Physical Immortality by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Physical Immortality
by ChiaraDina Cerweny

Embodying Infinite Divinity

Physical immortality is a possible spiritual concept that is neglected by the majority of our today´s society. But why would one stick to needing to age under dramatic circumstances and through suffering and finally be “freed by death”? What makes people “mortal”? Why would one resist the possibility to stay here in perfect health and beauty as long as one pleases?  It must be connected to screwy perceptions that deny the wonderful possibilities of multidimensional expression on this planet. But mainly it´s based on the lacking knowledge of our divinity and assurance of our own divine creations, rejecting the truth that we are creating that moment to moment reality by shutting out awareness.

So what screwy perceptions am I talking about? First is that there exists that belief that life on this planet, in this realm here, is “too dense to be spiritual” and we are somewhat separated from the “spiritual realms” that “possess enlightenment and freedom.” It´s hell here, where sinners come to be purified, so they are worthy enough to get back to heaven, “unified with their father.” ( I won´t make any psychological comment here…) The misunderstanding is the denial about Einstein´s relativity theorem: physical matter just reflects your own personal matters in spirit you came here “to get a grip on” and transform… If you hold onto SEPARATION principle number one, “day to day earth life and spirituality are separated,” no wonder you would like to get outta here as quick as possible and try anything to leave by dying (cuz you come to believe that this may be the only way to switch into spiritual realms anyway) and before having solved your matters, I’d like to add.

Some New Age people also talk endlessly about their memories about other planets and realities (or past lives, whatever) and the melancholic feeling they get when seeing the nightsky, being reminded of “home” or “ancient times” and how much love “spirituality” (again! sic!) was there … believing that all this is not available right here and now for them. A problem might be that their energies are not fully present and grounded, they do not live fully in the NOW, holding on to that “anywhere else, life is, but not in the NOW.”

And why? Why hold on to a linear time line of being caught in some past events (some folks spend their whole life clearing up their past instead of living the now) when we stand right in the middle of an energy bowl in the NOW and all possible futures and pasts surround us to be chosen from! Watch out, SEPARATION LIE number two is coming up: “I am separated from my infinite source and ability to manifest what I want.”  I mean guys, why would you like to stick around here, when believing that you have no influence, through choice, with what is happening to you and what you want?  Well, living in that reality of “I am separated from my own manifestation powers,” (male polarity) and “I am separated from my own receptive powers” (female polarity) you definitely ARE separated from yourself to the greatest extent possible. The consequences?  A low energy level that we are trying to overcome by food, drugs, overemphasis on compulsively making money (gives us the feeling of power again) and controlling other parts of ourselves through subconscious manipulation, cheating or persuasion to “get what we want,” based on doubting our own creative powers. Which brings us ahead to the SEPARATION LIE number three…  “who I am” and being separated from myself.

To solve my matters I will attract every second of my being those people that will mirror back to me my issues to help me to play out the drama I still hold on manifesting. So what is actually going on “out there” is no more or no less than the mental processings going on inside me … all conflicts on the outside world are based on personal inner conflicts. As a consequence, I will perceive all situations, objects, animals, persons…. as MY personal spiritual extensions. Finally, all of us “act in the big picture,” being ONE with another. So why then continue murdering parts of myself on the outside to be able to continue to live (eating animals and plants)? SEPARATION LIE number four: when I kill myself little by little day by day I am going to survive. By taking in what actually IS already within me (otherwise it could not be “out there”) I am sustained ….. ( I mean, aren´t you laughing seeing this?)  This is where breatharism comes in, definitely connected to physical immortality that merely consists of the knowledge about oneness and completion!

Just imagine what all may be possible by making the choice of physical immortality! When all illusionary perceptions that suggest that here and NOW is not the best place to be are cleared, when we truly understand our friends and family and “enemies” as ourselves, when we know we are the power to create and receive everything we dream of why then destroying our home (physical body) little by little until it shrivels up and then dies out of lack of energy…?  I guess it is truly a great thing to be in a place where true spiritual concepts are being sensually perceived by well being on all levels. And to me, this is where the fun starts. Where we remember being creators, being enriched by our creations, physical immortality is just the first step on the way of exploring our unlimited abilities. More about that soon. You´ll come along ?

The Three States of Matter

The benefits of physical immortality are numerous. To strive for it is the first step on the way to enhanced conscious unfolding of multidimensional awareness on this planet. When we have made the first step towards the realization of P.I. by simply making the choice, we first deal with our personal issues as well as universal ones to root out illusionary belief systems that have caused our “dis – eases,” on several levels. We free our cellular memory so it will not be replicated by the DNA, hence no longer be a part of our bodies and reality. As our consciousness regroups and literally lightens up, also the matrix of our surroundings regenerates, including our personal relationships, our way to exchange with the world, our profession, environment in the broadest sense, and our artistic expressions.

We find ourselves consciously working with “time” in the sense of seizing cyclic periodicity in universal harmony as an artistic expression of perfect reality creation while eternally living in the NOW. We come to the understanding that our commitment to evolve in 3D includes the advantage of cooperating with ourselves on multidimensional levels. Never having left “home”  – our center – we find ourselves in the timeless position of exploring ourselves by observing our “unfoldment” – being it, while providing room for “letting it happen.”

Physical Immortality enables us to explore ALL our “in – formed” expressions as long as we wish. The foundation is respect for All that we are embodying and how we are expressing ourselves. It´s comparable to eternally informing ourselves while being eternally informed by ourselves. The game of experiencing our own existence sensually – experiencing the principle of “contact.”

I consider Physical Immortality more than just “stretching our life – span” infinitely … to me it represents the basic principle of freedom of choice.  When we have busted the chains of thinking that coming into physical existence and leaving it is – without exception –  linked to the process of  “birth” and “death” our consciousness is guided to the perception of coming to and leaving the earth plane by just transforming our “solid informed” energy however we like it to be …. I am talking materalization and dematerialization here. Simply changing our “three states of matter.” When our perception of our own multidimensional existence is a fact and we live within our awareness of our own fluid reality, our bodies will become more fluid as well …… things will work out literally “by itself.”

This is where the real adventure starts! We ARE the life-force and can embody whatever we choose to identify with. More, with our chosen changing identifications our surrounding will change, too – due to the law of magnetic resonance – “travelling with the speed of thought” – “travelling with the speed of information!! EMBODYING: LIGHT!!!

(c)1999, ChiaraDina Cerweny.  Published in the June-July 1999 issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Please feel free to reproduce this article for personal use only – please include this copyright notice.)

ChiaraDina Cerweny, born in 1973, has been interested in metaphysics since being eleven years old when her grandfather suddenly died. After graduation she began to study several systems of kinesiology. A Reiki master, she is furthermore educated in the works of Mantak Chia and practises Feng Shui. In spring 1997 her inner ONE told her about the possibility to live on light and in april 1998 she successfully completed the 21 day process. As a light -worker, her main emphasis is on ONENESS and COMPLETION of the here and now. Besides holding workshops she writes articles about Physical Immortality and Pranic Nourishment for online magazines, works as a webdesigner and artist and studies creative body expression.