It’s All About Love – How to Have a Better Life by Stephen Jensen

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2000 – January 2001, Issue 15

Excerpts from the book:
“It’s All About Love – How to Have a Better Life”
by Stephen Jensen

Introduction and Chapter One, Excerpted from the book “It’s All About Love: How to Have a Better Life”


Everyone at some time has asked themselves one or more of the following three questions: “why is the world as it is?”, “who am I?” and “can I change the world or me?” Usually they were asked before you reached the age of ten. What did you answer to these questions then and now? This book will not only answer those questions but it will tell you how you can lay the groundwork to have a truly better life for yourself so that you can create a better life.

The problem I faced in writing a book that brought together quantum science, psychology, spirituality, self help, alternative healing and metaphysics was not knowing where to start. What came first – the chicken or the egg? What was the chicken? What was the egg? Asking that question and trying to solve it is like a dog chasing its tail.

So I decided to start with what I could see out there (Division I) then move to my body because it was the constant in my life – everywhere I went it came too (Division II) then by seeing that what happened out there was directly influenced by me, I looked at how to change me so that I could change what was happening out there (Division III).

Together this gives the full picture – certainly the chicken and the egg – as everything existed either out there in the world or in me.  But which is the chicken and which is the egg? Which came first? The outside world or my body or me? And if I wasn’t my body then who was I? To answer the chicken and egg question the logical answer is that there must be an outside force or power greater than us or we are part of that greater or larger force. But because we are such a small part of it we cannot see that we are a part of it. Historically that greater force has been called God and the energy that God uses to create with is called LOVE. I’ll call this force the Universe. No attempt at explaining life can be complete without a reference to the Universe and I too found it to be unavoidable – as hard as I tried to I had to include spirituality. All roads eventually lead there. But let’s leave that until the end of Division II. The final part of this book then tells you how to heal you so that you can then create the world that you want from a place of purity, truth and Love rather than from the place of limitation that presently stops you having a better life.  It will only ever be through Love that you can have what you want and be happy with it. You see life is all about Love. It is a logical and inescapable conclusion. The final Division shows you how to heal yourself on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This will speed up your receptivity to Love and therefore your ability to have a better life.

To expand on that then, before you can have a better life, one where you can be what you want to be and have what you want to have, you need to see the big picture. What’s happening out there? There’s stuff going on that you don’t know about. A lot of stuff in fact. So why not see what all the options are before choosing what you want more of and what you want to change?  It may be that you are wanting what you want to satisfy a part of you and don’t really know why, or you may be wanting something for a reason that you are unaware of while thinking it is for another reason.

You’ll firstly need to know what sort of a world you are dealing with and how the world works and the impact that it has on you and you have on it. You touch on everything in your life. Division I begins by going behind what you see and looks at the intangible world of ideas, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and experiences and how these energies work together to create your reality – energy itself and the results of that energy in action and how they shape the world. If you want to be who you want to be and have what you want to have then you need to know how the world works. You need to know what you are dealing with.

Then you need to know who it is that is this “you” that lives in this world (Division II will tell you that). Together you can then be in an informed position to choose how to have a better life because now you will have the big picture. Division III is all about house keeping so you can be clear to receive the Love.

In the process of getting to the answer to the question “who am I” this will raise more questions, like “how far back in my past do I go to find out?” And “what is the relevant event or cause of what I am now?” And “where did I start?” Then it gets just plain complicated, and most people get lost or give up and go back to their daily lives looking for other solutions to their problems and questions. This book will deftly take you through that maze of questions so you don’t get lost or confused and the solution becomes abundantly clear.

The solution to this maze is to use a metaphysical framework – a map or guide book as a reference. Metaphysics works within a holistic point of view, i.e., it combines everything that is both hidden or non-physical with the physical world that we all experience with our five senses. I know from my own experience that metaphysics works and that it is a real explanation for how reality works. It is the how, when and wherefore behind what we sense and experience. You’re going to enjoy working with it. It makes so much sense and when you do get the answers there will be a realization within you that you always had the answers but that you had forgotten them. Then you’ll know you’re on the right path.

