Pure Creation by Martin M. Haffner

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Pure Creation
by Martin M. Haffner

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Fear is a Habit
Chapter 2. The Future Does Not Exist
Chapter 3. Immortality, the Different Kinds
Chapter 4. Hope is Not the Nice Word We Thought it Was
Chapter 5. Death is Obsolete and Outmoded
Chapter 6. Center of the Universe? Why, Every I AM, Of Course
Chapter 7. Relativity of “Perfection”


This work is the result of something that I did for the pure joy of it.

As a result of that, …… a book was created which does the following ;

—To completely and utterly re-empower the individual, by a re-minding, a re-perspecting, of the conscious mind.—

This re-minding, sets things (or more precisely the mind) right again.

Is there lost knowledge. yes, I know so.

All I have to do is sit back and watch the antics of society, and from a re-perspected view, it all makes sense.


You know what?, I have to go back to the very first sentence.

Again, I wrote this book for the sole-soul purpose of, …….the pure enjoyment of my Self.

(Now, before I get attacked for stressing the above statement, read on.)

Please do the following.

Apply the above sentence to your-Self also.

Because, — think very hard about this — what happens if all Selves focus on en-joy-ment instead of non-joyment ?????

(The focus on non-joy is the “curse” of society today.)

So I’m waiting for someone to disagree with me, and say non-joy is the goal of the uni-self/verse, because if you do,………… you have to seriously look at what you are actually saying! (There are people that do, but that is the problem, they do not concentrate and think on what they truly believe.)

For we are all fully aware of the inherent joyless thought pattern of “society”

A couple “laws” of the universe –

Whatever you focus on



The universe assumes your attention

Is on what you want, and graciously,

Ever so graciously,……supplies the details.

By the way, when you finish this book, the saying;

Does art imitate life, or life imitate art

Will have new meaning to you, and for you.


EN-JOY/IN-JOY………..the basis of all.

Chapter 1.  Fear is a Habit

Fear is a habit.

A funny thing happened one day when I was in an AOL metaphysical chatroom.

The topic was fear.

Everyone was giving their views on fear. So I decided to give mine.

I typed four words. Fear is a habit.

All hell broke loose.

I had 4-6 people cyber yelling at me all at once. It was interesting to say the least. I finally narrowed the conversation down to one person. After talking to her for about thirty minutes, she agreed.

This was the gist of the conversation.

I mentioned to her that I have no fear.

She said that is impossible.

I insisted.

She still said it was impossible.

I then mentioned the reason why I have no fear, and fear is just a habit.

The reason is as follows:

I have no fear (or worry, anxiety, etc.) because I do not think like the average person.

—I know where all my next “nows” come from. They come from where my attention now is.

When you think that way, what good does it do, for example, to believe in accidents, or more precisely, that an accident could happen to you ?

But the average person thinks that way. They think that “accidents” are actually possible.

Hence, fear.

Contrary to popular belief, fear is not something eternal and all powerful over mankind.

(Well actually it is eternal, but only because all thoughts are eternal, by virtue of the fact that the universe is eternal. It’s not possible for something to be eternal -the universe-, and the things contained within it, not to be.)

But not to digress,…..in the realm of man, if he lets it, a thought will enslave him, if he does not,… it won’t.

So by thinking in the wrong way about fear, it is misperceived as being a “must” fact, when it is rather a CHOICE. repeat it is just a choice.

When it’s finally realized that it’s just a choice, then you see

Fear is a habit.

Chapter 2. The Future Does Not Exist

The future does not exist. Why do I say that? Glad you asked.

Let me start from the beginning.

One of the reasons life for a lot of people is mixed up, is because of a misguided concept about life.

A lot of people think that there is this future barreling towards them!

This concept has caused a lot of headaches over the millenniums.

I propose that there is no future.

Bear with me a little.

The reason I say this is, if you walk around with this concept running around in your head, something strange happens.

You automatically start to have the awareness that the only thing that exists is NOW!

You “move” into the eternal now. as you can see this is all done by changing your concepts.

This is what the ancients were talking about, over and over again, living in the “now” moment.

Living in the now moment is your seat of all power. but actually I am jumping ahead of myself, that juicy tidbit of knowledge we will save for the chapter, pure creation — that is what you are!

Now, if we look at conventional society, we see millions and millions of people geared towards the idea, of this future barrelling towards them. Millions of people are actually living in a pseudo-future-reality, not now.

So we see one of the “mistakes” of a society; it being driven by the idea of a future barreling towards them.

Lots and lots of people have talked about the concept that the only thing that exists is the now moment.

You can see that what is stopping people from experiencing the now, is the above concept.

