Magic & Manifestations – June-July 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Magic & Manifestations

The Window

Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving the job site for home, I stopped to measure a very large and expensive bow window that I was going to install the next morning. It had been delivered to the site about an hour before. I do this out of habit to reassure myself that things are ok.

Well, things weren’t ok. The window was 7 inches smaller in length than the brick opening it was to fit in to. I measured and remeasured, I checked the invoice for the the unit numbers. I am the one who measured the brick opening originally and ordered the window. Everything checked except the current size of the brick opening.  I was not happy.

Last night I decided that the window had to fit and some how today it was going to work, period. I could not afford to buy a new window, ($2000.00) the 3 week delay in getting a new one would screw up my schedule to much, and on and on. I no longer dwell on what happens when things go wrong, I just acknowledge them briefly and move on.  Nowadays I dwell on how well things are going to be, regardless of what I’m facing at the moment.

Years ago I would have accepted that the window would not work, and suffered the consequences, but these days I find that sort of thing unacceptable. This window had to fit, anything less was not an option. Just before I driffted off to sleep I felt a major locational shift, as if my home was in a place far from where it was just moments before. This morning when I got to the job, I measured the window and the brick opening and they matched! It went in perfectly. The 7 inch difference disappeared.


Flowers and Door Knobs

My grandmother was  natural medium/channeller and there were always “visitors” and their actions to show they were there. They were our friends and we enjoyed them, even with their tricks.  That was a long time ago and I miss them.

In fall when people throw out their plants I bring them home and nurse them through the winter. Last summer I put out an unidentified plant and it grew nice leaves and seemed very healthy but no flowers to let me identify it. So, One day I talked to it, told it I had taken good care of it and felt it should reward me with some flowers.    Next afternoon I was on the phone with a friend and walked to the back door and this plant was LOADED with showy flowers – the day before it hadn’t even had a bud!!  I  gasped when I saw it and told my friend that I had a beautiful fuschia plant.  Then I went out and thanked the plant.

Another time the lock broke on my front door.  The next morning I was walking my dog and on top,  of a garbage can, carefully laid out, was a complete lock set; door knob, 2 keys and screws.

So, it looks like my old friends are still looking out for me, along with my grandmother, which is very comforting.