Channelings Du Jour – June-July 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Channelings Du Jour

Excitement, Choice, etc.
Datre through John S.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Dennis, and his first question is… “We are all just about numb from hearing warnings of the apocalypse, or the millennium disasters that await us. Obviously, if such an event were imminent, we would have considerable suffering as physical bodies succumb to the effects of the awaited destruction.”

DATRE; Well, what’s happening is, everybody’s jumping on the ‘bandwagon’ of “excitement”. The excitement existing previous to a big change in that which you call your ‘numbering’ system. Now, when I say ‘excitement’, that’s exactly what I mean. Now, you can get ‘excited’ when you have a ‘fearful’ situation in front of you, and you can get ‘excited’ if you have something that’s going to be ‘great’ in front of you. It creates the ‘same’ emotion within the physical construct.

Now, those that are ‘excited’ about all the ‘new’ things that are going to be happening in the year 2000 and beyond, are using the energies and getting ‘excited’ about – what’s coming up. Something ‘new’ is coming up. You have started with ‘grand’ things, as far as your “medicine” is concerned, working with that which you call “gene” technology. That is one of the ‘grandest’ break throughs that you’ve ever had. So, there’s ‘excitement’ about what can be done by ‘transplanting’ or growing ‘genes’ and making changes within the physical construct to different kinds of that which you call ‘diseases’.

Now, there’s ‘excitement’ in that field. There’s excitement with those that are called astronomers, because they’re ‘seeing’ new things. They’ve never seen things like they’re seeing now in that which you call, your heavens – and they’re all excited about that. The archeologist are excited because they’re making new discoveries – they’re finding new things – under that which you call your ground and under that which you call your water, and they’re all excited about that. There’s excitement in many different areas. So people are using that, ‘look what’s coming up, look what’s coming up’.

Then you have the ‘other’ excitement, of the ‘doomers’ and the ‘gloomers’. But, as we’ve said before, this is a planet of ‘opposites’. Which one do you want to do? Do you want to do the ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’ kind of stuff, with the apocalypse and all that other kind of stuff – or do you do you want to be on the ‘other’ side and see that ‘excitement’? There’s peoples that are planing to go to different countries, because there’s great big ‘celebrations’ that are going to take place in the year 2000.

It’s ALL based on your ‘belief’ system. Your ‘belief’ system starts when you come into the physical body. You have choices as to which you want to ‘believe’. You have teachers, you have parents, you have relatives, you have… everybody starts telling you from the time you were a little baby, two minutes old. You’re either told, ‘oh, he’s tiny’, ‘he’s red’, he’s beautiful’, ‘he’s not very pretty, but he’ll grow up to be a better looking child’. You’re told, told, told, told. And those that do not have enough ‘integrity’, will find that they’re very easily drawn into the ‘trap’ of listening to what everyone tells them. So there are parents that will scold one child, and the child will feel ‘chastised’ and want to please the parents and feel very ‘bad’ about what they did. Another child will say, ‘I did what I wanted to do and I don’t care’. Opposites again. You’re working on a planet of “opposites”.

Now, it can be a planet of ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’, IF you fall into the ‘trap’ of listening to all the rest of them. But, you must remember, that there those on this planet that ‘believe’ that when you ‘die’ – you’re dead. That’s it, that’s the end of your existence. Now, you’ve got to realize, you put ‘that’ against those who ‘know’ that they’re going to come back again in another form of existence, in another reality. So they remember, and they ‘plan’ for what they’re going to do the next time they come into a physical body.

So you see, those are ‘distinct’ opposites. Those that say, ‘so the physical body dies, okay, if its going to die, then I’m going to figure out what I’m going to do next time, because I’m not going to have this kind of existence the next time around’. So they ‘plan’ what they’re going to be when they get ‘born’ again. Then you’ll say, ‘oh, that isn’t possible’. Yes it is! It definitely IS! And there are those that do it. But, those are not the peoples that you ‘hear’ about. Why? Because they are a minority. You don’t hear about ‘minorities’. You hear about “majorities”, because that’s where MASS CONSCIOUSNESS exists, is in “majorities”.

So, it is your ‘belief’ system that’s going to take you into the year 2000 to ‘enjoy’ or to ‘suffer’ through – the choice is ‘yours’.

