CCJ – October 1998

October 1998 Issue

Channelings Du Jour (October 1998)
Creative Aggression and Expansion (October 1998) by Kristen Fox
Explorations via Personality Fragments (October 1998) by Mae Lou Larson
Goodbye, I’m Not Leaving (October 1998) by Chris LaFontaine
Holy Fuck (October 1998) by Mui
I Shine a Light (October 1998) by Jennifer Avalon
It Just Doesn’t Make Sense (October 1998) by Kristen Fox
Live the Dream! (October 1998) by Lisa Wallach
Magic & Manifestations (October 1998)
Natural Guilt and Inherent Ethics (October 1998) by Marsha Brown
Patterns of Living (October 1998) by George Garner
The Politics of Reality (October 1998) by Mirl Wythe
Poems, Etc. (October 1998)
Religion I – 2 of 3, Perspectives from Universal Intelligence (October 1998) by Michele Mayama
Traveling as Your Total Self: Bali and Hong Kong (Part 2 of 2) (October 1998) by Lisa Wallach
You Can’t Do It Wrong (October 1998) by John J. McNally