Unlocking the Genie of Your Soul by Gail E Steuart & Barry Blumstein

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
December 2000 – January 2001, Issue 15

Unlocking the Genie of Your Soul
by Gail E Steuart & Barry Blumstein

Heaven is a place where you not only experience the all-encompassing feeling of Divine love, but also the unforgettable feeling of Divine joy. If you can imagine laughter like thunder coming forth from your Creator with a force so powerful that Heaven itself trembles and resonates in vibration, then you have an inkling of how overjoyed your Creator will be when you return to your Divine Source.

You are a grand mirror that affords the Creator the expanding joy of seeing another aspect of itself reflected in yourself. You are the image of the Creator, an image that is the same thing as what it reflects-identical in every way. And, yet, when you look around, you see many others that appear to be different from you, and certainly not you. How can this be? Have you ever heard it said that this is the world of illusion? An illusion is looking at something but not seeing what is really there. Perhaps when we see “other” people we are not seeing what is really there.

When your time comes, and you again behold your Creator, you will have the thought; ‘I AM THAT, I AM!’ It gives an entirely different meaning to the phrase, ‘I AM, THAT I AM!’ When you see yourself reflected in your Creator, you will then differently view all the other reflections of the Creator–now the reflections of yourself.

How can we understand and experience this on the practical day-to-day level? How can we see past the illusion of other-ness and appreciate the infinite being that we are? How can we feel that we really are a Divine Creator?

Evolution is the process of transformation, over a period of time, from the imperfect to the perfect; from the limited, conditional expression of love of self to the unconditional, Divine Love of self, then to be intensified and enhanced in the love of the expanding reflections of the Infinite Self.

Our beloved Earth and everything on it can presently be viewed as the imperfect expression of the perfection of Divinity. The question for us when we identify imperfection in “another” is do we love it, or do we judge it? Since we really are the image of God, what we have identified must be a reflection of an aspect within ourselves. If we love it, it is because we love that aspect within ourselves. If we judge it, it is because we have not yet come to love that aspect within ourselves.

Judgement results in the creation of limited emotional feelings–perhaps anger, fear, resentment, frustration, guilt, etc. These emotional feelings are our true inner children, not yet fully evolved, just as we are the children of our Creator, not yet fully evolved.

What happens when we are focused within the illusion and pass judgment upon a reflection of ourselves? The judgment is then immediately applied to our self. How did this occur? We just sent a command to our Soul by  way of the emotional fruit of our judgment that we have further restricted our love of self, and desire to subsequently experience a limitation in the amount of happiness and joy that will enter into our life.

There are many misconceptions concerning the nature of the Soul. Our Soul is a wonderfully marvelous device that only a Divine Mind could have conceived. It is our obedient and faithful servant. It creates in our life whatever we ask it for. It does not judge what we desire–IT MANIFESTS WHAT WE DESIRE! The Soul says only, “Your wish is my command!”

Emotions are the language of the Soul. Our emotional feelings are the means of communication between our focus in the Soul (Higher Self), and our focus within the physical body. Once this is realized, our emotional feelings acquire the greatest importance in our lives, as they come to be viewed as our dialog with our Soul, and as a point of awareness of what we are requiring our Soul to draw into our lives. Through this new understanding of our emotional feelings we can interpolate our Soul’s contents and see exactly how we have asked for what we have received in life. More importantly, we will then also know how to utilize the same process to manifest whatever we wish to subsequently enter into our lives. We will then become conscious creators of our life experience, becoming evermore the perfecting reflection of our Divine Creator. We refer to this process as Soul Manifesting.

As a result of our world not yet understanding how the emotional system really works, and consequently not being able to work directly within it, we will often approach the emotional area and attempt work in it utilizing words. What we come to realize, to our growing frustration, is that emotional feelings are the most powerful force in our lives, and that words just do not have the power to change emotions.

In order to understand our present predicament, imagine a runaway steam locomotive that is barreling down the tracks at full speed. How successful would you be if you desired to stop its movement by standing in front of it oncoming, holding up your hand and shouting “STOP!” The buildup of emotional pressure that we now experience in our lives is like that steam locomotive, and many of our lives seem as out of control.

Mastering the process of Soul Manifesting is analogous to mastering a musical instrument, only a thousand times more difficult to learn. You certainly would not think that by reading a book on how to play the violin, even if it were written by a great concert violinist, that you could then pick one up and play in the symphony. Yet many people believe that by reading a book written by a spiritual teacher that they will then be able to transform their lives.

Just as in learning to play a musical instrument, there is only one way to develop the skill required to direct your Soul to create your happiness. You must first learn to master your emotional feelings. The way to do that is to learn how it is done correctly, and then PRACTICE every day until you can do it well. You will find as time passes that you come to approach and view life differently. When you have mastered it, you will then be the Master of your destiny-your Divine Destiny.

©2000, Gail E. Steuart & Barry Blumstein.   Printed in the December 2000 – January 2001 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  http://www.consciouscreation.com (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Gail E. Steuart & Barry Blumstein are a married couple living in Arizona. Their training program, “Mastery of the Emotions”, originated in the teaching Barry received in a near-death experience in 1969, where his journey took him to the Divine Source. At the beginning of this Age we were taught WHAT TO DO. This is the teaching of HOW TO DO IT. Their articles have been published internationally, and on the Internet.