Now, that is a powerful thing.

So, I played a little trick on you. The trick was saying there is no future.

Well actually here is where it gets maybe a little trickier.

There is no future,

And there is a future.

Wait a minute, you’re saying, what’s going on?

I guess I have some explaining to do?

The reason that there is no future is everything is NOW.

And the reason there is a future is we also live in a “relative now”*.

Still confused?

Here’s more.

Both statements are true in the above statements, because of us!

(There is actually a hidden truth in that last statement. Very hidden.)

If we choose to expand our awareness, then we see everything is now. But if you go back and think like everyone else, you “move” back into the “relative now”*.

[* I define the “relative now” as meaning the everyday awareness, moving out of the eternal now, and back to the conventional way of relating to life. sort of like making the now “relative” and dependent to the “future” according to the
positioning of your awareness.]

Both awarenesses exist, are real, have validity, because of us.

We CHOOSE which awareness we want!  The “eternal” one or the
“everyday” one. That is the key.

And all of this was done by one little concept:

There is no future! Amazing.

Chapter 3. Immortality, the Different Kinds

Immortality and the different kinds.

Now what exactly do I mean by that statement !

Surely there is only one kind?

Well, maybe not.

There is a small thought/belief that voices itself this way:

What you believe is.

Because of that statement,……. it is probable that you could think yourself out of existence. probable, who knows for sure.

Let’s say you believe that after you die, your consciousness is extinquished, it seems a high probability that is what happens. Or maybe you just become inert…….. (because of the law of eternality)

That is non-immortality.

Now, the other forms of immortality are, after-death, your spirit lives on. (which happens  automatically — remember the universe, and everything in it is eternal). Then there is another immortality or in better words — the conscious decision of length of stay in body.

Question, if everything is eternal, then why is it also not “automatic” to live on in the physical.

Answer, this reality is ruled by belief systems. What you believe is.

If everyone around you did not age, would you?

Chapter 4.  Hope is Not the Nice Word We
Thought It Was

Hope is not the nice word we thought it was.

One day I was driving down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, during the
Christmas Season, when I saw this huge billboard.

It was a billboard of Stoli-Vodka. (A fond memory of my ancient, I repeat, ancient, drinking days — though I did prefer whiskey over vodka.) When you start expanding, it’s almost impossible to drink. One of the reasons, there being not so many problems to drink away!!

On the billboard were all these words, spelled out of this one word, (I can’t remember the exact word.)

The idea was to convey the Spirit of Christmas.

As I was looking at the billboard, there was one word that really jumped out at me.

What was that word ? Right, you guessed it – Hope.

Now….. I really didn’t know why, but it puzzled me.

So here I am trying to figure out why I was disturbed by the word, when it hit me like a ton of bricks crashing all over me. It had to do with the whole timing of the year, and the gist of the billboard.

The whole combination worked together on my mind, and I came up with the following thought: our definition of the word hope automatically puts us in a space that comes from weakness.

“I hope such and such will happen, etc…”

It comes from a space of dis-empowering your-Self.

Now some of you will argue, what are you talking about?

But if you apply what this whole book is about, you will see my point.

I leave it up to you to see that point.

Chapter 5. Death is Obsolete and Outmoded

Death is obsolete and outmoded. (and naturally, disease!)

You’re probably saying, yeah right, sure it is. What about some of my relatives that recently passed away, what about them?  Or the fact that there are millions of people dying every day. Answer that one.

Well, coming from that argument, I would have to shift my perspective. Change it into coming from your perspective, and after doing that ……..

I would agree with you whole heartedly.

But, that is not what I really want to end up doing.

I would rather come from a higher awareness, a higher perspective, a higher consciousness.

And from there, I would see that all the people that you talked about, all the examples you gave me, they had one thing in common.

What is it?

Again, it is what is stressed in the other chapters.

The continuous moment to moment awareness, of the victim mentality (in regards to the “future”) has no choice but to bring about death, and other things.

If you make the total switch, the total switch to the awareness that I am talking about, all things are possible.

If you do not make the switch, it is utterly impossible (in your mind).

Hence the title of this chapter.

Question, …..could there be, in the future (near or far), a race of people that have, by recognizing the limitations of their belief systems, come to the conclusion that death is obsolete and outmoded?

(Once again to quote from chapter. 3 — if everyone around you did not age, would you?)

And what about *individuals ?

I leave that to your imagination.

*I N D I V I D U A L I T Y –

D I V I – N I – T Y

There will be more info on the above word in the next chapter, stay tuned!

Chapter 6. Center of the Universe? Why,
Every I AM, Of Course

The I AM………


The following is one of the biggest headaches known to mankind.

