Human Beings in the Mirror of the Universe by Michael Levy

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October-November 2000, Issue 14

Human Beings in the Mirror of the Universe
by Michael Levy

I believe this article to be very Special. It is the concise meaning from all Holy books and all Scientific Journals. Read it slowly. Read it many times, for this is the true meaning of life and creation. Each line can be carried by our mind and planted in our subconscious to relieve the conditioned nonsense we have been fed by other misguided humans. A fuller explanation can be found in all three of my books.

A Human Being is a kaleidoscope of energy infused with the intelligence of the universe. Billions of particles are constantly forming and reforming. Held in a space for a period of time. Evolving and creating in an ever changing landscape of unity and confusion.

With the free will to act in a random manner as suggested by the Ego. Or to act in a Unified manner as guided by the Soul. Both encompass Spirit and will lead to an ultimate destination. When used separately one will bring suffering and the other Joy. When used together we live a meaningful life.

Our Mind & Body is a replica of the universe and once we study ourselves beyond human thinking we find answers to everything. We enter a field of pure potential where feelings and sensations expand in an infinite sphere beyond mere words.

When we magnify the human by Infinity all becomes clear. We possess the freewill contained in body and mind. When we live as a unified force in a structured society there is no conflict or confusion. When we act solely in an egotistical manner our power base explodes into haphazard actions and destroys.  In this form life has little or no meaning.

So there is Uncertainty on one hand and Unification on the other.

We are constructed by universal intelligence (God) and we are a mirror
image of the universe. Science has a limited view of the Quantum physics of the universe. On one hand Einstein said: Space & Time creates the universe in which stars have Planets, which circle them in predictable ways. A Unified Theory. On the other hand there is the Uncertainty Theory. This explains the random actions of various Particles. Both Theories contradict each other, yet both are correct.

The Universe can act in a random unpredictable manner when it ignores it’s own intelligence. The intelligence is always there, it just isn’t always used, for it to has its own free will. Turmoil and disarray explode in seemingly unpredictable actions. When the random energy expires and the chaotic acts cease, new matter forms emerge that were not planed in unity.  Random and Unified will always exist side by side. Evolving and creating new forms of matter. When random acts destroy newly formed matter, it will be replaced by new formations and then existing in a time span that will “age”

Destruction is always followed by Construction.

Everything follows a natural flow. Nothing in a particle form lasts. All stars eventually burn out and explode taking planets and all matter with them. Then they transform into the gasses from which they were created. They are then sucked into a dimension called a “Golden Hole” of extreme light. When large amounts of these gases are compressed into the light spectrum, their darkness begins to conflict with the intense light, a large spark, which we call a big bang pushes the gasses back into a new universe and starts to form new matter.  The universe is in darkness, however the gasses and particles have been infused with the light of the “Golden Hole” which will form larger particles of matter. The particles will swirl in clusters and adhere to each other, then ignite as stars, which in turn will form planets. Time has no meaning until matter takes shape.

We humans follow the natural flow of nature. When we lock our minds in egotistical thinking we will just alter our course of actions. When we ignore intelligent energy and just use our intellect and ego, we act as random energy. This is unbalanced and will perform acts of destruction. It really is quite simple. Because we put a value on life, we see things that destroy as a disaster and yet this is the way our universe functions.

If we eat the wrong foods and stress our bodies with the wrong thoughts, our bodies will adapt to a free radical approach; the free radicals destroy our bodies.  When our minds focus on a free radical approach to life, many conflicts and wars pursue.  If we use intelligence and wisdom in our daily lives, along with Intellect and Ego, we find a blissful contentment. We are guided to eat the correct foods, exercise and think happy thoughts; we unify with the Universe and live in peace and harmony.

We can enhance Earth and progress to make the whole of the Universe a place where physical life can exist in a joy filled state of well being. We all have our part to play, for we are all part of the Big Picture. Take a look in the mirror and Smile. We are a reflection of the Universe. Spirit gave us the Joy of life, Let’s not waste it. A Smile travels an Infinite distance, to be greeted by Love and beauty.


If we live a life of anguish filled with worry and fear; if we hold jealousy and hatreds and are quick to anger; then we live as a random particle of energy, detached from the whole unified field of energy. A single unit of energy, born to endure hardship, which will cause sadness and effect all the folks we meet. Our lives will be spent in regret, guilt and remorse and death will be our final release.  We will then become united once again but we would have wasted our lives.

If we live within a united force field and allow the intelligence of Spirit to guide our daily events in a calm peaceful manner; to love and find beauty in all we see; to enjoy every second on earth; we will cause health, wealth and happiness to abound in glorious profusion, which will effect a feeling of well being to all we meet and greet. We will never feel alone and in silence we will become one with the whole of the Universe. Charging our energy with Spirits Power. We will Live as God intended. In A Majestic Grace of Love and Joy.

©2000, Michael Levy.   Printed in the Oct-Nov 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Michael Levy is the Author of Three books: What is the Point, Minds of Blue Souls of Gold, and the new Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think. For more information: or email: [email protected]