Did I Say Conscious Creation? Sorry, I Meant Conscious Creation by Chris LaFontaine

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Did I Say Conscious Creation? Sorry, I Meant Conscious Creation
by Chris LaFontaine

Ah, words. An on-going attempt to give form to thoughts, concepts, or experience through clumps of letters that are charged with the task of transmitting great meaning or deep emotion.  Not only is it a formidable challenge, but perhaps an impossible expectation. Go ahead, articulate the experience of an orgasm or that first bite of tiramisu. The same thing, you say? Anyway, I’m drifting away from my point as I ponder that…….. tiramisu.

So you probably noticed the word play in the title of this article. Or maybe you took it not so much as word play as “what in the heck is he talking about now?”.  Well, the thing is that we each use words to transmit something in reference to our own set of experiences. For example, I have noticed that more people are using the two words conscious & creation spoken in sequence. Several meanings can be intended for each of these words, and even more when used in combination. When I read or hear about “conscious creation” as it is sometimes discussed, then I understand that a particular reference point is being used for the meaning.  What I have found is that I often use the term from a different point of view, and from that place I offer my perspective.

At the core of this viewpoint is an awareness that the word creation seems often to be used as a verb, an action that is taken. Add “conscious” as an adjective and one interpretation is of a process that uses the conscious mind to achieve a specific goal, desire, or outcome at will. Metaphysics 101 has long taught that where you focus your attention so goes the energy. Other principles of manifestation or creating reality are also taught, but seemingly from the same perspective of the existing familiar structures of duality consciousness. The duality inherent in the teachings is that we are “here”, and we make something happen “there”. Missing from most teachings I’ve been familiar with is any mention about the restructuring that is now taking place and affecting all aspects of creation on this planet and beyond as we move out of the matrix of duality consciousness which has created our current understanding of reality.

We say things are shifting. Also shifting is how we perceive the nature of creation. This shift is moving us out of the personal level and into an awareness of the larger hologram of which we are a part. That’s why, from my point of view, we cannot easily apply certain teachings about the principles of creation from only a personal level of awareness. My view is that teachings that say creation is about using will through mind to manipulate energy continue to foster separation, which holds us in duality.  I have used the word manipulate because we have been taught that mind is superior to matter, or masculine superior to feminine. Hence, a phrase such as “it’s only mind over matter” is believed as
truth. A couple questions I would ask are “what mind” and “whose will”?

The transformation of the personal first requires a movement to a larger field of awareness. From that place an alignment and merger of the greater and personal wills occurs which opens the capacities for conscious creation. This merger of light and matter is creating not only a more complex pattern of consciousness but is also moving us to another way of being through which we create. In this process we individually and collectively are becoming more aware, more conscious of all that we are and the ways in which our experiences are reflections of that awareness.

In the union taking place as we move out of duality we are merging all the aspects of self that have been held separate and apart. What has been “underground” in the subconscious is surfacing, coming to consciousness so another choice can be made. We can observe any newspaper or television news program and see the themes of this “awareness raising” process being played out in the collective. So much has been repressed that the resulting releases finally show themselves in large ways for all to see. That which has been hidden cannot remain in the dark, so we watch as sexual liaisons play out in public. We learn of what has been government secrets, and then we see how other attempts were made to keep secret the fact that something is no longer secret! Unexpressed anger explodes as rage on our highways, in the workplace, and at schools. We are all touched by these occurrences because the great distortions we have been living are in all of us. These events call us to choose again and to begin to live from another, more authentic, place.

We are also becoming more aware of the aspects of ourselves that we have called “higher”.  When we have cleared the unconscious energies which have been held in our bodies and the earth, then we are prepared to open to a complete union with our “Higher Self” and Great Spirit. Our created matter bodies merge with the light of the Source of our being in an act of transformation, and we become something new: Living Light. This living field of awareness then moves into unified expression through us and reflects back to itself as experience. This being whose nature is bliss, harmony, wisdom, beauty, and much more will find those qualities in the experiences it creates as a reflection of that nature.

So my intention with this article is to suggest another way the word creation can be used. I am refering to creation as a noun. Creation: that which IS. Conscious Creation might then be seen as a state of being which recognizes itself as the center of its created experience. We say we’re awakening. As what? How about Creator within Creation, a complete merger of Matter and Spirit. We’ve been creating all along. It’s our nature to do so. Most of our more recent experiences, however, have been generated out of the unconscious or superconscious levels, and we haven’t been aware that we’ve been at the center of them. With that knowing we can see that there is nothing that we must “do” to create. Creation IS. We already ARE. In the shift of our focus of awareness we generate a different experience, and something as grand as a new universe can be born.

As we shift we find that our personality begins to experience a great deal of relief and freedom when it finally chooses to participate with the greater intentions of Creation. That personal self no longer has to carry the burden of a sense of responsibility for how things happen, and life is experienced as the organic process it is designed to be. The true, abundant nature of our being is known in the reflection of abundance as our experience. We will move, speak, and live AS the great Source of our being that is moving its wondrous self into ever greater expressions of that wondrousness. And this Conscious Creation will be aware of it all.

This is where words begin to fail, so I will end with this invitation: Allow yourself to open to a larger field of awareness of who and what you are; a field we name Conscious Creation, Creator, or All That Is. Allow all aspects of yourself to surface and all dualities to merge within. Step into that greater awareness and release out of the personal as the only identity or perspective. You will find that the individual self does not cease to exist, but is transformed and joined with the intention of the greater being as the greater moves into creation. True freedom is found in this place, and you can relax out of thinking that there is something more you have to seek or study so intensely. Simply let yourself go into the experience of more and more awareness of that which you already are. Everything will flow from there, and we will all join in creative expression beyond the limitations of words.

©1999, Chris LaFontaine. Printed in the June-July 1999 Issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal. http://www.consciouscreation.com (Feel free to duplicate this column for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Chris LaFontaine is host of the television program “Another Perspective, Viewpoints on a Planet in Change”. He is co-creator of The “Lightsmith Live Wire”, a web site with channeling and commentary created in partnership with Michele Mayama. The web address is www.lightsmith.com, and he can be e-mailed at [email protected].