Poems – October 1998

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 1998, Issue 2

Poems, Etc.

The Dog Who Lives by the Train
by Becky Burke

Each morning as I journey
Down to the train
and back again
I see her.
The Dog who lives by the train.
Moving on dainty feet
her close and graceful gait
conveys her
small body
along the platform, across
the tracks,
and out towards the
cluster of ancient
Small once-white samoyed.
Matted yellowed fur.
She moves on the landscape of
her world with a steady ease and
small footed assurance,
a certain solitary grace.
She moves
in the midst
of waves of the daily commute
Of briefcases and bicycles
The brown leather of men’s shoes
The bright white of Nike, LA Gear, and Rebok
Move by her unnoticed.
Purposeful and true
She crosses streets, tracks, and the
commuter parking lot
As they churn on
in high gear, filling, swirling, emptying
Her path winds her out
along the main road
and back again.
Her morning perambulate
Her sunrise stroll
Defined without effort
so perfectly.
She is a wholly independent creature.

by Jason S. White

Capsulation of experience,
formulation of thought
takes energy
harness: enthusiasm
give it a goal
require no validation from others
patch leaks in energy
learn to move gracefully
balance between madness and ignorance
develop capacities
focus intently
break patterns
plant roots
develop imagination
step into dreams
learn to breathe
contemplate the inconceivable

Discussion helps then stops
absolutely all alone

Evolution happens
in the silence between moments,
in the echoes of words
in the expectation
of unintelligible whispers
in the wake of unfinished thoughts
in the murmur of your heart
in the toil of the tiny muscles
focusing the lens in your eye…….

May the immensity of ______ fill your blanks and lead you deeper, up along your inevitable path of divine experience.

So much Love to you.

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