Live the Dream by Lisa Wallach

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 1998, Issue 2

Live the Dream
by Lisa Wallach


I’m presently recuperating from an automobile accident and have been examining my life from as many angles as I can.  Prior to the collision I had mentioned to my friends that I wished I had the time to write.  Life has its charming way of giving you what you ask for.  Now here I sit, all the time in the world to write my heart out.  What was eluding me was the theme and topic for a column.  I decided that “Live the Dream” would be an appropriate title.  That is the thought that I carry with me as I begin to create my dreams into being.

Thoughts are things, thoughts create reality; I believe this with all my Self.  With this awareness I know, with all the certainty of my Self, that I am where I need to be in life and in experience.  Throughout this entire period I have been having many psychic experiences.  (These experiences are usual for me.)   I immediately began to notice that my dreams began to carry a common theme: that of shopping.  In the past couple of months I have purchased candles, clothing of all sorts, cosmetics, luggage, a completely redecorated apartment, and so much more.  I realized that I am shopping for the reality that I wish to create next in my life.

If where I am is a necessary aspect of my development and I have been in the progress of creating a life in which I live my dreams then, what are my dreams for myself?  The more I examined my own dreams the more I realized that these are the same dreams I have for my friends and family. To grow and expand as consciousness; to enlighten our humanity, our worlds, and our relationships with each other on all levels of awareness.

When I focused on that understanding I began to think more about what my dreams were for humanity?  I want to be part of the expansion of our consciousness on a global level.  To experience the emergence of our understandings and to live in a world full of others who are connecting to themselves and the universe.   Most of all, I want to feel the experience of that throughout my entire being.

With humanity in mind I found myself asking many questions. Within my questions and dreams for humanity, I became curious.  What does humanity think?  How are we thinking as a whole?  What can we strive to do together with a thought?  How can we help humanity and ourselves with a thought?

We could create thoughts together.  We can decide what thought we would like to present to the universe.  We could carry the same thought with us for a day, a week, or a month?  We could vote on it, we could poll the top answers and publish them here in this column.  We could decide together what we want to create for our humanity.  All we would need to begin with is merely a thought and the inclination to entertain it and nourish its development for a few seconds or minutes each day.  We could meditate, dream, and think our thought into our lives and our world.

Imagine what we can experiment doing.  We can increase the understandings of humanity and by doing so we increase our own humanity as well.  We can do it together. What do we think humanity?  What do we want to create en masse?  How can we create that thought and nurture its growth?  Could we cure the common cold, cancer, or war?  Could we create a more evolved society?  Could we create happiness and wonder? Why should we not give it a try? Can we decide what version of humanity we want our generation to represent?   What great accomplishments can we have by expressing a thought out into our universe?   How do we become great humanitarians and pioneer in a new millennium?

I began to focus on the similarities that we have with each other.  We are all the same essence of being. We all have thoughts and dreams.  How can we apply our natural state of being to the growth of Humanity?


We all have dreams, whether pleasant, nightmarish, or profound. They’ve disturbed us, refurbished us, enlightened and deviled us throughout our lives.  They not only exist within our sleep-life but in our daily waking lives as well.  What can we do to consciously expand the use of our dreams?  How can we mold and shape our dreams?  What are the some of the types of dreams we experience?  How do our dreams become maps to the inner psyche?  What methods of communication are available to us, and how do we facilitate their use?  How can we apply our dreams to our thoughts for humanity?

How can we become better dream artists?  How can we help each other achieve wonders in our lives on a local, national, and global level?  How can we project our thoughts and dreams throughout humanity on a mass level?  Why is this important to us on a personal and societal level?  What are we going to create en masse for the 21st Century?  How will we raise and educate our children?  How will we choose to be governed?  Who will our leaders be and how can we better create them?

How does this all begin with a thought, an idea, or a dream?  How can we grow together within our collective humanity and change our lives and our world? With a thought and a dream, that is our power.  That is our magic, our thoughts and dreams. How do we use them together as Humanity?  What are we willing to do with out collective willpower?  What Earth will result out of our desires?

Mission Statement

1) I invite you the reader to help each of ourselves and our humanity in creating this interactive forum for the exploration of our lives through the use of dreams and their counterparts: thoughts, out-of-body experiences, meditations, and other altered states of consciousness.

2) To ascertain what people want to create as a society.  To encourage and invent the means for us to experiment with our thoughts for a better humanity. To explore with others and for us all to gain the benefit and insight of each other’s experience. For us to create our subjective realities and our future as society. To see what will happen when we all open up ourselves to creating and living out collective and independent dreams. To consciously and purposively create our mass reality together.

3) To offer suggestions and techniques to help people play with their dreams in both the physical and non-physical aspects of reality.  For all of us to hear these questions and provide an open forum of information, insights, and experiences.  To encourage others in the pursuit of their own experience through consciousness and to the recognition of their own path towards that understanding of Self.

4) The column will include questions asked by the readers and encourages  readers to respond to them.

5) I further invite you to participate in an ongoing, open evaluation of how we can think together as humanity.

6) To survey the spiritual desires of Humanity by questionnaires, Internet polls, independent surveys, and other forms of communication.

©1998, Lisa Wallach. Printed in the October 1998 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

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