Religion – Part 2 of 3: Perspectives from Universal Intelligence by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 1998, Issue 2

Religion – Part 2 of 3: Perspectives from Universal Intelligence
as expressed through Michele Mayama

Religion I – Perspectives from Universal Intelligence, Part 1 of 3 appeared in the August Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  This article is a continuation of that same session. Within this transcript, the questions placed in the boxes are being asked by a group of session participants.

I want to share with you my gratitude of what I’ve heard you say.  My gratitude is that it somehow validates what has been evolving in my own spirituality.  Let me just share this with you a bit. Even though I was raised in a traditional religion, I have gradually let go of things that did not resonate as true to me.  I’m fifty-six years old, and more and more, especially through these last ten years, I have been able to trust what’s feeling right.  I have been able to trust what feels true, and I have been able to live and grow in what I know in my heart, although I maybe cannot even verbalize it, but I know it’s true because it feels true.  The world doesn’t validate that, but I know that it’s true, and I know what I have continued to pursue in my own spirituality has to do with the the very things you are talking about.  And I want to share just one more thing.  In my learning, in my trying to grow in my relationship with my creator, it has become natural for me to reach out for social justice.  I’ve worked very hard in social justice to better the lives of other people, not because that’s what the book said, but because that is what my heart said and continues to say.  Everything you have said validates what I have felt is true and continue to feel is true, and I thank you.

Thank you for your courage to trust your heart in the midst of those who perhaps do not always validate that for you or for themselves. It takes courage to do so and we are grateful. For if it were not for you, if it were not for those of you who do this, the earth would not evolve into love. It is a personal choice to do so and we cannot make the choice, we are not embodied. It is only for those who are embodied who make the choice for love, particularly at times when it is hard to do so, when it seems that there are other forces that would rather have you do something else. That assists this evolution of love in this plane, and that is the fulfillment of the prophesies. It is up to you and up to your choices in this time. We can only give perspective and we can validate and we can bring energetic experience of love, but we are not able to make choices for you, so thank you for the choice to love.”

At the level you reside in consciousness, do you have forces working in opposition to what you have told us and to what you are saying?

“No. We do not have forces that would be polarized or in duality where we are. There is at this level only a sense of what is the direct impulse of the Source or Creator that desires to be manifested in various forms or levels. We receive the impulse of the Creator and then bring it into form that can be, in a computer sense, downloaded, so that you can receive it and then implement it. We do not have opposition where we are. That is the human plane and the astral plane just beyond you. These two planes have duality, they have time and space, they have polarizations of black and white and all of that which is the good and bad, etc. That is a dynamic force that you evolve through, but that is not our experience. Some of us have been there in your experience in duality in different times. So we have reference to it, but it does not form our view. In fact, we know that you experience it, but how we see you is as a form of light that has a sort of container that we don’t experience ourselves. We see the form of light that you are with a sort of container. We don’t see specifically your human features the way you see each other.”

I would like to ask a question about prayer.  In the Catholic tradition of praying, the approach seemed to be that when you prayed you petitioned for something, or you asked for something, whether it’s help for someone to get well or what have you.  In a previous session, you seemed to say that the point is not to reach out and petition, but to open yourself up to receive whatever the blessing of the spirit would give you.  I’ve had difficulty all my life praying.  I sometimes would go to sleep while I was saying the rosary, but it was difficult, and I have difficulty understanding or even feeling the merits or the results or the benefits of that.  Is this method of prayer in any way counterproductive to our growing in the spirit of love?

“It is if it feels like it. If it feels like it to you then it is. It is prayer as it has been taught in the code that is most familiar to most of you. It is not the same in the Eastern tradition. In your tradition prayer has been to a sort of entity, sometimes to Jesus or Mary or Saints or to God, but God as a sort of entity who will then respond to you and answer your prayers. What happens is it keeps you in a very childlike position, and it keeps you in a codependent – using the common language – position rather than an evolution of your own being and a trust of your own awareness and senses. That is the way prayer has been taught. Now, it can serve at certain levels of the search or the seeking or the longing to fulfill it. And, as we said earlier, if you ask with a sincere desire to receive, that is so. However, the receiving is the key, and the more one relaxes and opens, the more there is a sense of presence.”

