Prediction & Focus by John J. McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

Prediction & Focus
by John J. McNally

When I first began exploring the New Age movement, I came across a multitude of “earth changes” predictions, most of which promised massive death and destruction before the late 90’s.  The 90’s came and went, without these changes coming to pass, yet the predictions continued. Even among reality creators, people and channeled entities will say “you create your own reality” and “this destruction is unavoidable” in the same breath seemingly unconscious of the obvious contradiction.

I wondered at the mindset of the people and entities that make these predictions, what motivates them? Why choose such a dark focus, when there are an infinite number of choices available? What is the real purpose of predictions in the first place? Whether accurate or not, are they really anything more than an ego stroke?

During the late 1980’s and early 90’s, most earth change predictions were focused on the years 1994-2000. The dramatic changes were scheduled to begin by 94 and reach their peak by 1996. Things would begin to settle down after that and by 2000 the survivors would build a new civilization. Unlike the previous one, the new civilization would be focused on love, and live in harmony with the earth around it. New technologies would be developed, and people would live in such a way as to have as little impact on the environment around them as possible. Of course, these changes may have come to pass if Satan hadn’t introduced the SUV. <grin>

Despite the fact that NO major re-arrangement of the world’s landscape has taken place over the last ten years, these predictions still continue to be generated. True there have been devastating earthquakes, floods, droughts and hurricanes, but none of them has been on the scale which the various psychics and channeled entities had predicted. One small example is that California has not yet fallen into the sea. It is my personal opinion that Neptune the God of the Seas would spit it out like a giant loogie if it tried.

What I see as the core of this problem is the belief systems of the channeler’s themselves. Most of them that I have read, the most recent being Sheelagh Donnely’s ‘Phoenix Return’ present information about our current world creation as being flawed, corrupt, out of balance with nature and basically unsalvageable. Therefore, in order to create something better, a disaster, or series of disasters must first wipe out the old order. If the channeler holds these kinds of beliefs, is it any wonder that he/she creates such visions as stepping stones to a better reality.

I think the core belief here is really a fundamental lack of trust in mankind itself. You might be spiritual and pure and live your life in such a way as to only inspire the best in others, but what about your neighbor? If your neighbor’s a heartless corporate raiding stockbroker who tries to run down the neighborhood kitties as he blasts his rocket powered monkey driven BMW down the street on his way to the next six martini corporate takeover, how the hell can you trust him or his motivations? And if you were acting from within such a mindset, then you can’t.

However, you can choose to change your focus, and focus is the key word here. Focus on yourself first, and those parts of yourself that are mirrored in those elements of modern society that you dislike or distrust. See yourself as that cigarette or oil executive and imagine how he or she might be creating their own positive vision of the world. This world you perceive, this probable big blue marble is YOUR OWN CREATION, including all the big scary stuff. Own it, see it as something that you have the power to change, and if you can alter your beliefs about it, then see what predictions arise.

As for the predictions themselves, at best they are useful as a tool for gauging how well you are tuned into yourself. The more accurate you are, the more open you are to seeing the reflections of your own beliefs around you. The events themselves are only window dressing, the real show is going on inside you. At worst they are a major distraction, an unending soap opera of doomsday images in which you continually elevate your belief in your own fears.

It’s far better to simply begin to form a vision for what you want in the world, and project your energy into that vision. Ignore those parts which don’t fit, the less energy you give them, the quicker they’ll disappear. Focus on those parts that you do believe in, live as if you were already in this vision and imagine waves of energy radiating outward from you, connecting you to others who are doing the same.

Listed below are links to pages containing earth changes predictions. I deliberately chose older material so that the reader could see how many of the devastating predictions did not come true. Enjoy!

Tom Smith channeling the Sun God (1992):

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