Live the Dream! Meditation as Communication – Part Two by Lisa Wallach

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Live the Dream! Meditation as Communication – Part Two
by Lisa Wallach

There are plenty of methods for us to use in our communication with our Total Selves.  As I stated before, games are a wonderful means in which we can explore our Selves.  My favorite is asking for parking spaces in Manhattan.  That’s a noble feat to undertake!  At first I would ask my Self during meditation, the prior night, if they would be able to hook me up with a decent parking spot within a one block radius (or the best that could be done) of my destination.  I would next envision myself getting the spot.  On the drive in I would just re-affirm my desire for a parking spot.  I had more parking spaces then I knew what to do with!  My friends call me “The Queen of ALL Parking”.  Seriously, this works so well.

Through experience I have found that it doesn’t do me much good to obsess or stress over a parking spot or any other game I’m playing with my Total Self.  It ultimately leads me nowhere because I hold onto that desire so tightly that I impede its freedom into the universe.  Letting go and trusting your Self is a challenge but one well worth the time.  Perhaps you’re looking for your parking spot and the thought; “Shit, I’m never going to find one!” enters your mind.  Well, that’s when we alter the game.  That thought enters into reality and now the probability of a great parking space lessens a bit.  Look, it’s natural and normal for these thoughts to enter into your awareness.  When they do come, and they will, immediately jump into action and replace that though with a different one.

Perhaps you would say, “Oh, they (my Total Self) are really making me sweat for it today.”  Or maybe for some other unknown reason you just aren’t going to park in the place you think you should.  Whatever happens, have fun and go with the flow of it all.

The parking game applies to meditation in so many ways.  In fact you can play similar games with yourself about your meditation, spiritual desires and anticipated understandings about the Self and the universe.  Ask for what you want to accomplish.  Envision yourself doing it already.  Try to jump forward past all the “How To’s”, picture yourself in the process of communicating with your Self.  What would it feel like?  What would you say?  What would you be learning?  What truths do you want to realize for yourself?

Using your imagination is vital element of meditation.  If you want to have out-of-body experiences imagine yourself having one.  Picture yourself leaving your body and flying out your window or through your roof and go have an adventure.  If you want to communicate with your spirit guide(s) imagine that conversation.  Imagine receiving the advice or understanding you desire and allow yourself to play with the fantasy.  It is a game after all.

I mentioned that green glob of color I began to see shortly after I began to meditate.  I knew it had a presence of its own.  I figured that it was my spirit guide and set out to know what its name was.  This was so important to me at that moment of teenage existential crisis.  “What is your name!” I pled.  I never got an answer so I decided to call it as I saw it, “Green”.

Green would come and go as he pleased.  I would lie there concentrating on my meditation and I would inevitably see Green dancing in color before my eyes.  It’s like a smooth laser light effect.  It pulses and gyrates as it folds into the blackness behind my closed eyes.  It changes its frequency, duration, and velocity in its pattern.  I feel like I’m going through a tunnel of green swirls that lure me in a hypnotic way to deeper levels of awareness.

Then Green would play with me in the waking hours as well.   I would open my eyes and there dancing on my wall or over my bed would be the color green.  Swirling about and moving around my room as I stared amazed.  It didn’t matter what time of day it was I could see Green hovering.  It was pretty trippy.

Imagine you’re beginning to open up to your spiritual Self and unusual things are going to begin to happen to you.  Perhaps you’ll smell things that aren’t in your present environment.  You might hear voices or you might experience a combination of many different perceptions.  Remember, you’re asking the universe to reveal itself to you.  Try not to talk yourself out of your unexplained observations.  Accept them as part of the game you are playing with your Self.  I look at it this way, if you’re confused and uncertain you’re doing really well because something is happening to alter your perceptions of conscious reality.  You are communicating with your Self and the universe; of course things are going to get wacky.

Communication with our total self is often realized from the dream state.  Many of those answers we ask our Selves are given to us in this arena.  It becomes our task to unravel and give meaning to our own personal dream images.  Those dream books never did it for me.  Who else but myself could tell me what my dreams mean?  All right, perhaps a couple of highly intuitive and psychically aware individuals but aside from that I think no one.  I’ve always had a knack for the dream thing.  They are messages, sometimes loud and clear other times fuzzy and erratic but still, they come.

I can’t begin to stress the importance I believe dreams provide to us.  I just as firmly believe that all dreams (you can choose to omit your drunken dreams if you like) should be written down.  They are very helpful in charting your spiritual evolution.  Every time you cry out in your mind and spirit to the universe to help you understand what is going on with your life you receive an answer.  If someone handed you a free one hundred-dollar bill, no strings attached, wouldn’t you grab it?  Then why I ask, do people not document their dreams?  They are priceless in their wisdom and insight. They rely on your faith and belief in the universe.  There have been so many dreams that I have written in the past years that are still continuing to unfold in my life today.  Were it not for the dream would I be able to accept my present reality so adeptly.  I know it now because I was told about it before.  Dreams are like wine they improve over age.  If you do have some old ones in a diary somewhere or even if there are a few that you have never been able to forget I urge you to grab a pen or a keyboard and begin writing about your dream life.

When you meditate ask for messages to be made to you in the dream state as well as your physical reality.  Messages will come at you left and right but you must play, “make the connection”.  Those connections are the clues or flags to our deepest spiritual understandings.  For example, if some information is being repeated to you throughout your day, perhaps it was the word Hawaii. Wherever you went or to whomever you spoke with you heard Hawaii mentioned countless times. Okay, that would be a clue or flag for you to grasp at.  “Hawaii.  There must be something important about Hawaii.  I wonder what it means?  I wonder what Hawaii means to me?”  You would identify Hawaii as being a clue to your Self.  After all this is what you are asking for in the
first place.

Now it’s your challenge to figure out what exactly Hawaii means for your Self.  Who knows where the clue will lead you?  Hey, we are offered these clues every day of our lives.  It’s up to us to follow them or not.  Sometimes we follow them and sometimes we don’t, but if your heart and mind say something is happening to your understandings of your Self and the reality in which you live in then, allow it into your life.  Have faith in the unknown reality that you are asking about.  Trust the information and the messages and especially you own experience.  Remember that sometimes ignoring or refusing to follow a clue can also be for our own best interests.  Accept all of your choices as the right ones for your Self.

(c)1999, Lisa Wallach. Published in the June-July 1999 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Feel free to copy this column for personal use – Please include this copyright statement.)