Metaphysics looks at the energy fields that make up the human and impact on it. More relevant than most people know is the energy of Martyr and Victimhood – both are tools of self punishment that stop us receiving the Love we need to have before our lives can improve.  Most people aren’t aware that they are even doing it.  Anyone who has blamed has played Victim. The basis of self knowledge is taking responsibility for your own lives.  Therefore, in order to do that, Victimhood can no longer be part of your life. There isn’t a person alive today who has not had to deal with Guilt and Self Pity and these are also examined. These emotional blockages of your energy create disease. More importantly they are strong causes of stopping you from being more of the real you and from getting in touch with the Love you need – the fuel – to make the changes that you need to in order to have a better life.

Most people on the planet today are letting limited aspects of who they think they are to control and direct them. They think they know what they want but because they really don’t know who they are, they can’t know what the whole or real them wants.  They are being directed by a limited aspect of themselves.  It is said that they are “asleep” and this applies to most people on the Planet.  That type of life is based on one energy – FEAR. Often behaviors are put in place to stop you feeling this Fear (and anything else for that matter) and so you are even more unaware of your lack of self awareness.  It can be self induced through obsessive compulsive disorders or through addiction. Anything in fact that stops you feeling or experiencing. An addiction is anything that stops you growing internally as a person through behavior that numbs your feelings e.g. “can’t live without my caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or sugar hits each day” just to mention a few. In order to know who you are you will need to go beyond Fear. Again, this is not a painful experience.

By finding out who you are you will learn who you want to be. The process will tell you why you do what you do. Then you will be free to choose to do or not to do what you have been doing. This book will give you this information and the tools needed for self discovery and self and life creation. It is in the outside world that you will find your first clues for finding out who you are at this moment in time and that is why I have started the book there. Knowing who you are lets you be free to take the next step of finding out who your real self is – the part of you that has the Love and isn’t afraid.

In learning who you are, you will touch the essence of who you were in the beginning and who you really are and always were – at the moment you are not in touch with that part of yourself – this is the source of Love. In the beginning you were the innocent being who started out in life with dreams and fantasies but who had to change over the years and who had to become something else. And you lost that original person under the influences of what I call “the usual suspects” – parents, school, church, work, society, government and your peers. You ended up not quite sure of why you were doing what you were doing. Who would you have been if certain things hadn’t happened to you and can you change back into that person? And you will learn why those things happened to change you. Those answers are in you and this book will show you how to find them. This is not a painful experience.

Now you will be free to change what you do and have what this new you wants to have. The only things you will cease to have are those that hurt you and create unhappiness in your life. So it’s a pretty good deal.

Division III shows you how to change you. Here are the techniques on how to clear the blockages and identify parts of yourself that you have not previously been aware of. This is the hands on section of the book. The more stuff you clear away the more Love you let in. It’s like making a hole in a dam. Eventually the amount of water gushing out of the dam demolishes the rest of the wall. Love is the same. As you clear away more Love comes through and burns away the blockages. It’s a rapid process once it starts. Before you know it you’re feeling better than you ever have before and life is wonderful like you’ve never known. You now have a better life and it was all about Love.

Be Inspired

As a result of the outside influences of the world, some people have already given up on living their lives. We see them energyless, shuffling through life, ill, lapsed into decaying habits, burdened and worried, angry, grown resentful of others, bitter, pessimistic and struggling to the point of hopelessness through their powerlessness. Others have settled for mediocrity and its safeness – “don’t rock the boat” attitudes. Just surviving from pay day to pay day – always having one eye on tomorrow and the other over their shoulder on the past. But never really being happy with what is happening now. And if they are – it’s only for a little while at a time.

But there are those who have moved beyond the Fear of limitation, who live richly rewarding lives.  Although it would be denied by most, that is the life that we all want. It is in fact the one available to everyone but it has been chosen and accepted by only those who were willing to have it.  This book will make you aware of this willingness and how to have the life that the real you really wants.

From a knowledge of what this book provides, the application of that knowledge, and its use, you can accelerate your growth as a person, develop the life that you really want and heal your diseases and ill-at-eases. Some of you are sick.  Illness is also part of finding out who you are – a more in your face situation to deal with and that in itself can be beneficial – your body is giving you clues as to what issues you should be looking at.  In many ways you have a head start in finding out who you are.  So knowing who you are is the next step to being able to know how to fix yourself – because in learning how you are put together you will have learnt what is out of balance with you. Knowing who you are will reveal the answers to such questions as the cause of disease and how to heal yourself. Division III brings the information from Divisions I & II and applies that so as to show you how to heal yourself and in so doing letting you become your true self. This is a strong claim but validated time and again throughout the book.

