Who Creates What by Paul Roberts

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 1999, Issue 6

Who Creates What
by Paul Roberts

…a YCYOR* Perspective on Littleton, Kosovo, etc.
(* You Create Your Own Reality)

The recent rash of really bad news, from Kosovo, from Littleton, and most recently from the Tornado bashed plains of Oklahoma where upwards of 40 are dead, has driven some YCYOR folks on a Seth list I’m on to grapple with the question of who creates what in such instances.

In offering my initial comments on my beliefs in this area, I used the analogy of painting:  I have the most control over a canvas I am painting in my studio, a lot of control over the inner walls of my house, though other hands (grimy little ones especially) might change the color of my walls to something I do not prefer, less control over the outer walls, where the environment, flora and fauna can effect even more change, and only the slightest residual control over my neighbors houses:  perhaps they might like the festive black and blue color scheme I choose for my outdoor walls and trim.

A few folks who responded disagreed with me completely.  Their view of “Sethian” thought, and reality, was that each of us creates reality entirely on our own, including, of course, our experience of both pleasant and not so pleasant events occurring near or far from the epicenter of our own conscious awareness.   Someone brought up some of the experiments/thinking being done in the area of quantum physics, where the conclusions drawn are congruent with the metaphysical meta-principle that consciousness creates reality.

But the situation is actually a little more complex in the holographic multiverse we inhabit, singularly and together, than that basic experiment implies.  To the extent that I have examined the Seth materials, he does seem to agree with a more complex version of things I will set forth below.  Though others here will have to find chapter and verse to support this statement—believe he in fact does use the metaphor of each of us creating on the little piece of the larger metaphysical canvas which is experienced as the “mass reality.”

First, let me start of with a delightful bit of quantum physics/reality creation that is already being manifested.  The owner of the company I work for told me recently about his physics (or engineering??) professor at Princeton who had been doing some amazing experiments:  Prof created a doohickey that would shoot forth some quantum particle or other—I forget which one, probably electrons.  The particle would spin either left or right—and the spin direction was measurable on a recording device.  A strictly random sampling produced the (expected) result that about half the time particles spun one way, and half the time the other.  Now here’s the good part <grin>:  Friend Prof, this skeptical, rational, scientist type with no taste for metaphysics whatsoever, found that by simply concentrating his thought, he could cause a statistically significant deviance from the probablistic 50/50 outcome in the direction he chose!!!  <Laughing>  He has no clue as to why it works—or what it implies.  So yes, here in fact is some more objective proof positive of the assertion that the observer is in fact able to influence the outcome of the experiment—the nature of reality—by thought alone.  Of course this is very congruent with the Sethian idea of EEU’s (electromagnetic energy units)—which have the ability to cause manifestation into the physical realm from the nonphysical.

Now let’s play.  Imagine we had a roomful of observer/scientists—say 100—and each was able to focus his/her creative intentionality to the same degree as the other 99.  The machinery described above is set up and put in motion.  99 of the scientists have been instructed to think RIGHT—and one LEFT.  What would be the probablistic outcome recorded on the machine?  I would assert that there would be a statistically significant skew to the RIGHT—not a 50/50 distribution—not a skew to the LEFT.  Once again, we can draw on the EEU model—there were 99 EEUs for RIGHT shooting out of the localized consciousness entities for each EEU of LEFT.  It’s not that the EEU’s for LEFT didn’t manifest—or were cancelled out.  On the quantum probabalistic level there’s no need to make such gross Newtonian assumptions.  Nope, let’s allow for the possiblity that ALL the EEU’s manifested—but since there were 99 times as many manifesting RIGHT than LEFT.  Our recording device shows the skew in that direction.

Now let’s further complexify the experiment by removing the constraint of equivalence among observers.  Certainly we all agree that some of us (at the egoic entity level) are more adept at consciously creating our reality than others and hopefully all of us are more adept now then we were before.  In fact, that is part of what a new proposed list (discussed on the current seth list) is about: how to become more fluid, more adept, more of an artiste, as it were, in her ability to manifest our heart’s desires with less static, shmutz or contra-creation. (Urkelization:  DID I DO THAT?)  So let’s assume that over time it’s possible to get better at this game of FOCUSING our intentionality to create exactly what we want…just like one can learn to focus a magnifying glass in sunlight so as to be able to set paper afire.

