Just One Day of Freedom by Kristen Fox

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

Just One Day of Freedom
by Kristen Fox

We talk about going from unconscious or haphazard creation to conscious creation.  Effectively, this means choosing in each moment what we would prefer to do, from our centers, not from any outer sense of obligation or unconscious habit of action.

So, let’s say that you have COMPLETE freedom to do whatever you want to do in each moment.  There are no obligations.  There are no ‘have to’s or ‘gotta’s.  There are no moments that aren’t YOURS.   There are no limitations or ‘can’t’s, including no financial limitations.

Let’s just take one day – so you have an entire day to work with here.  Think of all the tiny little things we do automatically every day, like the way we take a shower and dry ourselves off.  If we have a job we leave the house for – that’s a choice today as well.  If your job is in the home or IS the home, those projects are ALSO choices.  You can sit at your computer all day if you want.  Or you can go to a local art gallery.  Or join a few friends in building a  backyard shed.  Or climb trees in the park.  Or fly to a neighboring country for a quick lunch.

And these are just the thoughts that occur to you as you’re trying to figure out what to WEAR!

Is it any wonder that all the conscious creation ‘stuff’ out there tells us to stay in the NOW moment, that the present is our point of power, and that we must make decisions from the heart?  How else would we navigate through an infinity of choices?

I was thinking about this today when I had the thought that I really should do dishes.  In fact, the idea that I should do dishes was rather comforting to me – it was familiar, and gave me something to avoid or push away from, while I chose things that I would RATHER do.  (It’s twisted, I know. <grin>)  And while it’s really unnecessary to have any of my energy tied up in those familiar feelings of obligation, for most of my life these limitations have been a way of GROUNDING me, oddly enough.  But it’s grounding me in MASS REALITY, not in my own reality – without the effort, I’m AUTOMATICALLY grounded in my own reality – how can I not be?


Our local TV network changed around a lot of shows and I found myself watching reruns of Sabrina (the teenage witch).  She’s half human and half witch, and so the framework is of being a witch in a human world.  There are a lot of strange contrasts and beliefs in the episodes.  For instance, Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda teaches violin lessons – she loves the violin.  She’s also a witch.  Sabrina asks her why she doesn’t just ‘fix’ this one student of hers who played horribly because it would be a nice thing to do.  Aunt Hilda says that the obvious ‘nice’ thing isn’t always the thing to do, and then jokes that she doesn’t really care if he improves, as long as he keeps paying for lessons.

Now, I DO enjoy the humor in the show, but it has taken me a while to catch onto the belief framework in which these shows operate.  i.e., – they make a lot of jokes about taking money very seriously, but they are witches and can create anything they want, but don’t want to interfere with or “cheat within” the human world, but love to visit other realms through this magical closet door… okay….  I realized that they played the human realm and the realm of ‘magic’ as separate, even though they were really just BELIEF frameworks, both in physical reality.

Then I thought… there is really no line between the realm of conscious creation and the ‘mundane’ world – that too, is only born of beliefs.  And isn’t conscious creation the harmonious melding of our beliefs and ‘physical reality’?  It occurs to me that while we DO have unlimited freedom, we have each created a framework of our own to work within while we’re here in physical reality.  I’m not talking about ‘limiting’ beliefs (mass), I’m talking about individual belief systems.  The Universe really IS a mirror of our beliefs, but the beliefs that will support our greatest value fulfillment are those that DO resonate with us, that ARE us, not the overlay of mass beliefs that we learn to accept OVER our own.  These concepts have been separated in our minds for far too long.

For instance, in this day of freedom to choose, I could do ANYTHING – I could do something mundane like rake the yard, or something magical like levitate into the tops of trees – conscious creation spans ALL belief frameworks.  I could blink myself to New York City for a real bagel for breakfast, or blink a NY bagel to my bread box for that matter.  Well, do I want to have breakfast in my kitchen or in a restaurant?  Do I even enjoy eating breakfast?

Now I’ve gone and done it – I’ve got to KNOW MYSELF.  And that’s really the secret to conscious reality creation.  “Know Thyself.”  It’s no longer necessary to make choices based on what’s available in an ‘overlay’ framework, but on what YOU want.

You know how young kids will often go from one activity to another to another with no apparent connection or reason?  Well, what if, for at least one day, we set aside ALL obligations, and did just that – followed our impulses for an entire day.

I’ve done this a few times, and at first it’s actually a little exhausting.  I wasn’t used to following spontaneous tracks and the old, well-worn tracks were much easier to use.  Imagine this – it takes a bit more strength to turn the wheel of a bus to change direction than it does to drive straight ahead.  But, once you get used to turning this way and that and taking new routes a lot of it becomes second nature.

I actually found myself thinking, “I don’t want to think that much!”  <grin>  But it’s not really THINKING, it’s just being in the moment instead of running your mind down the list of ‘things you have to do’ today.  (Even if they are FUN things you have listed.)  Is that list in the NOW?  Is it FUN for you to think of all the things you wanted to do today?  It might be, it might not.  You don’t have to know all the things you’re going to do ahead of time, they’ll come to you at exactly the right moment – whatever that means.

Being spontaneous 24 hours a day doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to do the things you love a lot or even in a routine.  Just because you choose to drink hot chocolate today doesn’t mean that being spontaneous tomorrow means you have to try COFFEE or TEA.  It doesn’t mean that you have to spend every moment painting or drawing or being ‘creative’ in that way either, OR being productive.  You could decide that the right thing to do is staring out the window or carving your initials into the wooden tabletop with the good carving knife.  <grin> Overall, it just means paying attention to YOUR energy, and going with it.  And doing away with any kind of judgment about which activities are ‘productive’ or ‘okay’ or ‘impossible’ according to mass reality standards, etc.

As in the previous example of steering the bus, soon, you’ll be so melded with your OWN energy, you won’t even think twice about what you want to do, or whether it’s possible, you’ll just naturally DO it.  You won’t automatically tune into any ‘overlay’ framework and try to fit into it anymore, you’ll just be YOU.

There seems to be a definite weening process going on here; at least that’s the way I’m currently experiencing it.  More and more I’m waking up in the NOW moment and asking myself, “Is this really what I want to be doing right now?” and I’m getting more ‘yes’ answers than I used to get.  I’m also getting more creative ideas about what I truly DO want to do in the moment.

It’s not in the “getting things done” but in the doing itself.  And the goal is the knowing of self instead of the knowing of any limiting belief framework.  Sometimes it seems that we are just hell and gone, way too far away from those ideas with our productivity-and-results-minded society, but I think we’re actually a lot closer than we think. 🙂

(c)2000, Kristen Fox.   Published in the Oct-Nov 2000 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. http://www.consciouscreation.com   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.