“Presence is what you are seeking. It isn’t necessarily all of the words and all of the answers, but it is the sense, the feeling, the experience, the presence, the love, the awareness that you are divine. You are one with a greater experience and you are loved, but gradually you evolve to the experience that you are the presence of love. It doesn’t matter whether you are loving or being loved, it is all the same. There is no more duality in that, but prayer is a stage when you feel as if you are in need and you open to something that you perceive can fill your need. If that does not feel right, then you begin to just open to your own heart and begin to open to what it says, what it feels, what it wants, what it longs for, and open to the universe, open to the Source, open to your own presence to be more here in this body, in this experience, and then you know peace. Once there is peace there is an awareness that everything you need will be provided, and occasionally you think of something but more often than not you don’t.”

“We will ask you this and then you can talk to us: If you were going to share with a child and it can be your own inner child or a child that you know in the earth, what you know of God, the Source, the Creator, what would you want that child to know, to feel, to open to?”

First of all that he is a good and loving god as opposed to a stern god.

“Others, continue to say what you would say to this child.”

That the source is not necessarily a he, but a combination of masculine and feminine.

“So mother/father or that which has a feminine aspect as well. Others?”

Well I have to say that for eleven years I have been in recovery from alcoholism.  I was curious at one point in your discussion about the use of drugs and alcohol as an attempt to try to create a feeling where the direct experience of the transcendent is missing.  However, from day one in the program of alcoholics anonymous I have had difficulty with the “God of our Understanding” part of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I find it very difficult to define the spiritual nature of the program itself and then my own spirituality because of my similar experiences with being taught about a god of retribution or a god of fear.  My children have been brought up with essentially the notion that I had to come to believe in order for a higher power to be a part of my recover, that the collective power for good that comes together in the meeting of my colleagues in the program must by necessity serve as my higher power rather than being able to use god.  The interesting thing that my spiritual awakening came at the very beginning of my recovery when I was faced with such an incredible coincidence around a sanskrit poem that appears in one of the book.  It also appeared on one of the daily calendars on the very day I was confronted with my addiction.  The two of them together seemed to be just too coincidental for words, and I suspected then that a power for good had intervened in my life to save me from the disease of alcoholism.  I have not yet been able to reconcile that and all that power for good, that I suspect it’s supposed to be god.

“That does not matter, that is fine. Your experience of the collective power for good is in some ways a closer description than that of many who would hold the image and use the word God. God has become a crystallized image for many, so that we rarely use it except when we feel that ones will understand what we are speaking of. We do not often use the word God because of what has been attached to it energetically in this consciousness that you share with others. What is true is that this collective powerful good is possible because that goodness is in every aspect of creation whether it be in human form, or plant, animal or rock form. That is all consciousness, all good, desiring to manifest itself purely in a pure reflection of that goodness. That’s the collective power for good, and at times there is an energy that begins to respond when there is openness, and you may not even be fully aware of the openness that is present. There is a response to a desire to open, to shift, to change, to grow, to heal. Synchronicity is a fact of the energy moving to always give you what you need for the highest good. Not only your highest good, but the highest good in a collective sense. So you actually are quite close to how we would describe this. It is difficult to describe, and in truth is beyond description or words, so we do our best, as you do.”

I would want a child to understand somehow with my help to be able to see this greater force in life.  More and more I see this.  I feel the presence many times throughout the day.  I feel the presence in anything of natural beauty whether it’s trees or flowers or stones.  I feel the presence more and more in other people.  I feel the presence in animals.  And very often I see something of beauty.  I used to say “Thank you, God,” but I don’t do that any more because I see something of God or something of that source in all the beauty that I see and I just say “thank you” because it doesn’t have to come from some other place. It is there and it is full of goodness and it is part of who I am and I’m part of what it is.  That’s what I’d want a child to understand, that I see myself as part of all this greater force.

“And most children understand that before they’re taught differently. Most children know that experience but it has not been named or articulated or validated. You could probably sit with the child, with the flowers, and your experiences of wonder of oneness, and mutually experience it and share the experience and have a delightful exchange. They may in time understand in consciousness that that is all they need to understand. Not all the other stuff that in a sense separates them as it separated you from your experience. Things will get simpler.”