Back to our hundred scientists:  Let’s replace our one contrary scientist who focused on LEFT with Sai Baba – who has apparently gotten so good at this FOCUSING game that he can make something out of nothing, exist simultaneously in multiple places – yanno, the usual quantum/miraculous stuff.  So now, here are 99 scientists with a focusing ability of say, 3 out of 1000, on one side in this metaphysical tug-o-war…and Sai Baba with a focusing ability of 990 out of 1000 on the other.  Just doing the simplistic math in this simplistic  model using positive numbers for RIGHT and negative for LEFT, you get 3*99= 297 (for our scientists) minus  990*1 (for Sai Baba)  = -693—a probabilistic outcome in Sai Baba’s direction.  Yep—in this particular game I’d choose Sai Baba’s ability to focus so as to manifest outcomes over 99 scientists any day of the week.  I’m reminded of a favorite Damon Runyon quote:  “The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…but that’s the way to bet.”

Now let’s kick it up one more notch:  Rather than a discrete scale of 0 – 1000 for describing the ability to focus, let’s make it a continuous infinite scale, and allow for the fact that all the observers have potentially differing abilities to focus that would put them anywhere on that scale:  From the Sai Baba types on one end to those who haven’t woken up from the dream at all on the other. (The ones with metaphysical attention deficit disorder—she loves me, she loves me not—your basic clueless, albeit lovable, George Costanza) and that instead of 100 observers/participants we have, ohh, say, 7 or 8 billion.  NOW we are moving towards a more accurate approximation of what’s going on in the holographic multiverse we call planet Earth when it comes to influencing particle spin in a controlled experimental environment—or any one of an infinite number of reality instantiations in that thing which is experienced by us as a “mass reality.”

For that reason, I disagree profoundly (and respectfully) with what is to me the simplistic, reductionisic metaphysical perspective which has been floating around which makes ME as an individual egoic consciousness entity responsible for MY creation of Littleton, Kosovo, the Holocaust, etc.  The more holographic, accurate, and I believe EMPOWERING metaphysical perspective (more on empowerment below) is this:  As a non-physical entity I chose to insert myself into this part of the space time continuum—a locus point in “history” which has some peculiar, even unique characteristics, compared to the “prior” loci of recorded history, anyway.  Deciding to be here now is going to cause/allow me to have some unique experiences not available to entities, say, in 500 BC— all as a result of the miracle <grin> of modern technology.

First, the advent of technology has made it possible for egoic operating entirely from Framework 1 (physical reality) with no regard for Framework 2 (non-physical) to create an effect ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE greater than possible before…not always a kewl thing.  I mean, really, Caligula, Attila the Hun, Vlad the Impaler–these guys were pikers really—they just didn’t have the TOOLS to do a nasty job in a really big way.  Hitler, Stalin, Mao on the other hand, were able to harness the goodies of mid-twentieth century technology—particularly weaponry and communications technologies, to nudge into physicality the mass reality, between the three of them, of about 150 million deaths.

Remember that concurrent with Hitler, Stalin, Mao we’ve got the likes of Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, and an unknown host of others, more or less consciously creating in an OPPOSITE direction…speaking peace to war, binding up the sick, tending the untended as they pass from this life…largely as a result of their being willfully plugged in, as consciously awakening entities, to the benevolent intentionality flowing into our egoic space, if we have ears to hear, from Framework Two into Framework one.

Ahh yes…Spin left…Spin right…and so it goes.

Second, that same technology has made me, as an egoic entity, privy to all sorts of events an egoic entity on earth would not experience to the same degree in earlier times.  Used to be, for example, that after a U.S. presidential election, it would take weeks for people throughout the land to find out who won!!! Today, a tree falls in the primeval forests Sumatra…the egoic I hears it on the Discovery Channel…so ergo, eureka, and gollygee, it makes a sound!!!

In a nutshell, I am experiencing Littleton not necessarily because of the Littleton within (though that is certainly a POSSIBLE contributor—conventional psychology called that stuff undealt with Shadow material, for what its worth) but CERTAINLY I am experiencing all KINDS of experiences because of all these microphones everywhere!  Tree falls in forest…I hear it.  JonBenet bludgeoned…I hear it…Nicole Brown hacked to dealth…I hear it…Dewey Beats Truman…I hear it.