This book is also all about waking you up to who you really are and of you optimizing your potential to being a successful person – whatever that may be for you. To being fully self aware. To being conscious. Once conscious you can start accessing parts of your consciousness which are dormant or unknown to you at the moment. Aspects that make you more of your real self and not just the Ego based identity that is seen to be Bill Jones or Jenny Smith. This is when you will really start to evolve as a human being and resume the position as creator that it was always intended that you would occupy – and not be some zombie at the effect of all around him, dis-eased, dazed and dormant. Fearful as that may sound it is actually an exciting prospect. This is one reason why now you cannot imagine what your life will be like and how it will change when you become self aware. You will go from being a passenger on the bus of mass consciousness to being the driver of your very own custom designed, hand made car. It is time to get off the bus and take the controls of your destiny. Master of your own domain.

This book will be whatever you want it to be – confronting and/or an affront to some, Anger producing to others, a curiosity – especially those who are waiting to be rescued. To others it will be what they have been looking for – whether they know it or not – or a trigger to explore themselves further. Whatever meaning you put on it, it is offered sincerely as an aid to help you come to terms more fully with yourself. Metaphysics is working for me, and from my experience in helping those around me, it is working for them too.

What is put to you in this book is based on my beliefs and you are free to accept or reject all or any part of what I say. I have no formal or informal training in medicine or healing. I do not belong to nor am I am affiliated with any Church or religious group or spiritual organization so I have no one else’s drum to beat.  It is my belief that I do not need to be part of a larger body to support me.  My emotional and spiritual support comes from Love – Self Love and from the Love of others.

Today I live with a richness of experience that allows me to value life as a precious gift free of the struggle that I previously endured and thought essential to being liked but which really did not serve me. I am a totally different person. In the re-evaluation of life I now have compassion. My whole life has changed in ways that I could not have imagined when I was the old me. There is a level of self-esteem, Self Love, self acceptance, self-worth, freedom from shame and Guilt and an openness and acceptance of who I am, that is not only nurturing but empowering, and generating a Lightness of Being that cannot be described but only felt. A lightness that comes from the light of knowledge and being out of the shadow of Fear, Anger and ignorance. I feel like a huge burden that I had been carrying for years, one that got heavier as I got older, has been lifted from me. Finding out who you are is a truly transforming experience. After you do you will never see life nor yourself the same way again. It is impossible to do so.  I can guarantee it.

My path took me from marketing into advertising to psychology, human behavior and sociology, then into metaphysics and the power and function of thought and feeling, then into the being and doing energy that is the basis of our reality and from them to the concepts of God and Goddess and in turn back to the very Source of all unified energy – All That Is, the Universe, Wholeness, Oneness.  I learned that what I was seeing in metaphysics was filtering down into society as sociology and psychology and in turn further down into marketing principles and that people were being taught at this level.  Art was merely an expression of feeling and a reflection of life. This in turn through the dramatic arts, television and cinema was teaching people who they were by putting up a mirror for them to see. Self awareness courses began to incorporate the lessons of metaphysics.  Eventually it became abundantly clear that all personal development courses were based on the principles of metaphysics and in turn spirituality itself.

The opportunity to find out who you are starts now by picking up this book and being open minded enough to finish reading it. You have nothing to loose. Sometimes when we feel well, we forget that it is our life that is at stake. It is easier to prevent dis-ease than it is to heal it – and cheaper and less painful too. If you are into self punishment though it isn’t always easy to pass by the allure of illness. Metaphysics will make you aware of that pattern.


Division I – The World Outside You

Chapter 1 – Polarity

We all see the world from a perspective of “me” and “the world out there.” That is to say “I am in the world.” Whenever we are “I” this immediately separates us from the rest of everything that is not “I.” The whole world therefore is a world of “I” and “not I.” This “I” is personified and called “Ego.” The Ego therefore separates us from the world around us. It does this by analyzing, judging and choosing. I talk a lot about Ego in this book. An understanding of it is crucial to having a better life and healing yourself. Let me mention now that when I talk of Ego I am referring to the negative aspect of it – what can only be called “bad.” It is the ugly face we see in mankind. In the section on Ego you will see that it is the part of you that is detrimental to you and which wants to hurt you – whether you know it or not. Later in the chapter on Ego all facets of this negativity is explored. I am not talking about the positive aspect of Ego – that which gives you your individuality. The part of you that makes you different from everyone else on Earth.

