CCJ – February-March 1999

February-March 1999 Issue

Astrology: Metaphysical and Mythological Roots (Feb-March 1999) by Nancy Leigh Jobes, O.M.
The Boar Encounter (Feb-March 1999) by John McNally
Channelings Du Jour (Feb-March 1999)
Earth Changes and Prophecy (Feb-March 1999) by Pamela Chamberlyn
Focus and Curiosity (Feb-March 1999) by Kristen Fox
Have Y2K Your Way! (Feb-March 1999) by Tom Haskins
Holy Fuck – Art Class… (Feb-March 1999) by Mui
Light of Avalon – Changes Don’t Come Easy (Feb-March 1999) by Jennifer Avalon
Live the Dream! – An Out-of-Body Tale (Feb-March 1999) by Lisa Wallach
Magic & Manifestations (Feb-March 1999)
On the Road to Self-Empowerment: 12 Steps to Living an Inspired Life (Feb-March 1999) by Carol James
Portals, Journeys, and Judgments (Feb-March 1999) by Chris LaFontaine
Reasonable Doubt (Feb-March 1999) by Lynda Flagler
The Three Faces of Me (Feb-March 1999) by John J. McNally