To anyone who subscribes to the “YCYOR…Therefore I created Littleton” version of the metaphysics, I offer the following wager:  Let’s go with YOUR contention.  YOU created that gawdawful mess—OK, now take responsibility for YOUR creation—and (I would assume it is not what you desire) uproot YOUR misery producing belief(s) so you just don’t create that kind of mess again.  I will bet $1000 to your dollar that you cannot keep from experiencing the next Littleton or the next Kosovo…the next man made (or natural) screwup which makes the national news and thereby enters the plane of your awareness.  Of course, it’s a sucker bet you can’t win—because the minute you come to me to collect, I’d ask you (sly fox that I am) “Collect on what?”, and you’d have to tell me such and such piece of terrible news—which means you WERE experiencing the mess, so you hadn’t been able to avoid participation in the mass reality—whether you wanted to or not.  The only way, actually, to keep from experiencing an awareness of mass reality events, good or bad, is to create ostrich reality:  put a paper bag over your head and hide under the bed…surely, from a mature and robust metaphysical perspective, not the kind of creative, empowered engagement with our multiverse All That Is calls us to.

The end result of that metaphysical perspective, I assert, is a terrible feeling of DISEMPOWERMENT rather than empowerment:  It’s like the riotous Billy Crystal nebbish character from early Saturday Night Live TV show who says “Yanno how it is when you stick pins through your lips and suck down a bunch of jet fuel and barf it up all over your face while playing with matches and then your face catches fire.  I HATE WHEN I DO THAT.”  Similarly here:  “Christ on a crutch!!!  I HATE when I create earthquakes and wars and random outbursts of senseless violence.  I HATE when I do that!!!   Why am I DOING that???  How am I doing that???  How do I STOP???  Doctor, somebody, help me PLEASE!”.

Of course, once you shift perspective just a teensy bit, and acknowledge that mass reality is a “WE” job rather than an “I” job, everything falls nicely into place.  Now we’re ready to grasp the POWER of the 100 Monkey Effect— and we begin to get a strong sense of our true purpose and our power—which Seth alludes to as well, I do believe, in talking about the probablistic possibilities of major transitions round about 2075.

Yes indeed—let us all together now visualize whirled peas.

For those not familiar with it, the 100 Monkey Effect is this:  Scientists studying monkeys in the many scattered islands of Indonesia (if I remember correctly), noticed that when a certain number of monkeys on Island A learned some new task, then spontaneously <chuckle> the monkeys on Island B would begin to get the smarts too!  The islands were not traversable—so it wasn’t that smart monkey from Island A swam to Island B and played monkey messiah.  Nah—I say it was dem ol’ EEU’s—getting to some point of critical mass so that there was some kind of psychic brain dump from island to island.

Back to us monkeys here:  Willis Harmon, head of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (now disceased), former professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford, former presidential advisor, etc, wrote a book called Global Mind Change.  The fundamental premise of the book was that we are in the beginning (middle? end?) of an incredible paradigm shift (sorry for the overused term) based on the emerging awareness that— yeppers— consciousness creates reality, rather than the other way around.

I read recently (I forget where) that perhaps 40 million of us have hooked up to this new paradigm understanding in one way or another—not all orthodox Sethies, of course.  Let’s see, 40 million out of 8 billion—that’s only ½ of 1% of the world’s current population.  I dunno what the 100 monkey critical mass is here, or if we’ve reached it yet, but it’s sure clear that thanks (once again) to the incredible power of the technologies at our fingertips (yay NET!), the capacity to transmit earth changing ideas and awareness from one egoic entity to another is powerfully augmented at this time.  Sure, neo-nazis can hook up and coordinate the time and place of the next neo-nazi fancy dress ball… but <chuckling> we can (and do) hook up too…and the multiverse being skewed as it is towards benevolence, we have a secret weapon, as it were, to make better merchandise of the power of communication.  Fact is, once brother Nazi wakes up, he’s joining our team… ain’t none of us awake gals and guys EVER joining his.