Now, what would happen if had not had a calendar? What if you didn’t ‘know’ that you had 2000 coming up? What difference would it make? To those that are ‘gloomsters’, it would make all the difference in the world, because they couldn’t ‘plan’ for a tragedy.

Now, John is laughing, but that is truth. There are those that ‘plan’ for tragedies. There are those that you will talk to in a store, ‘isn’t this a beautiful day?’, ‘oh, yes, but we’ve got cold weather coming and its possibly going to snow.’. Now, what kind of an answer is that? And Aona will look at them and say, ‘well, I don’t care about tomorrow, I’m living today’, and they look at her as if, ‘boy, her head just fell off and rolled over the floor’. They can’t handle that type of information, because they’re looking for trouble. And if you’re going to look for it, you’re going to find it. That is like those sayings, ‘seek and yea shall find’. Keep looking for disasters, and you will find them. But, the person that does not ‘look’ for a disaster, and has what you call, a ‘surprise’ disaster – they’ll handle it very quickly – because, they have not ‘planned’ for it. It becomes something they have to OBSERVE and ‘act’ upon. That’s the difference in the way your ‘existence’s’ work. And, the choice is definitely “yours”. Continue.

JOHN; And he further goes on to ask… “Beyond this, those who believe that the people of the world need to be enlightened, punished, or destroyed will all somehow make the survivors more spiritual.”

DATRE; There again, that’s their belief. You can not change peoples’ belief. The only thing you can change, is your ‘own’ belief. The thing that happens is, there will ‘always’ be people who will be telling other people what to do. That’s a big number, tell people, tell people. What we’re trying to do is, not ‘tell’ you anything, we want you to make your own DISCOVERIES. We’re giving you ‘snippets’ to show you what your physicality ‘looks’ like, because you’re so immersed in it, you can not see it from an objective point of view.

In other words, from ‘our’ standpoint, we can ‘see’ the opposites. We can ‘see’ how your planet works. We can ‘see’ how your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, in different areas of your planet, change the thought patterns of the peoples in those particular areas. We can OBSERVE this. But you can’t, because you’re only living in one area, in one surrounding, with one group of people, with one family, whatever. So your ‘view’ per se, is restricted.

Now, that which you call your television, will allow you to see pictures of different countries, and different scenery, and different plays, and different music. Different things about how to repair your house and all of these things. So you can do a garden and all of these things. You can pick and choose what you want. You have more options now, than any previous physicality has had. Your options are numerous. You have television. You have radio. You have the computer. So you have all of this input to make choices from.

Your choices are going to make ‘you’ who ‘you’ are. So if you choose to go with the ‘gloom’ and ‘dooms’, there’s more than enough of those that you can follow. There’s more than enough of those to follow, that believe the UFO’s are going to come and ‘save’ you. There’s all of this that you can believe in. But what we’re trying to get you to do is – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you want the  experiences of going into another physical existence, entirely different than this one, but continue in physicality – the choice is ‘yours’. If you eventually want to go out into the Universe, you’ll DISCOVER as much as you possibly can about who “you” are, because when you get out there, nobody’s going to help you – YOU HAVE TO “KNOW” WHO YOU ARE.

So the choice is always yours as to what you want to do. But, in listening to everyone else, you’re not going to DISCOVER who ‘you’ are. Maybe, in reading some of this material, and reading some other material, and OBSERVING different things, it will ‘trigger’ something, a ‘knowingness’ that is the YOU that ‘you’ are is trying to connect to the ‘you’ that is in the physical body. Because the ‘you’ in the physical body is different. You don’t have all the ‘knowingness’ in the physical body. That’s what’s so interesting about physicality, is the amount of information that you have been able to put ‘into’ these physical bodies.

That is fascinating to us. The progression, the evolution. And it is all up to ‘you’ as to how far you want to take the evolution of that which you call, physicality, because that’s entirely up to you. And, that’s where this business of ‘continuing’ through the ‘death’ process into the next – what you call – LIFE process, that is a ‘continuous’ evolution. And, that to us, when we see those that are doing that, is extremely fascinating – because they have never lost that control. They’re beginning to ‘know’ WHO they are. They’re going to continue in that direction, learning more about themselves, continuously. But, everybody evolves at a different rate. And it is up to ‘you’ to make the decision as to where you want to go.