If I may assume the average life to be about one hundred years, then I’m on the downward slope.  I’m at a position now where I can do more in terms of that higher order of things, and I have been searching my mind in terms of where to turn my focus.  I’ve been looking at various types of things, and I’m really in a dilemma on what direction I should go in terms of serving this higher order of things of which you are talking about.  I know that that is up to me, but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I can’t seem to reach that point where I know what way I want to do.  It does not necessarily have to be one way, but in terms of a general focus I am truly hoping that I can come to some conclusion on this.  I was wondering if any of you there had any insight into where I should go.

“In this particular time (November, 1994) until the end of this year, what is necessary is for ones to pay attention to their own inner promptings and their own inner needs. Begin to realize that you have a power within you to bring these needs and desires and intense promptings to fulfillment by acknowledging them, putting them on paper if you need to as assistance in remembering them, and then opening to how your being begins to meet them. This time is one of growth and awareness. As the cycle shifts toward the end of December there will be much more of an impetus to get a move on and to have more of an action-oriented kind of a response. Collectively the energy is quiet right now. It is not moving in an outer sense. There is more of an inner strengthening taking place. So right now our suggestion would be to daily, if not more than once daily, pay attention to what you are feeling, what your needs are, what your desires are, what your promptings are, and breathe into those. Breath is quite important, for it opens you energetically when you consciously breathe. That is in every tradition, less in the Western tradition, but when you consciously breathe you expand and open. There is a sense of drawing in what you need. Pay attention is the other thing. Pay attention to what shows up in your experience be it a person, a book, an idea, a prompting to do this or go there or to be with this person. You find yourself in some ways learning by osmosis. You draw it in all the time rather than only through a specific means. Your being doesn’t need a specific teacher only or a specific means to serve, it begins to be like you are, present.”

That is occurring now.  I guess my question was whether or not it is more of a focus towards one direction the way it is now because of some maybe erroneous psychological trepidation of who I am or what I could do.

“Different forms will serve you at different times. Just don’t attach to them forever. Because they will serve you and then they will be done and then you will open to more.”

I, also, would also like to ask about where I am and where I’m going.

“Well, we don’t give too many previews right now partly because this is a time where you are to pay attention to what is in your heart, what is in your sense of what you need, what is in your intent to create, your impulses and to actively know. Actively know that you are the source of its fulfillment. That’s a pretty wonderful stage or step of development, of this evolution of soul. Right now there is a great big open space for everyone who wishes to be in this evolutionary path together to do that. So we would not serve you if we gave you previews because that would take away what is your soul’s intent and opportunity to pay attention to the signals and the signs and the feelings and the awarenesses and the desires and the impulses and moment to moment day by day way, because out of that you create. You embody that creator energy for yourself and then the world. Do you understand this?”

Before we began there was a little discussion about another channeling session where Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and a number of people showed up.  Earlier in this session you said that they were masons and that they had a particular understanding and ability to access knowing.  Would you just comment on what their perspective was at a time they were around and what they hoped to do in this country?

“Even they were limited in the complete vision of what was taking place, but they were receptive to enough of it to implement it. They coded this land, this government, in your Declaration of Independence and some of the other proclamations and things that were given and spoken at that time. They energized this particular place to be a culmination place for all peoples of all religion, of all races, of all languages, of all cultures to come together in one place as equal. Their awareness was that there needed to be a place on the earth that was an image and a form of that oneness that they knew in their hearts was the destiny of humankind. They knew in their hearts, they knew in their minds, they spoke from the energy of that unity as they put it into forms that would begin to structure this growing nation enough to get in from infancy into adolescence. You are just barely through adolescence, in a sense. You are just growing into what would be the awareness of a destiny. Most do not have that in awareness. That is coming in the ones who are growing in consciousness at this time. But they had enough of a vision to code it and to energize it into form. That is why many still long to come here. It is a beacon that all are welcome and all can be present here. It is showing that there is a way to come to bring more of the potential of self to be present here. To call that forth, to set it free. Yes, there are many limitations that have grown as well, that have been brought along as well, but largely there has been growth beyond the feudal systems, beyond the rigid thought forms that held others in even more rigid forms than the Catholic church has been in recent years.”

Were those early founders more open to their heart rather than some general codification?

“They were pioneers. They had broken with what were their roots which allowed them to open to what was coming in as new. They were open to the new. They were excited by that. It was an energy that they shared amongst themselves and it fueled the revolution. It fueled the Declaration of Independence. It fueled the opening of this time, this nation, this land. They had broken with their previous lives, they had left behind, they had released. Whenever you release, whenever you let go there is more space for what is coming, what wants to take form through you.”