In life we can put the word “not” before everything. Our consciousness has been trained to split everything into opposites, forcing us to decide between that which is and that which is not, e.g., yes/not yes (or no), black/not black (or white) and right/not right (or wrong). These choices we can experience as conflict, i.e., which one “should” we choose. Therefore this “I” also lives in a world of opposites, i.e., – a world that is divided – a polarized world.

So we not only dissect the world from a point of view of “me” and “you” but we then further divide “you” more and more based on what is right or on what we should be doing to name just two basis for making a judgment. The end result is the creation of a world of separateness or what is called “separation” from what was previously called the “whole.” Splitting the atom is a good analogy. The result is that the more we separate, we become more insulated and more distinctive, e.g., in our society, Ego drives the development of the person and as we mature into adulthood the eccentricities become more obvious. On the other hand, in a closed society where the identity forgoes or limits this Egoic development the more homogenous the person becomes, e.g., in a religious order – even though the order is in itself very separate and sometimes isolated from society (because of its choices for expression of its choices). Limits on free will and creativity will have the same effect.

You would have noticed the underlying theme of almost all classic literature and film – the struggle between two opposing poles. Art reflects life back to us. If you can’t see what is going on in life look in TV drama. These plays are presented in the form of two-dimensional illusions. They started as black and white (which is as polarized and as in your face as you can get) so that we could see the picture clearly and abstractly – with no distraction from the color of our world – the color of emotion. As we became more emotionally aware we began to see our dramas in colored television. TV is used as the medium that shows us the intimate real life aspects of our daily lives. The movies are the medium that shows us an imagination and a world that is “larger than life” – epitomized by the size of the movie screen.

The most basic struggle in religion and literature is between good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong. The merits of this struggle are subjective, i.e., it is based on our own opinion or moral judgment and this dissection forms the ultimate basis of all decisions on Earth. It is a divisive and destructive means of creation that leads to death. Splitting the atom unleashed the power that the whole atom had contained. If atoms were merged (fusion as opposed to fission) and not split then surely this would yield even greater power; and that does not take into account the synergistic effect. Fusion is a probability for Earth and would answer all our power needs. The power from Hydrogen (a building block of the Universe) alone is sufficient to yield all our power needs. But for reasons, which are explained later, we need to make our consciousness whole and unpolarized, so that fusion will be a reflection of the new emerging reality that we want to create. In many ways it is as obvious as the nose on your face. This is perhaps why we have not seen it or because we were told that we can’t see it. If you look at the merging of the male and female energy you also have creation – a child. Divorce traditionally always has been associated with heartache so why would we create our world from heartache when we could create it from Love?

Another by-product of choosing separateness is that the more separate we become the more Fear we encounter. The more Fear that is encountered the more insecure a person becomes and the more they resist change. They are afraid to move. You will notice how much older people resist change. One of the only constants in life is change, so the more you try and resist change the harder it is to do so and the more frightened you become in your motivation and basis for making choices. The more you resist change, the more that change occurs around you, thus heightening the Fear. It is a sense of loosing control and not understanding what is going on around you. It becomes a vicious cycle that leads to stagnation and paralysis and finally to death when all of you stops moving – swallowed by Fear. You are therefore killing yourself in avoiding wholeness.

The truth is that no choice is ever right or wrong – in its purest sense it is only a choice. Our Ego-based judgments have merely valued them as being right or wrong. But who is to say what is right and what is wrong? God on Judgment Day? I do not believe that. I believe that we judge and that without judging everything is without labels and part of a whole.

We live in a polarized world – a world of opposites – always moving from one to the other in one way or another. To have a better life means that something in your present life has to change – to be healed. Any reference to healing therefore is a reference to changing something in your life that you think is wrong and you want to be different. I talk about healing and disease a lot in this book and this is what I mean by it. Healing is thus a process that takes us out of polarity and into unity or wholeness. In other words “leaving the world behind”, so as to “transcend” the polarity. To do this we have to let go of the “I” or the Ego which divides us from the rest of existence. Seeking a healing within the polarity is destined to certain failure. You can’t heal in a polarized system. Whenever you choose one pole you are denying the other. This denial energy then gets a life of its own and that in turn becomes another problem to solve in the healing. I talk about this in The Shadow in Chapter 6.3. You have to choose both polarities simultaneously. In a polarized world you always have to choose – even no choice is a choice not to choose and is therefore a choice in itself. So choice is always being made.