Are there going to be disasters – yes. But haven’t there always been disasters? What about terrible wars? Haven’t you always had terrible wars? Even when you went at each other on horseback with spears? There’s always been terrible wars. Okay, what about the terrible diseases that are coming up? Diseases, okay, dis-ease. Okay, they’re different, the medications don’t work any more. Okay, when haven’t you had plagues? Diseases that have wiped out… in one country, wiped a whole town out. You can always look for something bad, its very obvious. It takes a little more work to look for something else and decide – why is that the way it is? Do I want to be a part of that? Is this something I want to experience? No! But you don’t make the decision after you’ve got it, you make it ‘before’ you get it. Look at it and say, ‘is this something I want to experience? No, it is not.’ But you don’t wait until you’re in a hospital bed and say, ‘oh, I don’t want this’. Its too late – you’ve got it. Now figure out how to get out of it. I know that sounds very silly, but that is ‘truth’. Those that are in ‘control’ know what they’re doing, and they make constant decisions. You just don’t make decisions once and a while. An OBSERVER makes constant decisions, makes a constant evaluation of everything. Continue.

JOHN; His next question is… “I can imagine fairly little good would come of this, as most likely the following decades would be spent rebuilding the devastation into much the same sort of world that exists now and I question whether this would make the survivors any more insightful spiritually. Does Datre see these expected calamities in earth’s future and does Datre think it would be beneficial?”

DATRE; We can not do anything about what you’re doing to yourself. We are OBSERVERS – we’re not ‘fixers’. We have ‘fixed’, because you have cried so many times, but now, you have to begin to ‘fix’ yourselves. Its like, if someone is told to do something, and they say, ‘well I don’t want to’ or ‘I can’t’, so the mother or father say’s, ‘well, that’s all right, I’ll do it for you’. What happens, as that child grows older? He or she becomes totally ‘incompetent’. ‘Clean up your room’, ‘I don’t want to’, ‘well that’s all right, I’ll do it for you this time’. So you walk into the house of this child, the child is now 35 years old and has a husband and children running around, and you can’t get through the front door – for the mess. Why, why don’t they clean it up? Very simple – ‘I don’t want to’. That’s
it, it apathy, its ‘I don’t care’, ‘I don’t want to’, ‘I will do what I want to do, the way I want to do it’.

That’s fine, that is their decision. We haven’t anything to do with that. That person that grows up ‘irresponsible’ in every sense of the word. Until that person say’s, ‘I’m not going to be this way any more’, what can an ‘outsider’ do? People can yell and scream. They can try and make them feel guilty. They can do all sorts of things. But that person will never change, unless that person want’s to change.

Now, as for this coming up, and what benefit will it be. What happened in the ‘renaissance’? Why are people so ‘fascinated’ by the ‘renaissance’? You see renaissance fairs all over the place. What they don’t remember about the renaissance is the ‘renaissance’ was “recovery”.

Now, if MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is going to go through all this stuff, and go through an apocalypse and all of that stuff, they’re going to have to pick themselves up, wipe themselves off, and start all over again. But, because “they” experienced that, do you have to? That is entirely up to you.

If a tornado comes through and takes the house across the street, are you affected? What do you decide to choose? If you’re sick and tired of hearing about all of this stuff, separate yourself from those people that are talking about that. You don’t have to be in their presence. Or if you have to be in their presence, and they talk about. ‘oh, this is going to happen and that’s going to happen and something else is going to happen’, say, ‘well, if that’s what you want’. They will be totally mystified by that, they wouldn’t understand that. Is the end of the world coming in 2000? Definitely NOT! What happens in 2001 is entirely up to you, as to what ‘you’ want to do. What kind of ‘excitement’ do you wish to enjoy? Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Are there other life forms roughly equivalent to humans within the physical confines of Earth or is Earth’s solar system existing in either the same or DIFFERENT dimension or times?”

DATRE; Well, that is a very difficult one to answer – because there is no ‘time’. Now, physicality exists – in what you call – a ‘linear’ time. That’s to slow things down, so that you can go through the events at a slower rate of speed, for you to work through physicality. But, actually, everything is ‘simultaneous’.

