Excerpts from the book, “Relax, It’s Only a Ghost” by Echo Bodine

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

Excerpts from the book, “Relax, It’s Only a Ghost”
by Echo Bodine

A Policeman Named Bill…

“I received a call from the owner of a “massage parlor” in Minneapolis. She said they were experiencing banging on the walls and could feel someone watching them. She went on to say that there had been an incident the night before when one of their “johns” was taking a shower and something ripped the shower curtain off the rod.

She said the man grabbed his clothes and ran out of there.  I told her I would be there that night. There was a lounge area where I met two of the massueses. They were very nice young woman who were both obviously frightened by the events taking place in this building.

There were several massage rooms each softly lit with a massage table and some oil. There were no customers on this particular evening so I just roamed the halls looking for the ghost. Was I ever surprised to come around the corner and see a male ghost, dressed in a policeman’s uniform. He told me his name was Bill and that he had died three years earlier near the parlor. I asked him if he knew about the tunnel and the white light and he said that yes he was familiar with both. That several deceased relatives of his had come to try to convince him to come over to the other side, but that for now he chose to remain on this side and protect the girls.

He said when he bangs on the walls, it’s a sign to the girls that they need to beware of the patron they are with because these men are not safe to be with.  Then he told me to tell the owner that he was sorry about ripping the shower curtain off the rod last night but he really lost his temper when he realized the “john” in the shower was a priest.

The owner of the parlor had not mentioned to me that this guy was a priest so she was convinced this policeman knew what he was talking about.  Bill asked if he could please stay and continue to protect the girls. He said the banging on the wall was not to frighten them but to protect them. The girls took a vote and unanimously decided to keep him. Bill reassured me that when he was ready to move on, he would go into the light.”

Dinner and a Message…

“Then there was the time about a year or so ago when my fiance and I were just sitting down to a Sunday night dinner. I felt a cold breeze walk through me and I knew a spirit was in the room and wanted to communicate with me. It turned out to be my fiance’s aunt who had died exactly one year ago that day. She wanted to give her husband a message, so I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. She thanked me and left. I ate my dinner while I explained to my boyfriend what had just happened. It was one of those, ‘I just talked to your deceased aunt, please pass the mashed potatoes.’ ”

About Echo…

I first discovered at age 17 that I was born with psychic abilities and with the gift of healing. My abilities include clairvoyance,  the gift of seeing, clairaudience, the gift of hearing and clairsentience, the gift of sensing. I studied psychic development for several years and learned about the gift of healing from my spirit guides and also through prayer and meditation. In 1979, I quit my mainstream job and became a full time psychic consultant, healer, teacher of psychic development  and healing classes and ghostbuster. Over the last twenty years, I have written the following books:

Echoes of the Soul
Hands that Heal
Relax, It’s Only a Ghost

I’ve appeared on several local and national radio and t.v. shows: Sally Jesse Raphael, Sightings, Encounters, NBC’s The Other Side, Strange Universe, Mike and Maty show, The Un-explained (A&E), Wisdom Network, Paranormal Borderline, which did an 8 minute segment on my family, calling us “the world’s most psychic family.” I’ve also appeared in several newspaper and magazine articles including the cover story for Corporate Report in April of ’92. From April 1991 to August 1992 I hosted my own cable t.v. show called New Age Perspectives. Paramount pictures solicited my services for the promotion of the movie Ghost. In the fall of 1996, I co-hosted a cable show called The Edge. I am a contributing writer for Namaste Publication in London, and currently I am working on my fifth book, “The Still Small Voice, A Psychics Guide to Awakening Intuition”, which is due out in the spring of 2001.

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