Excerpts from Diary of a Goddess: Bon Appetit! by Sharon Menhenhall

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2000 – January 2001, Issue 15

Excerpts from Diary of a Goddess: Bon Appetit!
by Sharon Menhenhall

Introduction to this uniquely flavored material: When I was seventeen, I read the book “1984,” and I knew that something would happen in 1984 that would change my life. And it did!  A book in the library fell off the shelf and hit me on the head, so I checked it out. Since then Seth not only has spoke to me, he has yelled, loudly.  Something about “You Create Your Own Reality, so get a clue, Jack!”

Fifteen years later, when I was just about able to convince Seth my name wasn’t Jack, here comes Elias to hit me on the head with a big hammer. I’m still in the process of getting a clue, but I had to do it my way. Put it in my own words, so Elias would put that damn hammer down. The result was some type of outlandish diary. A diary about me and my jumbled up concepts. I have no other excuse. If I did, I would definitely use it.

I created a reality entitled, “Diary of a Goddess.” It started out just a little at a time, just some random thoughts that I spontaneously committed to electronic paper. But then mysteriously, the chapters started to link together, and some 350 pages later I began to wonder what to do with all this stuff. Some of it is funny, DAMN funny.  (Oh my, Spiritual Humor! I always thought that was an oxymoron.)

I’m just a hitchhiker travelin’ through the universe and lookin’ for a good time, as we all are. The diary has been just plain fun for me, and I hope it will be for you also. If either Seth or Elias start hitting you over the head with a hammer, well, I had nutin’ to do wif’ it. You’re on your own.

Reader, beware!

Sharon Mendenhall
The Cosmic Motion Picture Company presents

Bon Appetit

There’s a Belief down in my intent bar, called the Coffee Belief, and I prefer him rich and black, with perhaps a little flavoring on the vanilla or  chocolate side, and fresh ground beans. I never put cream in my Coffee  Belief, unless I’m tempted by those flavored creamers, because my Edgar Cayce Belief told me that mixing cream and coffee upsets the Stomach Belief.

My Coffee Belief and me have a good thing going in the early morning, when he sits with my Energy Belief and together they discuss my day. I had some trouble with my Coffee Belief while I was on vacation, because it seems he was talking with some other people’s Coffee Belief and acquiring new ideas about the Caffeine Belief who is always a little suspect. Sometimes the Caffeine Belief sits on the other side of the room with the Pepsi and Coke Beliefs, but most of the time he sits with the Coffee Belief in the early morning because he is in charge of energy and not taste.

It seems as though on my vacation, my Coffee Belief was having a round table discussion with everyone else’s Coffee Belief, and they were all pointing an accusing finger at the Caffeine Belief, who was so upset he finally reallocated to a table by himself with his head hanging low. My Caffeine Belief was being accused of committing every type of vile transgression known to mankind, especially in the range of conferring directly with the Disease Belief and plotting some type of conspiratorial subversive attack against my upstanding and sanctified Whole Body Belief. My Caffeine Belief did state in his defense, that he only had a passing acquaintance with Juan Valdez, and  never once partook of passing secret documents with the intent of  invigorating devastating terrorist activity. But his words held little weight in a courtroom filled with the foreign
Coffee Belief tribunal, and he was quickly overruled and exiled by democratic legislation.

Besides the fact that my Caffeine Belief was banished, without proper  litigation consisting of a trial by a jury of his peers. My Coffee Belief was  replaced by a member of the foreign Tea Belief judiciary. Some guy named  Herb, who rose to the occasion by proclaiming himself to be the greatly  anticipated returning Messiah. So you can imagine my great surprise when I  sauntered up to the table sleepy eyed to find Herb in charge.

Early in the morning is not my favorite time to resolve Belief disputes,  considering I needed to honor the Foreign Coffee Belief tribunal since they  are employed by a close and much loved blood relation. But I do hold the  option to dismiss the Foreign Belief tribunal from my personal intent bar,  without passing unnecessary prejudicial judgement upon their authenticity.  And even in my somnolent condition I was able mandate a displacement without animosity, however both my Coffee and Caffeine Beliefs were in a deplorable condition, considering the recent threat to their homogeneity.

There is no more primitive and duplicitous, motley-headed, fire-breathing  monster than the titanic dragon of food that regulates the physical dimension  with an iron paw.  Nor is there a St. George that can keep the ravenous  dragon at bay for very long. I can choose to feed any one of the multifarious  heads, but one of them will always demand to be nourished.

I assume it was different in St. George’s day, when the dragon was sparse headed, and any wayward consumable would suffice, with no discussion of  caloric content or nutritional value. The qualification for consumption was  that it had at least stopped wiggling, but that was not a hard and fast rule.

The modern day dragon heads are not ruled strictly by taste and availability, but by names more complex, that sometimes incorporate percentages of fat, carb., cholest., sugar, sodium, and protein, and in some cases has reduced  the highly individualized taste to a subordinate position. Taste has been displaced to the back of the tongue by the personalized and magisterial diet, which resides on the tip of every modern-day woman’s tongue.

Diet for most people is a process of weeding out the offenders, and  consuming only that which remains untainted, although I can hardly imagine a food that remains totally unblemished by today’s processes of extreme scientific and microscopic scrutiny. Which leaves me only bottle water with a fancy label and an expensive price, and the further it has to travel the better. A well in France is highly superior to the one down the street, or at least that’s what the label says.

Anyway, that was my vacation, and this is now. Me and both my Coffee Belief and my Caffeine Belief are on amiable terms. In fact this very morning they both said, “Hey, fuc’em if they can’t take a joke!” I drank the entire pot,  all ten cups, and my Cigarette and Nicotine Beliefs joined the party.

Bon Appetit!

©2000, Sharon Mendenhall.  Most of the art is also ©2000, Ragen Mendenhall.  Printed in the October-November 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  http://www.consciouscreation.com (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Sharon Mendenhall has been a lover, a fighter, a bareback movie scriptwriter, and much more. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is no excuse, and has three children, which is also no excuse. She is a published writer, having written one story, in one book that was published. But you will find her name in italic print if you turn to page 23 of “Expect Miracles” by Mary Ellen. They even spelled it correctly….

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