Are there ‘other’ human forms? Yes! There are other ‘human’ forms, but not ‘developed to the degree that you have developed on ‘this’ planetary system. Are they coming here? No! If they came here, they would have an entirely ‘different’ concept of how to get here, than you have. In other words, they wouldn’t come so that you could ‘see’ them – because they wouldn’t know what to do with ‘particles’. That may sound strange, but you work from ‘particles’, and their ‘particles’ or whatever ‘they’ use to work with, are different than ‘your’ particles. So if they came here, they would not ‘materialize’. If they came here, they would not “land on your planet”. They could come here as OBSERVERS – but they certainly not get anywhere near you. If they were OBSERVERS, they would stay on the outer rim of your ‘bubble’ to look in and OBSERVE, but not come in.

But you see, there are different ‘stages’ of evolution through out… I think you mentioned the word Galaxies – definitely. You see, your pictures that you have that… your movies, have tried to put ‘particle’ form on ‘other’ existence’s, which is very difficult to do. They had to use their ‘imagination’ to figure out what something might look like that was not here – and yet they could communicate with you, and all of these other things.

But that is why peoples have… they say they see people in crocodile forms and they speak to me and all of this other things, is that they’re dipping into different things, and this is what they come back with. You’re always dipping into things to find out ‘how’ things work – when you’re not in the physical. So you bring these things back, and you put a picture on them and that becomes a ‘belief’ system.

Then they’ll say, ‘but I saw it’. Yeah you did, and I can not say that you didn’t see it. It’s your own ‘picture’. But its pretty difficult to get somebody else to ‘see’ it, because its ‘yours’. Its ‘not’ an agreed upon. Your ‘agreed upon’ vibrations as people, are ‘agreed upon’. Your ‘agreed upon’ vibration that you call a ‘tree’, is ‘agreed upon’. Now, when you get down into different trees, and get down into the ‘technical’ stuff, you have to continue to ‘agree’ with another person. So, I can not tell you any more than that.

But, as to the year 2000, do not look at it as dread. Look at it as a period of ‘excitement’ – new things happening. Now, from our standpoint, and what we OBSERVE in physicality, we wouldn’t look at the year 2000 as being the ‘beginning’. Your ‘beginning’ is the next moment that you’re in physicality – that’s your ‘beginning’. Your next moment, is your ‘beginning’. And the next moment is your ‘beginning’. That is the way ‘we’ would view it. But, join the ‘excitement’, pick up on the excitement, but use it to your advantage. Use it to make ‘you’ happy. Use it to make new DISCOVERIES for yourself. It is entirely up to you.

But the ‘doom’ and ‘gloomers’, let them ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’, they haven’t anything else to do but feel sorry for themselves. So, you don’t have to feel sorry for them, they’re doing a good job all by themselves. Remember – OBSERVE – its all up to you. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, turn it OFF. Find new friends, do different things, go different places. Be an EXPLORER, don’t be afraid to go out and try and find new areas to EXPLORE. And don’t worry about the people you left behind in the ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’, they’ll take care of themselves. The main thing is to take care of “you”. You are the ONLY ONE that can EVOLVE. You can’t evolve another person, regardless of how long you talk. We can not evolve another person. There’s no way, it has to be the one that’s in the physical body, and they’re the only ones that can do anything.

So enjoy the excitement. Go out and EXPLORE new things. Finding, what you call, a new life for yourself. I think we just did one recently that said something about something Aona had picked up on the commercials for us. “Make the things that you want to do, into the things that you have DONE.” We’ll leave you now, we’re Datre.
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Lasting Prosperity
Abigail through Fawn Moran

Most of you still struggle with prosperity. You have read the books, gone to the workshops and heard the talks. You do your affirmations, seek the Light, meditate and serve others.  Still you run into difficulty maintaining lasting abundance.

Having greater prosperity brings up all kinds of issues. Having less may be meaningful for some. Having more is usually what most people want. In either case, when you are in human form, why and how you create what you want is what is important.

As you re-enter the body in each life, you re-assume deeply held beliefs. Your soul’s history and your family scripts define what these specific beliefs will be. These beliefs shape your lives and the nature of life onEarth, much of which is defined by scarcity or the fear of it. You hold scarcity in place because it demonstrates the validity of something you desperately need to believe.

