CCJ – June-July 1999

June-July 1999 Issue

Channelings Du Jour (June-July 1999)
Did I Say Conscious Creation? Sorry, I Meant Conscious Creation (June-July 1999) by Chris LaFontaine
Feel Your Capacity for Metamorphosis and Connection  (June-July 1999) by Michele Mayama
Holy Fuck – Come As You Are (June-July 1999) by Mui
Imagining the Future Now (June-July 1999) by Kristen Fox
Light of Avalon – Accepting Joy (June-July 1999) by Jennifer Avalon
Live the Dream! – Meditation as Communication – Part Two (June-July 1999) by Lisa Wallach
Magic & Manifestations (June-July 1999)
Natural Disasters & Safety, Participants in the Great Experiment (June-July 1999) by Omni through John Payne
The Nature of the Shift (June-July 1999) by Michele Mayama
Physical Immortality (June-July 1999) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Pure Creation – Part One (June-July 1999) by Martin M. Haffner
Untangling Your Focus (June-July 1999) by Kristen Fox
Using the Tools of the Trade (June-July 1999) by John McNally
Who Creates What – A Perspective on Littleton, Kosovo, etc. (June-July 1999) by Paul Roberts