It’s really easy to see the effect of this POWER in communications technology to disseminate new perspectives and thus help create new realities by looking over our psychic shoulder at that which we call history:  A mere two hundred years ago it was considered fine in the best of families (Washington, Jefferson) to have slaves.  100 years ago, women had no vote in this, the cradle of democracy.  Even 50 years ago, metaphysical tools for experiencing other states of consciousness, including the ultimate state of pure no boundary awareness, were largely in the custodial care of an incredibly few monastic types in both the east and the west.  Today, the primal no boundary consciousness experience is so much the common coin of the realm that it barely gets a nod, much less a question on dozens of metaphysical lists and chat rooms.  It’s the stuff of Oprah, and almost passe:  “Oh yeah—been there, done that, got the tie-dye t-shirt and (perhaps most importantly) know how to do it again.”

However…in spite of the power of communications technologies, part of the challenge in communicating metaphysical information with contracted consciousness entities such as us humans is that egoically we can be limited in subtle ways difficult to grasp both by our ontological sensibilities (who AM I/i?) and our linguistic limitations.  The first paper bag  is actually easier to bust out of than the second.  An appreciation and an ability to experience transpersonal states of consciousness exists in all kinds of cultures, “primitive” and postmodern alike.   It’s pretty amazing how much alike mystics sound, across centuries and cultures and religions.  But trust me that you’re gonna have one helluva challenge explaining probabilistic outcomes, continuums, quantum leaps, etc to a bush people who’s language for counting is limited to “one,” “two,” and “many.”  Similarly, Eskimos must think Minnesotans linguistically way unequipped to model the complexity of even THIS reality when they have 30 words for SNOW to our one.  And of course anyone who’s ever spent time in the metaphysical construct called Christianity knows that the Greeks had 4 totally different words for what we simplistically call LOVE.

Yes, our language is like the water in which the fish swims…barely noticed, we are immersed in it continually, and see over its cognitive walls with much difficulty indeed.  We have each grown up, been immersed in the belief pool, and imbued with a language that recognizes a singular 4 dimensional reality of 3D space plus time—and our place in that singular reality as being bounded by the envelope of our skin.  So when we start to grasp for words to model the N dimensional holographic multiverse we create/inhabit individually/together…it ain’t easy!!!  All of us—quantum physicists, generic new agers, Sethies, and Seth too—find ourselves turning to the tools of the poet: metaphor, symbol, analogy, simile, allegory, etc. in the attempt to somehow get past the boundaries of limited and limiting ontological and linguistic perspectives.

So, to close the circle here—back to the two different analogies we started with in the beginning:  Am I contributing to THE mass reality by noodling on my little corner of Seth’s vast metaphysical/metaphorical canvas?  Or— sitting in Seth’s allegorical living room with others, am I experiencing one of a billion simultaneously instantiated coffeetables?

Putting the same question ontologically:  Who am I, anyway?  A 47 year old American male living in New Jersey?  A non-physical Inner Self being, creating that 47 year old, and perhaps Ghengis Khan and Mae West and Ralph the Wonder Dog and 3 or 4 dozen other physical expressions of consciousness—simultaneously inserted and living out their individual conscious existences in different parts of the space/time continuum.  Or— (hoo-ahhh!) am I the one, the only, the all encompassing “I AM”—“All That Is”— experiencing joy as the no boundary play of pure consciousness that creates ALL creations in all multiverses, including a multiplicity of secondary (tertiary, quaternary, etc.) ontologies, such as (but not limited to) the Inner Selves that then create the multiplicity of physically incarnating egoic states such as but not limited to that localized awareness of Paul from New Jersey—an awareness which most of us, in our ignorance, still call “reality”.  WOW.

Putting the same question in the language of quantum physics—is it a wave, or is it a particle?

The answer to the question is, of course, a resounding YES—and, natch, an equally resounding NO!

Who’s on first?  Third Base!

And if THAT don’t put a grin on your face, then I don’t know what!

Paul is a 47 year old smarter than your average bear who mostly drags his furry carcass around the wilds of New Jersey with the occassional sortie to New York City, Mexico, Alpha Centauri and points west  (or is it north?). Currently in the midst of creating much sun, sand and surf on the beach in his brain, he is busy with a number of reality creation projects, including an easter egg hunt for Ms. Metaphysique 1999.    If you’ve seen her anywhere, wanna rub noses, or bump uglies in a loving zen samurai duel of words/ideas,you can reach him at [email protected]