There has been a lot of talk in the last ten years in terms of individuals being isolated.  I attended a lecture not tool ong ago where the thesis was that the educational system is in part responsible for our separation.  The speaker said that around the twelfth century there was a switch to more of a specialization in terms of the discipline, and discipline subdivided and specialized.  As a result of that the generalization of knowledge as well as the humanity of people was somehow dropped out.  What he was saying, as I understood him, is that there needs to be in the education system an infusion into all of these disciplines what man’s responsibility is towards man.  That is quite a challenge, but it seems to me that it’s kind of related to what confucius thought with his principles of how societies should function and the value in terms of their fellow man.  I’m wondering about the validity of this thesis.  It made sense to me as far as not being a full answer but of at least being in part responsible for the development of though and how we relate to each another.

“You can see that as the development of specialization or specification happened the sense of the whole or the whole picture began to get lost, and both ends actually began to get dropped out. The sense of the whole and the understanding of the interrelationship of the specifics to each other was lost. That is one piece. The other piece is how it is received in the individual. When you have all of the specialization and belief that what is over there is separate from what is over here, then the individual one also feels fragmented. The experience of aloneness is the experience of a fragmented soul or self without the interrelationship of the fragments or the parts. And so, wherever you stand in that place there is a sense of aloneness or apartness from other aspects of self within and self without. Therefore, aloneness. So both are needed to come back to bring the fragments of self back together in order to see the interrelationship of the specifications together and the big picture of how all of this serves one another rather than not.”

How do you think that will be done?

“By those whose passion is either the whole picture who bring that into view and begin to form the bridges between the disciplines, as well as by those who have a passion for wholeness in their own integrity of themselves and who wish to share that with others. Integrity means that you are put together. You come from the central core of self and you act as that. Individuals who have become integrated and act in integrity and wholeness wish to share that with others and assist others to do that for themselves on an individual level as well as on the interrelational level of systems.”

Do you have any specific instructions for me on my bridge building?

“Pursue it with gusto. Don’t let anything hold you back, and just go forward. Whenever you have a passion and you feel drawn into an experience of moving, allow the energy of that to move you. When there is a passion, and the more you put into it, the more energy you let flow into it without stopping it or guarding it, the more it happens. Bridging is a part of your own integration and a part of a collective integration as well. That may be your part. There are many who are placed in positions in the collective who are bridges. It is their passion to bring disciplines together to form a mutual benefit and through that begin in a collective sense to heal what was described earlier.”

In my search for wholeness and truth am I to continue on the path I’m on or are there changes I should be making to become the best I can become.  Is there any advice you might have for me?

“The only advice is to trust that which is already happening and continue to open, because you are doing quite well and your being is in charge. Your essence, your presence, your soul is in charge of your own evolution. If there is need for greater knowledge in one area or another or if there is need for experience you will draw it to yourself. What we like to tell people is that the more you relax into who you are and what you feel and experience, the more you lose the sense of the search and of having to go after something, because it comes to you. So allow it. Sometimes you get what you need in the most unexpected ways. It seems that being, spirit, likes to move in ways that startle the mind out of its complacency of knowing. So every time you think you know, what happens? Something unexpected. That is the action of your being opening to you the fulfillment of what you have asked for, but not the way you expected it to come. Keep laughing with a smile on your face, that helps too. When you are in joy what does your body do? It relaxes. When you are happy you relax. So the happier you are the more expanded you become. The more open you are, the more you draw to yourself an experience of transcendence, beauty, and wonder, and more joy is the result. Sometimes what happens, however, is you run into your own limits to joy. Then there is a little contraction to go into the places where those limits are being encountered and where they have been attached or held in the psyche, the emotions, the body, etc. As you access them with attention, with acknowledgment, with love, with acceptance, and with intent and choice, respond to whatever they need and then release them. Then you have even more expansion and joy and awareness and openness, etc.”

So when we pass on to the life beyond, that potential for growth is unlimited?

“Yes. It is unlimited. You are unlimited, and you have been growing a very long time, evolving, and you continue. There is no stopping because you are eternal. You are of the eternal essence that creation is manifested from.”

Part Three of this session will be published in the December 1998 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  Stay tuned!

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