The headache is as follows:

For some strange reason, (power over people, perhaps!?) our history is filled to the brim with circumstances where the divinity in man, otherwise known as in-divi-duality, is so far withheld it’s ridiculous.

In so many words, it is categorically stated that all happenings are going on anywhere but inside your-Self.

Now it is to the point (actually has been that way for a while) where in modern society it is on a sort of infinity loop system.

Unless, of course, you make the effort to jump out of the loop.

A couple of paragraphs up, I mentioned the word divinity-divine.

It seems this word, divine, and you could also say the word spirituality, are creating a couple of mixups. (I sense I will be treading on thin ice with some people!)

What I am getting at, (yeah, what is he getting at), is that through the ages, these words and other ones, have sort of created this “fake” separation between your-Selves. A fake separation between you and the impulse and joy of all-life.

IE: To be “spiritual” you are only supposed to act a certain way, (God forbid if you get angry?!!?)….. There is this “book”, you look up the word spiritual — and lo and behold without any effort on your part, it will tell you how to act and be “spiritual.”

(Some of you are saying, where can I get this book, is it out of print!?)

Now, what I am saying is……. ultimately IS there a difference between physical and spiritual, and if there is, take me to that exact point?

There isn’t.

But,…… day in and day out, we run around like there is.

After having said all that, I bring up the name of this chapter…. Center of the Universe, every I AM.

As the title suggests, all I AM’s are the center of the universe.

Therefore, every person, (the I AM), feels like their consciousness is central …..is at the center of things.

When a person is acting from his “godhood,” he is acting from his/THE center. When he does things, he does them truly.

Nothing can be done, really, from the peripheral.

Now,…there is a reason that all I AM’s are at the center………..

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to spell that out in words.

(That’s why zen masters, when asked eternal questions, will not answer in words, and wander off, or do strange actions.)

(At this point, in mid book-writing-mode, the author wanders off and starts rummaging in his old wooden chest, mumbling to him-Self the whole time??!!)

To spell it out for your-Self, that is something left up to each in-divi-duality*.

[*in-divi(ne)-duality: meaning the “divine” becomes dual.]

(Which if you think about it is….. the only way for –ALL THAT IS /All of Pure Potentiality — to be able to narrow itself down to CHOOSE and experience.)

That is the “divine” purpose of the ego.

To choose.

Note; ego in ancient sanskrit means – I do –

Karma in ancient sanskrit means – To do –

Chapter 7. Relativity of “Perfection”

This is a perfect chapter to follow the last one. (Sorry, I could’na resist that one.)

Relativity of Perfection.

What does that mean.

Well, quite simply, we will look at it from, let’s say, two views. The one view is normal society’s view, and the other would be the “expanded view”.

From the normal view, when you mention the word, the thought pattern is generally as follows; that there is, “somewhere out there” (I think I heard it was close to the Nebularian Galaxy, but don’t quote me on that one though), this pattern of perfection. Of course “this pattern is nowhere near me.”

……… That this pattern does not live within us.

The other view, says the opposite.

It recognizes something. (Refer back to last chapter.)

And from that recognition, comes this thought:

It says, could it be that perfection, is generated from within me, instead of on the “outside”?

He will then start to see this inherent perfection* wherever he looks.

Because he has placed it in the right place, coming from within himself.

From that perspective, an in-divi-dual is the bearer of standards for him-Self.

He acts, not looking for the stamp of approval from society, or his peers.

He will trust him-Self. (Which has been a problem, down through the ages.)

So then finally, you have the following: all actions are generated from the mental viewpoint of the inherent perfection in the doer, and all things, from a viewpoint of oneness.

This explains the freedom (or freehood) of someone who is enlightened. en-(light)-ened. (as in lightening up the load). He is no longer crippled by trying to do the “right” thing, — No thanks to the brainwashing that there is no inherent perfection inside him.

[*This reminds me of something that happened to me, years ago.

Somewhere I had picked up the above concept, and as an experiment, decided to walk around continously with the following thought:

Everything I look at has an inherent perfection.

I did this so for about 4-5 days straight. On the 5th day, I was at a friend of a friend’s house.

Now, the following happened without my really thinking about it.

I walked in and was just looking around, when my eyes fell on one of the lampshades in the house.

I looked at the lampshade, and thought to myself, boy that’s a really nice-looking lampshade. I especially like the hole in it, that’s a nice touch.

I’m all into admiring it, when suddenly I’m thinking, “Wait a minute — a hole in it?!!?”

And suddenly the whole situation hit me – I had been automatically seeing the inherent perfection in all things.

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