CCJ – December 2000 – January 2001

December 2000 – January 2001 Issue

All the Time in the World (Dec2000-Jan2001) by ChiaraDina Cerweny
Book Perspectives: Visitations & Speaking of Jane Roberts (Dec2000-Jan2001) by John J. McNally and Kristen Fox
Channelings Du Jour (Dec2000-Jan2001)
Childhood – Stories and Memories (Dec2000-Jan2001) by gAel
Core Beliefs-From Flat Earth to Personal Space Continuums (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Kristen Fox
Cosmic Motion Picture Company – Bon Appetit! (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Sharon Mendenhall
Death & the Naked Goddess (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Burl Hall
Developing a Reflective Life in the Midst of Turmoil (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Dr. Asoka Selvarajah
Dreaming the Life You Want (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Mia Pokorny
Five Inspirational Writings (Dec2000-Jan2001) by M. Tamar
It’s All About Love – How to Live a Better Life (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Stephen Jensen
Magnetic Magic (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Rev. John Kohlenberger
Navigating Probabilities (Dec2000-Jan2001) by John McNally
Unlocking the Genie of Your Soul (Dec2000-Jan2001) by Gail E. Steuart & Barry Blumstein
Victoria’s Web (Dec2000-Jan2001) by gAel