We all believe that we are good and right and we want to spend our time convincing other people that they should share our belief system because then all the World would be good and right. Look at the polarity of politics. Left wing and right wing and how government passes from one to the other. After years of left wing politicians we then choose a right wing government. Traditionally one spends and the other saves. One fosters materialistic progress while the other is more open to the arts. Form as opposed to essence. It is always opposites – although these days they both seem to be the same. More proof that we are moving beyond polarity?

The more we try to prove right and wrong, good and evil, God and the devil etc. the more deeply we dig ourselves into polarity and the further we take ourselves into imbalance or what could be called illness and away from overcoming illness. And this illness doesn’t mean just our health – it means the environment too, social disorder and moral decay. Everything that you would call “bad.” So the concept of healing that I have referred to above becomes relevant again.

Eventually war breaks out between the two poles when we are too entrenched in one polarity especially where we are trying hard to convince others and the others are holding an extremely opposite view to us. There’s a build up of friction or energy. There can be no peace until there is no polarity. It is the magnetism within the polarized field that keeps the energy moving. Once polarity is removed then there is no conflict to produce war – and I just don’t mean physical war – bur war within the environment or society. And this applies to our internal war also – the one from which disease arises. Internal conflicts are always played out as external conflicts anyway – so war is a result of our own disease. The belief in polarity is carried in the Unconscious Mind of almost every one on the Planet. Ultimately polarity is only thoughts and it is here that polarity needs to be dealt with – not “out there” in the world that you see. You see everything is in the Mind and the Mind is much more than you previously imagined it to be. It goes beyond the brain, memory and abstract thoughts. It is based in your Causal Body – an energy field that circles you and which is explained in Chapter 7.

On the whole, people can’t see this and because they feel alive when they are impassioned about their point of view, and therefore convinced that it is right, the more strongly they feel about them and the more they pursue their polarized views. The stronger the view is held, the greater the risk of conflict with someone who holds an opposite view.

The only way around this endless, timeless merry-go-round of polarity, good and bad and right and wrong is to rise above it. Unity will combine all the opposites and so by excluding nothing, we can become whole and therefore healed.

The place of no polarity is wholeness – the only place where disease can’t exist. The use of the term holistic or holistic medicine has its basis in this philosophy. This book is concerned in helping to take you back to a place of wholeness so that there is no disease or illness – a place where you can create a better life.

One of the only things in the Universe that can be changed is the way in which we see. We have been stuck in a system that says that the only way to change anything is to change it on the outside by doing something about it – in metaphysics this is called using male energy (the energy of doing) – that is why men have ruled this Planet. It was a society based on strength – survival of the fittest. It isn’t working too well at the moment – war, environmental destruction, famine, disease and Fear are rife. To bring this situation into balance would require a balancing of the female energy with the male energy so as to form Wholeness. Fortunately that is happening. In the last 100 years women have begun to take back their rights and are being recognized as leaders. But that is just swapping one polarity for another. However the female brings Love and it is this difference which will heal the polarity – Love transcends polarity. So if you want to have a better life it is all about Love.

There is a saying – the more things change, the more things stay the same. Patterns repeat themselves. History repeats itself. Over and over again. This is called the Law of Complementarity. This preserves the balance of the poles. Breathing out always follows breathing in. The way that things happen change from time to time – different wars have used different strategies and arms but in the end they are just wars. People still pollute their own environment and clean it up again but pollution is pollution whatever form it takes. In other words the more things change the more they stay the same.

This then is the world of our Planet – our physical world – the world that we look out to – the Outer World of the Third Dimension. There is also the world that is the opposite of this – the non-physical or hidden or Inner World – the world that exists within us that we look into. This is the world that needs to be made whole again and I will explain why in the next Chapter. So much focus in Western Medicine has been on the Outer World while medicine in the East has focused on the Inner World. Holistic medicine or what is now called integrated medicine seeks to combine the two of them. Wholeness is now the name of the game. Becoming One is the future. This direction is now being played out in the world through the concept of the Global Village, global awareness, the Internet, planetary survival, the breakdown of national boundaries and cultures. It is happening in spite of Fear and the wanting of people to hold onto the past and the conflict that that produces in the world. The separateness of everything is merging.

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