Feel Your Capacity for Metamorphosis and Connection by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Feel Your Capacity for Metamorphosis and Connection
by Michele Mayama

This is the first of a nine part discourse on the process of Transformation to Conscious Creation. In the fall of 1998, I facilitated ten classes focused upon restructuring consciousness in the body in order to play within the new matrix of creation. This series will draw from that course and will include powerful practices that, when used, will assist personal and planetary transformation. I am also collecting stories of people’s experience during this transformative process, particularly relating to the topics and practices you will read in this column. These reflections can be e-mailed to me at [email protected]

Age thirteen is often the time for pubescent initiation in both the ancient tribal and modern religious traditions. In my life story, I was initiated into a sacred path at that same age by a series of events which set a course for my life, one that has often felt more destined than chosen.

Quite unexpectedly, in July of my thirteenth year, my grandmother decided to bring me along on a three week trip to Europe: ten countries in 21 days, on buses and trains, visiting every Catholic church we could find. It was on this trip that I had my first past life memories, vivid impressions complete with emotional and physical reactions. Soon after returning, I was standing outside of my home in the backyard by myself. It was a sunny early autumn day late in the afternoon. Almost without me noticing, the light seemed to change, becoming more tangible, full, and alive. I became aware of  watching threads of light that seemed to be the living signatures from all of the people who had ever lived on the Earth. Each made an indelible imprint that impacted the whole living story of creation. Millions and billions of threads, some brighter than others, yet each individual life was significant and necessary within the whole. The whole animated lightstory was alive and very conscious, impressing me with awareness for which I had no reference or words, and full of love for each individual lifethread, including my own. Then, some of the threads converged and began pulsing rhythmically, expanding and contracting several times before opening up with a swirling burst of brilliant light.

That was it. I was still standing in my backyard, but was somehow changed, initiated onto a path of opening the mysteries within that vision. The gift of that vision (and subsequent ones) impressed me deeply and I began to sense myself as a kind of world citizen, telling a teacher at school that one day I would participate in a World Peace Council. I also felt a bit like the prophet Jeremiah as I tried to find a reference for the passion I felt for wanting people to know how precious and loved they were and that their choices impacted everyone in the whole of history.

Which brings me to the topic of this first of nine discourses leading up to the millennium about evolving the “Universal Human”. Because of that early vision and my subsequent training with both teachers in Spirit and the Earth Mother, I have known that history is not static and linear, but is living, whole, and mutable, influenced in every moment by our choices and actions. The first lessons with my Spirit Teachers in 1983 were about opening the story of my own life and learning to see how I had created it all. Like most people, that was a bit hard to grasp at first. We tend to interpret this principle of creation from a personal level, but it cannot be understood or worked with until we can see it from a more universal level. If we wish to evolve our souls within matter to the point where we become conscious creators within creation, then the first principle of creation is to stand in the center as the Creator (note the capital C). Creator is the active focusing force of Universal Intelligence that merges within the individual consciousness to create its will within matter. If we stand in our own center without that merger, then we continue to create from the learned limitations within our personal perspective that has forgotten who we truly are.

The process of forming a bridge from the personal to the universal takes practice. The first step is to be willing to relinquish judgment, all judgment. My first mantra was “Love it all”. Regardless of circumstances or pain, I was to affirm and focus with unconditional love (or the rose colored light). Love is Whole onto itself, and opens the soul’s perspective of how any person, event, physical pain, or memory is an aspect of either our own or the Whole of consciousness reflecting back to us. I was taught to open the past and recreate it with Love, transforming the lack of love that was my original experience. If I got stuck in feeling powerless and victimized, or overly responsible and guilty, the Teachers would gently encourage me to call on greater Love and go deeper to gently unwind the core wounds in this or other lives.

As the wounds were revealed so too was the greater story of our collective woundedness, a wrenching layering of trauma and distortion that has made it very difficult for us to know ourselves as our true Essence and create our experience from that place. Our souls began to wind around the great wound as our reality, each of us carrying a portion of the collective grief and fear like abandoned children. We felt cut off from our Earth Mother’s abundant nourishment and life-force, losing our ground of Being, while afraid of or bound by a distant Spirit Father, who became judge and lawmaker rather than a wise and loving guide. We inherited the wounds of our ancestors, brought in our own unhealed past, and landed in a time of escalating frequency shifts and prophesied transformation. Did we think this job was going to easy?! I believe we only agreed on the condition that we would receive lots of assistance. And so we have.

