My Perspective: Goodbye I’m Not Leaving by Chris LaFontaine

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 1998, Issue 2

My Perspective: Goodbye, I’m Not Leaving
by Chris LaFontaine

Have you ever jumped off a diving board into a swimming pool, grabbed your knees into a cannonball tuck, and managed to splash a little water into a whole lot of areas? That’s a bit how I’m feeling as I write this column, so with that fair warning heeeerrrrr…… I…… go….

To paraphrase the book of Ecclesiastes: “To all things there is a sequence”. I offer this thought as a reminder to the awakening Creator People, the great Hu/Man, that we are in a process of moving through a sort of passageway from one world to another. We’ve been healing, doing our processes, dumping, simplifying, and bit by bit releasing our connections with the past, bringing very little forward with us into whatever the heck is next. Ever so gently we have been awakening to our true nature. Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering if you’re supposed to DO something with that awareness?

It’s easy for those of us who have been doing so much personal work to become impatient about the rate of change, even though the shifting is happening at an ever increasing rate of speed. There is a danger if we think we’re supposed to be doing something other that what we are doing. Viewing ourselves as self-aware aspects of Creation can seem like data overload when it first begins to sink in (error: not enough available memory). If we still have some ego identification left we may feel driven to act in ways that are not truly being called forth. That, of course, will provide opportunities for some additional clearing and releasing to take place in our experience. Personally, I’m waiting for the Simpson’s episode when Homer has his self-revelation: “ummmmmmmcreaaatorrrrrr. Ooooo, let’s create something”.

Most of us can see evidence of our movement toward becoming conscious creators, although in my perspective, we haven’t yet arrived. For example, this Conscious Creation Journal and many other forms are coming to birth because they are being called forth to offer support, communication, and information to those who are inching their way toward the next state of Being. So much is happening that at times it seems nearly impossible to me that everyone can’t see it. Probably a more accurate assessment would be that most people are aware of something in these times, but the explanations and filters of perception are numerous and with varying degrees of density and distortion.

Our work is really about frequencies of energy. This is an embodiment process. I experience the Earth as a conscious, sentient being, and she is releasing lower, denser frequencies from her energy fields and opening to receive those that are higher. If we’re in sync with her then we find that we are also doing the same thing. We’re letting go of any thoughts and perceptions composed of density, pain or illusion, and we’re bringing in the higher frequencies of our great soul selves. That’s why there is a corresponding effect in our physical world of releasing relationships, jobs, and all that stuff we’ve accumulated that does not match who we really are. First we dump, then we receive and integrate. That’s when we encounter the leaps of faith. We don’t receive the new and then jettison the old, we dump the old with pure trust that the new is actually on its way. It’s the way of creation to first  dis-integrate, shift into a new pattern, and then re-integrate. It never seems easy, but at least being conscious of the process can open a sense of support for going with the flow.

Right now the stage is being set for some serious disintegration in our world. This is a time when we really need to be alert to what gets our attention. If we get pulled into taking a position on anything, we risk being disintegrated as well. The dramas of the president’s story, the stock market, the wars, the health-care system, or anything else that is breaking down has the ability to pull at your energy and attempt to seduce you into taking a stand. Taking a stand will engage you in the polarities, and it will be a painful choice to be hooked anywhere in the disassembling duality matrix. As conscious creators we always move energy from our own essence, and in these times of disintegration it is crucial that we practice how to be in and come from our own centers at all times.

I earlier mentioned sequence. Being in conscious alignment with our essential nature is also to be honoring of a sequence of unfolding. Yes, we are awakening as Creator within creation, but we are barely at the stepping-off point. We’re not quite ready for what is next for us. We’re still doing some clearing and preparing. There are necessary DNA codes that have not yet opened, although I sense we are preparing for an opening soon. In  this time our attention seems best focused on our own further release from the matrix of duality consciousness and into embodiment of the new. Pay attention, listen, trust, and act on the impulses that come from whatever is your guidance system.

Collectively we’re at the fork in the yellow brick road. One path leads to OZ and the other one doesn’t. Each soul is deciding which way to go, and nobody can decide for another. I believe we will be witnesses to incredible waves of disintegration and shifting, and we will be called to stand in our center and bring forth the wisdom, the knowing, and the love that is yearning to move through us into this planet. These days I desire little else.

This is a time of final goodbyes; goodbyes that are necessary so we can walk away and proceed into a new experience of creation. This, too, is part of the sequence. Almost every day I have one more dream or one more physical encounter and disconnection from people with whom I once felt much closer. There is almost nothing left of the life I once knew not so very long ago. I have experienced much disintegration, and now I breathe with gratitude as I progress through a shift and a time of re-integration. I have said my goodbyes, yet I’m not leaving. After everything I’ve been through I wouldn’t miss what’s coming! Blessings to you all as the next adventure moves into view.

©1998, Chris LaFontaine. Printed in the October 1998 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Chris LaFontaine is host of the television program Another Perspective, Viewpoints on a Planet in Change. He is co-creator of The Lightsmith Live Wire, a web site with channeling and commentary created in partnership with Michele Mayama. The web address is, and he can be e-mailed at [email protected].