Three Steps Into the Magical: You Can’t Do It Wrong! by John J. McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 1998, Issue 2

Three Steps Into the Magical: You Can’t Do It Wrong!
by John J. McNally

The path of conscious creation is often a twisty one, especially when you have been focusing on something for a great deal of time without getting any tangible results. The month of July was a very difficult one for me, because despite our best efforts to create money, we did not have enough to pay the rent, or meet any of our other bills, in short, we were flat broke, and every cell in my body seemed to be screaming “get a job!”

Get a job? Go back to what I walked away from? Return to the world of time clocks and dress codes and spending 1/3 of my day pushing useless paper across a desk? I struggled with the message, telling myself it was only coming from fear, but whenever I tuned in on a deeper level, all I could see was that no money would be coming by the end of the month.

During this time I must admit that there were other reasons why I was not a happy camper. The weather had become insufferably hot during the day, and barely tolerable at night. Our stream was drying up steadily, and was still blocked by a series of dams built by the local construction company. This left us with very scummy, non swimmable pools of water. The combination of heat and financial woes seemed to drain any inspiration out of me, I had not written in weeks, the days were an endless series of fear and disappointments.

I resolved to get a job; this was an area in which I had complete confidence in my ability to create money. I listened to my inner self about what to go for. My first attempt landed me an interview at a children’s home. I did not get the job, but while I was interviewing, Kristen (who was waiting out by the car) had some major realizations about our future home.

The next week I decided to try a temporary agency, this way I would have the freedom to turn down any job I did not like. While I was going through the interview process at the agency, a call came in for a job as a cook in a hospital, the job paid very well, and they asked me if I would be interested.  Since I enjoy cooking I thought I would give it a try.

My first week at the hospital went very well, because of problems with our van, Kristen was driving me, this bothered me at first since I felt like it was a burden for her, but she made it clear that she did not mind. While I was working, Kristen stayed in the cafeteria area and worked on her book. Outside, the temperatures hit an all time high of 113 degrees, we were both glad to be in an air conditioned hospital. A few days later, Kristen finished her book, “Living From the Inside Out” and sent a query out to a publisher.

On the job, I was enjoying the creative process of cooking. The hospital is a small one, but the job was very demanding, I realized very quickly that I really enjoyed a sense of being productive again. This was the first lesson that having a job was trying to show me, that I lacked a sense of productivity in my life. When I walked away from my 9 to 5 job last year, I left behind the discipline that went with it, if I was ever going to live a happy life independent of working, I had to bring that sense of productivity into my home as well.

Bringing home a paycheck was making it possible for us to buy things again, but the part time hours at the hospital were still not producing enough money to make the rent, or our other bills. Two of my credit card companies were threatening legal action, and I felt that I was carrying the financial burden for the entire family.

I “knew” that there was no money coming from an unexpected source anytime soon, every time I tuned in I could sense that as clear as day, yet Kristen would tune in as well, and sense that there was nothing that she needed to do about it. I couldn’t resolve the dilemma of our two seemingly opposite impressions, and I seriously began to wonder if Kristen was just living in a state of denial.

I began to wonder about the process of conscious creation itself, when Kristen and I moved out to California last year, we were both resolved to create money through intention alone. After many months without significant results, and direct results when I combined the intention to create money with the action of getting a job, I began to re-examine what I believed about conscious creation

Going back to basics, I spent my designated writing time (part of my new at home productivity) doing belief work about money, and about conscious creation. Writing about money, I quickly discovered that I did not believe we could create money spontaneously until we were financially stable. I laughed when I finally saw this belief in writing, it had been the basis for my  tuning in and seeing no new money coming in for weeks, naturally it was a belief that Kristen did not share.

Examining beliefs about conscious creation required a great deal of digging, but provided some truly inspired results. My original question revolved around whether or not we could create through intention alone, or whether some action in physical reality was needed in accordance with it. My original hypothesis was that  having the intention without action produced no results, and having the action without the intention would produce repeating acts of failure.

The problem with this hypothesis was that I could think of several cases in which intention only had produced results, I couldn’t write these off as “exceptions” in my view a rule either works, or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t there is no sense in trying to apply it. So with pen in hand, and brain on overdrive, I defined what the words, belief, intention, and action meant in terms of conscious creation, and came up with the following guidelines for creation:

Beliefs are what we hold to be true in our lives
Intention is a focused desire to create something
Action is a movement in physical reality.
Action is a flow of energy.
Action allows the flow of intention in physical reality.
Intention and Action with opposing Beliefs creates repeating patterns.
“Nothing” is a repeated pattern of no results.
Acceptance is taking action in harmony with Intentions.
Acceptance is the only necessary action.
Resistance is taking action in opposition to Intention.
Intuition is the compass of Intention
Trusting Intuition guides us to Acceptance.

One question that arose for me right away, both theoretically and practically, was: What role do fear and doubt play in these guidlines? After experiencing a good dose of doubt firsthand, and putting Kristen through several hours of hell, I was able to add the following conclusion…..

Fear and Doubt can be a conscious creators best friends! Why? Because they are pointing out your beliefs to you in glaring neon red. Fear is pointing out to you where you don’t feel safe. It’s real purpose is to protect us from harm, but often we use it to shelter ourselves from experience. If you give fear it’s say, and really look at the beliefs which are generating the emotion, you can change the beliefs, and let go of the fear.

Doubt, in my experience can be a little more tricky. Sometimes I don’t realize when I’m focused in doubt. I will look at some circumstance in physical reality that I am not happy with, and project it into the future, making it feel very rock solid. Once you expose doubt however, and realize that it is only one (limited) perspective, you can uncover the beliefs which are lurking behind it, and send them packing.

In order to make the best use of these guidelines, I reccomend having them tatttooed to your chest, posted on every door in your home and/or office, and engraved into the windshield of your car.

©1998, John McNally. Printed in the October 1998 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

John McNally lives in central California with his fiancé Kristen Fox. He has been applying the theories of conscious creation to his life for the last 9 years. Last year he decided to take that leap from the 9 to 5 world into the unknown. The leap has helped John open up to the vision of a grander life for himself, and he invites everyone to share in his journey.