When I say that we create our own experience, it is because our innate design replicates all the capacities of our Creator, and what we focus through thought and feeling creates an imprint in the causal plane and takes form in experience. The personal level is part of the story, but it is set within the larger picture of our collective woundedness and inherited distortion. Unhealed wounds or trauma from our ancestry, our own past lives, or projections through media and culture will continue to create wounding, abuse, fear, victims, war, laws, protection, lawsuits, defensiveness, etc. etc. etc. If we stand in the position that something was done to us, or by us, with the resulting judgment on self or other, we are essentially powerless and cannot move or evolve. Nor can we move or evolve if we are frozen at our core because of trauma that is buried under layers of adaptive survival patterning. So if we are willing to release the separating influence of judgment and simultaneously open to receive unconditional Universal Love, the frozen trauma energy will thaw, and allow the wound to be touched and healed. And there is always a gift: the aspect of our soul’s Essential nature that was bound within the wound or trauma is freed to rejoin the Whole of our Being. We are therefore more present, full, and alive, more truly “us”.

This process can take some time. In the midst of the unwinding, it is important to remember that we are not the adaptations around the wounds and distortions. We are in a process of sorting: discerning what is to be kept, polished up or put to new use in the new structures of consciousness, or discarded, released back into the universal flow of energy. We will take all that we have learned and grown, integrate it into the whole, and be reborn as universal humans. Our Essential Nature knows exactly how we are to be woven within this planetary process of metamorphosis and what will fulfill our innate design. If we can attune to and receive from this level of guidance and reflection, it is possible to begin to create from the unique living Light that shines in our inner Heart.

I’d like to offer a rather simple process to connect with that level of guidance. I call it “Wisdom Flow-writing”, and it can be practiced by anyone who has a sincere desire to open to receive from Universal Wisdom:

1.  Establish your sacred space, turn off the phone, and set up a crystal grid to support your intention if you desire.

2.  Light a candle.

3.  Sit comfortably by a table or computer, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and consciously until you feel yourself relaxing.

4.  Speak this or any other prayer you feel drawn to speak out loud:

“I acknowledge the Universal Source of Love, Light, and Wisdom,
Great Spirit and Earth Mother, to be all around and within me creating a sacred sanctuary into which I may open to receive with perfect trust.

I ask my mind to release all thoughts and thoughtforms that would be interfering or distracting during this time.

I ask all Beings of Light, Love, or Nature that serve my soul in Love to assist in any way that would benefit my sincere desire to be a clear receiver of wisdom in this time.

I ask my soul’s innate and infinite wisdom to lift to the light of awareness     ………………………………………..(state your question or intention)

I open to receive with gratitude for all that is given.”

5.  Close your eyes and shift your focus to your Solar Logos (the spherical chakra above your head.) Feel it connect through the crown to your third eye and then to your heart. You might visualize yourself seated in a circular room with twelve Beings sitting in a circle around you. They are your wisdom council and represent the 12 facets of self and Source.

6.  Begin to write as if “they” are speaking to you, perhaps beginning with something like this: “Blessings and greetings. We are present, we are here. As we acknowledge you and your request, we see that……….”

7.  Write until the energy begins to drop. If you can dialogue with the wisdom voice, do so. If not, have your requests stated clearly beforehand.

8.  Do not read it immediately. Put the writing aside and complete your sacred time in  whatever way you desire. Later, come back and read the writing so you can receive it as if you are receiving counsel from a good friend.

Every person who has chosen life in this time on Earth has an unprecedented opportunity to free their portion of the collective wound, all karma, and any soul adaptations that have resulted in pain, density, and distortion. Some will do this within the body while others will take the old matrix of consciousness with them as they leave this life and join the process from the other side. Each of us has a choice, of whether to participate consciously and open the full blueprint of our capacity for metamorphosis, or to look away, keeping our rigid old structures that will not be fluid enough to make the shift when the Earth sounds the tone. Use every situation, regardless of how painful it seems, to burn off the clouds of illusion and illuminate more of the light within your lifethread. At some point, the convergence I saw in my backyard vision will begin and all of history will morph into a new matrix of consciousness erasing the memory of separation. May you each be blessed with the awareness of how precious and integral you are to the Whole of creation. And may you each know that joy beyond comprehension is the promise of this journey. Alomaha!

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