’t want” and my thoughts spinning around and around and around it, my emotions follow them like sheep follow their shepherd, without questioning. And then my CC Emergency Crew appears on the scene, advising me “to accept.” Yeah, right, the ‘A’ word, why haven’t I thought of it, thanks a lot guys, and, by the way, HOW exactly do I get there???

The first step is to stop resisting my resistance, in other words, to accept that I am balking.


In the last 2 months my life has changed completely. I have a new job, a new home, a new love [besides myself, that is :o)]. My heart is wide open to take it all in and enjoy, and as I descend into myself, I encounter strange creatures in the basement of my mind – it’s the colony of my (past) experiences. Everything in my new now-reality is matched against them and then the Council of Creatures issues a statement in the form of an emotion, most commonly fear, worry or anger. Once again my focal point is on “what I don’t want”. There is no authenticity, only duplicity. I created all of this. :o)


To be in the still-point, where it doesn’t really matter. It all is. It’s quite simple to arrive there, however, then I am the observer, separated from the action. How can those 2 opposites be united, how can I be observing AND acting at the same time? I think I am doing it whenever I allow myself to fully immerse into the now and play. When whatever is in front of me is exciting and I just know, every single cell of me does, that I can do magic. Magic has a lot to do with my emotions, and they are intimately connected with my mind.

Sometimes I feel like “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Goethe’s famous ballade (you can read it at http://www.vcu.edu/hasweb/for/goethe/zauber_dual.html) and I can hear myself mumble,

“Ah, I see it, dear me, dear me.

Master’s word I have forgotten,”

and my emotions run wild, just like that broom. Well, I believe the magical words of the master are, “I created all of this.” Automatically, I am the owner, not the possession (or, for that matter: obsession).


WHY did I create all of this? To figure out the motives, I can ponder and ponder, or, again, I can do the ‘A’ word and ACCEPT it for now, and know that I know and allow this knowledge to ascend to the surface of my mind: my consciousness.

I hope this article provides you with some ideas to create your own workout, or, that you simply enjoyed reading it. :o)

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