Navigating Probabilities by John J. McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2000 – January 2001, Issue 15

Navigating Probabilities
by John J. McNally

Last week I was listening to “Dreamland with Whitley Strieber” on the radio. The subject was Chem-trails, which is one that I’ve been both curious about and skeptical of since I first heard of it a couple of years ago. At first I thought the idea was laughable, one of the more entertaining paranoid fantasies that are circulating on the web, then I started noticing the contrails left behind by jets in the sky overhead, noticing some of the patterns that others had described. I found myself wondering a bit at the possibility, and then that radio show came on.

One of the callers to the show was someone from Panoche Valley, only several miles from where we live. She claimed to have witnessed many of the classic Chem-trail patterns, and that people who went hiking in the hills by her house were developing mysterious sores on their legs. The woman sounded very down to earth and sincere, I have no doubt that she has witnessed these things, although living so close to her, I should be experiencing them as well.

Chem-trails, for those who are unfamiliar with them, are theorized to be some sort of chemical spraying being done by the military for purposes unknown. A normal jet aircraft will produce a contrail, which is supposed to dissipate within a few minutes of its passing. Chem-trails are said to linger in the air hours after the plane has passed, and are usually laid down in specific geometric patterns (like a tic tac toe board) which often merge into one large cloud later on, making the sky overcast.

My own beliefs about the Chem-trails were very ambivilent. Proponents of them usually believe in large government conspiracies and plots to harm the populace, things that always struck me as absurd. On the other hand I guess my belief that governments often do stupid things while having good intentions may have given me just enough of a nudge to accept the possibility of the Chem-trail existence.

I realized that it was in my power to try and contact this caller. I live in a very rural area, and it probably wouldn’t take too much effort to track her down. Then I could see for myself some of the things she spoke of, such as the criss-cross patterns made by the planes (which I’ve never seen in the sky over my house) or the odd cobweb like material falling from these patterns. But did I really want to do this? Every step I would take further down that path would only bring such a horror further into my reality. If I was to confirm what she has been experiencing, I would open the door to experience it myself. Then, the hills by my house would no longer be safe to walk on (I walk my dogs all the time), and I would have to worry about the health effects on myself and my family.

I realized what an excellent demonstration of separate space continuums was unfolding before me. Here was a neighbor, literally living down the road from me, who was experiencing a worldwide mass event directly and physically. Yet the same mass event was not actually occurring in my reality! Think of the power that is inherent here. The power that each of us as a conscious creator has been given to wield. No event, big or small, is beyond your ability to control merely by changing your beliefs.

Critics to reality creation have often accused me of burying my head in the sand, not paying attention to some social condition that they are focused on. I could only reply from an intuitive standpoint, sensing that their approach was actually just adding more energy into the situation than anything else. Here was something quite different though, experiential proof of the concept that each of us is creating the entirety of our own reality individually, and not en-masse.

As I stood at the gateway to either accepting the Chem-trail reality into my experience or not, I did a little further research on the web. Proponents of the Chem-trail phenomenon claimed that hospitals around the country are filled with people dying of a strange flu like illness. That the CDC was covering up the statistics, so only by talking to doctors and hospitals could you find out the truth. Well, I work in a hospital, and have since before I heard of Chem-trails. There has been no epidemic, actually it wasn’t even a bad flu season last year. Despite the fact that I had observed planes leaving leaving distinctive contrails behind them off and on for several months.

I want to make this very clear to those who are reading this that if you are experiencing this in your reality, then it is very real for you! However, I have stepped to the edge of this probable event and decided for myself not to experience it.

I want to add a Seth quote from The Nature of Personal Reality, my favorite chapter Which You? Which World? Your Daily Reality as the Expression of Probable Events: “The overall private experience that you perceive forms your world, period. But which world do you inhabit? For if you altered your beliefs, and therefore your private sensations of reality, then that world, seemingly the only one, would also change.”

Seeing this process unfold before me has opened my consciousness toward looking beyond the apparent solidity of any belief, both large and small – here are a few examples:

On the national level, I’ve created a reality in which the two presidential candidates I didn’t like, didn’t really win the election. It helped expose many of the systems flaws which I intend on releasing, so that I may create a government which is more aligned with who I am.

On a personal level, I discovered that Poinsettia’s are not really poisonous – a rock solid fact from my childhood, which can be found in medical texts, turned out to be based on an urban legend. I always liked Poinsettias, and had to avoid buying them when I owned animals that might be tempted to eat them. “Discovering” that they were not really poisonous brought just a little more joy into my life.

I think Jane Roberts said it best years ago when reading excerpts of the Nature of Personal Reality to her ESP class: “anything that you see as a ‘fact’ is an invisible belief!… An invisible belief folks!”

(c)2000, John J. McNally.   Published in the December 2000 – January 2001 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.