Magnetic Magic by John Kohlenberger

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2000 – January 2001, Issue 15

Magnetic Magic
by John Kohlenberger

A brief description of a vacation (23 September 2000 to 6 October 2000) To London and Paris … Stonehenge & Bath in England as well as the Loire Valley of France

In late July I found a picture of London (Big Ben, Parliament & the many churches in the area) in a computer magazine. As I had not been there, but thought I would like to go there sometime, I cut it out and taped it to the wall in my office. At the time, I hoped to go there “some day”, maybe in two or three years.  Thus, I made my wish to go to London.

On August 1st my wife’s sister, who lived in Paris, France, made her transition from this level of conscious creativity.  Now, as I look back, I believe that through what some call non-local mind and others call psychic connections (I call it the “InnerNet”) she may have known my wish.  And in that moment she saw needs that she could help fulfill for herself and others – and thus chose to pass on in that time frame.

In early August, while my wife Martine was gone to her sister’s funeral, I found a second picture of London in the next issue of that same magazine and cut it out placing it next to the first picture.

There is a magnetic attraction generated when we touch pictures like these, and energize the universe with our feelings of joy and our hopes of dreams – thus they become more probable, closer to coming true.  Then placing pictures or other things where we have concentrated the universal energy that we are – in view, even in our periphery – helps magnetize that desired experience to us.

After Martine got back from France, towards the end of August, she said that we had to go to Paris together to help her niece, clean out the family home and asked if I would like to stop through London and take the Eurostar to Paris.   Though it seemed that my dreams were coming true much sooner than I had expected, of course I said “yes”. (Actually, I had hoped, for several years, that we/I could do this.)

The next day, Martine had a client on her healing table who had recently been to London and Paris. The client said “Why don’t you take the tour to Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury Chapel”. So we looked into that as we were looking for an airline to travel on.  We then found that American Airlines was running a special that allowed us to stop in London on the way to Paris, stay at a fine hotel by the Palace and take the Eurostar to Paris for only $200 more than flying straight to Paris.

Now, I had dreamed of going to Stonehenge since I was 18 and hoped to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Piccadilly Circus since I was 5 years old and heard my father (who was stationed in England during World War II) talk of these places.

On September 23rd, not two months after cutting out the pictures of London,  we took off for New York, London and Paris!

Dreams do come true, for the conscious mind is electromagnetic (this activity used to be called Creative Magic). Here, in this source, we call it “Conscious Creation”.  Thus our beliefs, our thoughts, our dreams, our attitudes and our emotions actually do form our experience – and even draw things to us magnetically.

On Sept 25th we went to Stonehenge and Bath.  Some time between Bath and Stonehenge I took a picture of what later turned out to look like “Angels”.

Then, while at Bath, I photographed what I call the Bath Master that meditation revealed to be a Teacher/Healer.

In a subsequent Psychic reading I was told that I met the “Bath Master” (who finally got my attention, through a photo) who is an ascended master of the healing arts of massage, herbs and energy work, with whom I have a personal history. (Was he an Essene?) (I may have been at Bath in Celtic times, then again in Roman times [That is why I like New Times Roman])  Though I already do a lot of massage and energy work, I need to work more with Energy, Soul Healing, Spiritual Healing and herbs.

That evening we went to Piccadilly Circus!  The energy was electrical there as well.

On Sept 26th I photographed Buckingham Palace – spirit was there, too.

We also visited Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament and the Temes River that day. On Sept 27th we left London on the Eurostar to go to Paris.

After helping to pack up and clean the family home in Paris, for a few days, we went with Martine’s niece to the Loire Valley in France, the following weekend, to see 4 chateaux … all of which (it turns out) Catherine DiMedicis had something to do with. This trip was unexpected and thus was like frosting on the cake.

We arrived at this chateau in the late afternoon, where Joan of Arc passed through in 1492  (Columbus’ time .. prehistory in the United States) and as there was a fair celebrating the last day of tourist season we saw and photographed people in period costumes.  We were also able to sample not only some local wines but the grapes that produce them.

All the chateaux of the Loire Valley are beautiful, majestic and a little bit magic.  At Blois, I became aware of and saw some of the history (over 500 years) of Europe and of self. Then at Chambourg, I was sure that Walt Disney was inspired (and certainly I was) to conceive “small World”, as the roof has so many varied shape chimneys.

This world at Chambourg spoke of abundance, of beauty, of inner peace and sport, and of a time when all things were taken care of.  It included the energies not only of the many Kings of France and some from England and other neighboring lands, but also such luminaries as Leonardo DiVenci (who designed it).  Further, there was an energy that spoke of Catherine Di Medecis (who eventually owned it) and peasants who were servants and later soldiers of the kings armies when they were housed there.  A rich and long history of humanity (and the soul) was awakened in me while I was there.  Memories of creativity without competition and ownership without possession came alive again.  Before the Piscean/Scientific attitudes took hold, the essentials of life were readily available. But as we (humanity) began to loose our trust in the universe, we thought we had to see all the details of things, people and situations coming to us.  We came to believe that we must plan form start to finish, then know and judge each step then categorize, compartmentalize, dissect, cut nature apart and pick apart humanity we lost this alignment and energy flow to science.

Paris is a city of the Muses; Music, World Class Art, Beauty from around the world, where Intellect and Imagination create a magical blend.  Even at the flower market (where I once worked as a laborer) they now sell herbs and scented oils for healing and the soul, today.  Healing through joy and beauty and inspiration is still a reality today and is still possible today – not only in Paris.  It has not been lost – just suppressed.  Yes, dis-ease may be absorbed into the atmosphere, by the trees and dissipated as they convert our “negative” energies into fertilizer and oxygen.  And as one is healed, others are too (a couple of my clients are better since I was there).

A place for festivities, for Celebration, Ceremony and Creativity – even in times of civil strife.  The French way of life is open to the promptings of spirit, through the seasons and the many and varied ways of living and thinking.  An old friend on mine who grew up in Paris during the WWII claimed that “In France two men can argue and still walk away friends”.  Thus, today, world leaders still travel to places like Champs Elysees and Versailles. The Israeli and Arab leaders were there the same evening we were.

After this healing vacation, it became clear that we need new traditions and ceremonies of celebration of creativity and joy in this country.  This spirit of celebration brings healing both to and from the heart and the inner child.  It is time to blend tradition with the contemporary, magic with the material world and intellect with inspiration, to create a New Renniasance!

©2000, John M. Kohlenberger.   Printed in the December 2000 – January 2001 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)