Deep down, you still maintain beliefs that make you feel better or less than other people. You hold judgements about others to hide your fears about your own value. You have forgotten how valuable you are.

Money and prosperity have become a symbol of your worth. Many of you feel unworthy, even worthless. You try to compensate yourselves with material excess to lessen the pain of unworthiness. You overconsume because you can’t get enough – enough love, security and sustenance for your spirit.

Changing your relationship with the Earth means dealing with your pain. If you wish to heal the Earth, you must first heal yourselves.

Worthlessness and low self-esteem lie at the root of your pain. Most of you avoid working with these feelings, even if it means sacrificing your health, security, and intimate relationships, because you fear they are true. You dread re-living the circumstances that caused this pain in the first place, however important it might be. And it is important. Cleansing your consciousness will help the Earth and everyone on it. This is the mission you came here to fulfill.

Many of you make money a symbol of love. Desperate to be loved, you often use achievement to earn it. You come up empty-handed because you have made a spiritual process a material one. You have forgotten that you are already loved.

You push away material success for similar reasons. You separate the material from the spiritual and devalue the physical side of life. You have forgotten the wonder of physical manifestation as an expression of Divine love.

There is joy in what you create. You try instead to earn love by working hard to distract yourself from your lack of self-love. Your existence is an expression of Joy.

You accumulate to excess in order to escape feelings of inadequacy. Sometimes you ennoble poverty to hide these feelings. You often feel that you are not good enough as you are, that you can’t love good enough, that you are not loved. Whole nations have internalized this belief, wealthy or not.

You assume that evidence of scarcity proves that you have been abandoned, punished or humiliated by God. You even go so far as to deny the presence of God because suffering exists. You will not take risks because you may risk losing what little you believe you have. You are afraid of moving out of your corner of the gameboard of life.

All of these fears define how you relate to Earth’s resources as well as your own. Lasting prosperity that will nurture and sustain you means freeing yourselves from the legacy of destructive beliefs about who you are. How can the spirit of plenty fill your cup if you insist that you are unworthy?

You use your dilemma to prove that you are bad and wrong, rather than as an opportunity to question how you got where you are. It is crucial that you begin to open to feelings of safety, nourishment and sustenance so you can heal yourselves. Above all else, it means healing your fear that you are not worthy of love.

Deep inside you is the ‘gold’ that you seek in worldly pursuits. This ‘gold’ is Love – self-love, the love of God, and love of the Earth. In your depths
you will find the love you think is lacking. In your heart, you will find the
kind of security and nourishment that sustains you. Scarcity is not an inevitable condition of your physical world. It’s an inevitable by-product of fear.

Perhaps you abandoned God by turning to fear and making it your god. Maybe you turned your back on the love that lies beneath your fear, pain and sorrow.

You will find love by moving through these feelings. You will uncover it by releasing your attachment to what you think was the Great Betrayal.

You left your Source and then forgot you made the choice to leave. Instead you felt you were abandoned and betrayed by your Creator. The love has always been there, buried along with your emotional history. Your memory is highly selective.

Lasting abundance depends upon realizing this love exists and is always available, no matter how things may appear. It depends upon recognizing your personal value as beings with purpose and destiny, who have an ability and willingness to receive. You are, above everything else, always loved freely, without reprisals or compromises.

Prosperity that nurtures depends upon healing the wounds created by your separation from Creator/God/Goddess. This will go far in healing your environment. Be assured that the Earth will heal herself. You do not need to save her. But you can participate in the process of healing the Great Mother Planet by healing one another. If you do not believe you can, that you don’t have the necessary resources, that there isn’t enough love, then your struggle will be a difficult one. Do you need more struggle? I think not.

Love is the most important building block in restoring the Earth to its original state. It’s the crucial ingredient in returning personal and global prosperity to the human family. It is what you are seeking in all your other pursuits. Your journey has been long and, in some cases, arduous. But you are on a brilliant path toward a wondrous future. Will you be there?

Fawn Moran channels Abigail, who lived at the same time as St. Francis and became a nun because of his devotion to God and the Light that he brought into the world. She is reachable by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 505-424-0722. Or visit our website at