Dreaming the Life You Want by Mia Pokorny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2000 – January 2001, Issue 15

Dreaming the Life You Want
(and then living the life you dream)
by Mia Pokorny

My favorite holiday of the year is coming up: Christmas. I have always thought of it as a magical, miraculous time. Being a conscious creator, every moment vibrates with the Christmas-like quality of dreams coming true. Well, at least, theoretically. ;o)

What is a miracle? A dream come true? Everything that falls out of a linear-progression-logic is considered magic. But it’s not, it really is science. It’s quantum physics. It’s electrons NOT moving from one place through space to land in their new location, they just disappear from one level and instantaneously reappear at another. I think it’s hilarious that in order to realize our magic we had to first make it scientifically possible. Hey, anything that works is fine! O.k., so now that it’s official, science-approved and all: we are magic, miracles are the norm (not the exception, or, coincidence), why is it such a little-known fact? Why am I still a smiled-at idealist? I don’t know. And, frankly, I don’t care.

I do know that one day my mind of habitual realism will collapse to take a quantum leap for “magic NOW”. What does it take to jump? Before an electron can leave its original orbit, it needs to absorb sufficient energies to make its leap and reappear in a higher orbit. What does it take for me? Just keep doing what I have been doing: dream outrageously, fantasize, imagine, celebrate the smallest achievements (or, should I called it “allowing”?).

I sometimes wonder why it is that I still feel irritated and stressed out and tend to get angry about it because “I should trust now”. And every “should”, of course, adds to my discomfort. I recently realized, or shall I call it “decided”, that the irritation and stress are my first steps towards effortless happiness & abundance. Why does my transition have to be so dramatic, with struggling and fear and all? I experience some more anger about it because, again, I “should trust”. On the other hand, there are prolonged periods now where everything just flows. I guess, I am just right in the middle of all: old patterns, new truths, emotions; some days I let one program blare in my ears, other days I tune into the new program.

There is one word that repeatedly comes back to me, somebody speaks it to me, I read it in a book or hear it somewhere: surrender. It took me a while to come to terms with it, I needed to figure out what it was NOT, until I came to understand its meaning for me. Surrender is NOT a passive giving-in, being a victim to “fate”. Surrender means letting go, allowing emptiness, letting come. It is – sorry for using this much-quoted image – like the wheat growing in the field, bent by the storm but not broken, continuing to grow and soon ripe and ready to harvest. Sometimes, when I “lie on the ground, beaten down”, I can’t recall ever standing straight and tall. It’s like winter on Vancouver Island: it rains and rains for days, the sky is gray, in fact, everything is gray and you swear, you don’t know what the sun is, you can’t remember how its warm rays feel on your skin or how it gives colors to nature. And then, one day, you wake up, and everything is bright and brimming with life … and you can’t imagine it ever being different … ;o) (and with that, pat yourself on the shoulder because you are truly living in the NOW )

O.k., since this is the “workout” article of this journal, here is a suggestion to experience/practice surrender:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, straighten out your spine, shake out your arms and legs, rotate your ankles and wrists, loosen up a bit. Stand still and feel your weight balanced between your feet. VERY SLOWLY and with your knees soft, bend your body forward. Start with your head and then go down vertebrae by vertebrae until your fingers touch the ground, or, however far you can go without straining your body, as you do this, breathe deeply. Hold your toes (or ankles, or knees, depending on how far you can go) and as you inhale, lift your head up, straighten out your legs and spine, look up with your eyes and stretch out your tongue as far as you can, exhale and drop your head again. You can repeat this a couple of times and then SLOWLY come up again, with your knees soft. When you are in a standing position again, take a moment and feel into your body. You have just surrendered a lot of head, shoulder, back and leg tension. If you experience dizziness, don’t worry, do it slowly and take breaks, or, you can even do this sitting in a chair.

Surrender to your own version of Christmas and the time leading up to it, dance your own dance even if everyone around you seems to be guided by a different song. I’ll use December for looking back and remember all my dreams that came true for me within the past year and dreaming up even more outrageously for the coming one.

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