Patterns of Living by George Garner

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
October 1998, Issue 2

Patterns of Living
by George Garner

Quite often, our penchant for labels limits or holds our awareness to an identification with that label.  Sometimes it’s helpful to re-label something to see beyond the original ‘definition’.  I think a belief or core belief are labels that have been used many, many times — perhaps so much, that they are getting in the way of seeing beyond.  So let’s just say, in the context of this writing, that this ‘belief’ label is holding us from seeing beyond our belief of what beliefs really are.  Especially those deep-seated beliefs, those core beliefs, that are so automatic they have become a natural part of our expression or character.

So, with that in mind, I have coined a new term, sloganeered a new label, if you wish: pattern of living or living pattern.  It is essentially one’s core beliefs about one’s self and relationships to one’s reality, that is, relationships between you and others, and you and your reality.  In Seth-inspired terms, one chooses the ‘living environment’ or conditions, a basic set of generalities, for a new lifetime, a new incarnation.  A base framework of beliefs for one’s life purposes is honed and developed during early childhood experiences, where most core beliefs are formed.  These can create basic ‘living patterns’ for individuals to build, form or create their life experiences and events around.  These basic ‘living patterns,’ ‘core beliefs,’ or ‘personal root assumptions’ influence or affect relationships, events and experiences.  They are a guiding pattern, a template to form your particular core reality.  Very often these are hidden from the user as to their direct influence, of course, in much the same way that a computer program hides its inner operating system from a graphical user interface — a point and click environment.

This living pattern develops, in most cases, through childhood via the experiences and beliefs formed at that time, although these patterns or core beliefs are ongoing.  The pattern becomes so much a natural part of the person that all the body’s cells, organs and associative consciousness treat this pattern as the normal operating system.  It is perceived for all intents and purposes as its own natural state of grace.  It literally becomes the living pattern for that individual.  After all, they (the body’s cells) do not know right/wrong etc.  They act out of a natural state of grace — an automatic state that is influenced by the head honcho of the body, namely you, the holder/owner of your beliefs.

This pattern then becomes a natural condition for the body and the body consciousness.  The body expects the pattern and naturally goes about creating these conditions, without you, the re-active you, the physically focused you, being aware of it, except via the responsive experience.  This is normally seen as a fact of life, your life.  In other words, it is an accepted situation or condition. And UNLESS there is a recognition, or a growing sense of awareness about this pattern in one’s living experiences, then this condition will continue.

Here is an example that may illustrate this.  Egghead is born to a criticizing, unloving, alcoholic father and a wimp of a mother.  Egghead, of course, chose this ‘living environment’ to form the set of beliefs so his life purpose might experience value fulfillment.  Meanwhile, Egghead is criticized, unloved and learns that he is of no worth — a ‘pattern’ of this forms during his childhood.  He sees this ‘pattern’ first via his parents.  As he grows older, this ‘pattern’ influences his behavior, resulting in being picked on by his peers etc — he is basically, recreating or projecting his childhood ‘conditioning’ into his own reality.  He experiences the result of the pattern that was established, which is continued and perpetuated by his own self — not consciously recognizing this, of course.  Egghead may even develop some illness, or affliction that accentuates his ‘pattern’.  As an adult, this pattern may very well continue.  He will do the exact same things to himself that he experienced with his parents when he was a child.  In other words, the ‘living pattern’ really does ‘live’, perpetuated by one’s own self.  He may develop friends, who for no apparent reason begin treating him like dirt or he may marry and experience the same ‘patterns’ that were developed in childhood.  His ‘living pattern’ creates this for his own perception.  Egghead will interpret events, situations and experiences in the light of this ‘living pattern’.  All these events and experiences, to Egghead, while disturbing and uncomfortable, are ‘par’ for the course — to him this is his life.  He may not like it, but the same ‘patterns’ keep on repeating and will do so, UNTIL he begins to recognize the sequence of events that are part of this ‘pattern’.

The recognition of this ‘pattern of living’ is key, of course, as is the recognition of any belief, which are various ‘patterns of living’ with varying intensities.  If one becomes aware of the ‘sequence’ of events as this ‘pattern’ plays itself through, then one has the option of making conscious choices to change that ‘sequence’.  The ‘pattern’ can then be avoided or at least changed to some degree.

This ‘sequence’ of events, or the ‘living pattern’ when termed in this manner, is very closely associated with DNA and gene terminology or concepts.  I think there is a strong correlation here as well.  Seth has mentioned that beliefs are electrically coded upon or into the genes.  Just as genes are triggered by various events, be they time, age, hereditary etc, then so are these beliefs or ‘living patterns’ triggered.  A coded sequence of events that create a condition or experience.  Quite possibly, these connections are so interrelated that they are hidden from discovery by our Scientific and Medical labeling — hidden in much the same way our ‘living patterns’ or core beliefs are hidden from us — unless we make the connection.

Personally, <smile> I like the term ‘living patterns’, as it describes what they are and what they do.

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