Magic & Manifestations – February-March 1999

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 1999, Issue 4

Magic & Manifestations

Rice is Nice!

A couple weeks ago I was out for the day doing a bunch of errands, when I got home I was starving, ready to start gnawing on my own arm!  I opened the fridge and sitting there was a pot of leftover rice from dinner the night before.  I was elated, popped it in the microwave and was chowing down in just a few minutes.  When my partner Bruce got home from work later I said “thanks so much for leaving the left-overs for me in the fridge”. He looked at me odd and said “what are you talking about, I took it for lunch today”. I racked my brain trying to figure out where the rice came from. Now I guess I “materialized” it in my desperation to satisfy my hunger. I think I may work on materializing gas in the truck without actually having to go to the gas station 😉


Energy of Choosing

In a psychic nutshell, I’ve been experimenting with probable futures, feeling time as intensities instead of moments flowing from past to future and sending and receiving energy. It’s been truly amazing to be alive. For example, the other day I was walking down the hall of my building to go outside and I was of two or three minds as to what I wanted to do next. Suddenly I felt a “call” of energy from two different places, a coffeehouse and a new age bookstore. The energy reading I got from the bookstore was definitely more beneficial to my overall development so I went there instead. At the same time I sent energy to my friends that called me from the coffeehouse. Later that night they all came by to see me and confirmed that they had sent me the energy because they wanted to see me. Very exciting!

David Farthing


Today I was out and about picking up the last of the things I needed for Christmas. I was in this little mall about ready to leave as I had everything I “thought” I needed. When I suddenly got an impulse to go to the little “sports fan” store that was there. I headed towards it even though I kept thinking “why would I want to go there, I have finished buying Bruce’s presents”. I went into the store and started browsing. The store clerk was really nice and asked if he could help me find anything. I said “Anything you got with San Fransico 49er’s on it would be great”. He showed me what he had, but nothing screamed out at me to buy it. I finally decided on a hat even though I felt kind of iffy about it. I went to the cash register to pay for it when I “happened” to look up. There on a top shelf partially hidden was this beautiful beer stein looking mug with really cool 49er art work on it. Now I started to get that “I HAVE to get this” sort of feeling and asked to see it. The store clerk said as he handed it to me “you know, I ordered this by mistake, we don’t usually carry this kind of thing”. I was really excited by this time. I mean to most people it may not mean anything, but I knew Bruce would absolutely LOVE this! I told the man to wrap it up and I would pay by interact. (now here is the demanifesting part). I opened my wallet to get my bank card and it was not there! I stood there dumbfounded! Where the hell was my bank card, I always have it, and I was positive I checked for it before I left the house (one of my many obsessive/compulsive things I have to do before leaving the house). I ripped my wallet apart looking for it, taking everything out. I then closed my wallet and tried to get a grip on my panic, my mind racing as to where I could have left it. The store clerk was really nice and said he would hold the mug till this afternoon for me. I thanked him, then stopped for a minute and got a hold of my racing thoughts. I said to myself “Dianna, you have just forgotten to manifest your bank card in your wallet” so I said “Bank card manifest yourself”. A minute later I checked my wallet, and . . . there it was !! in the exact place I always keep it (where it wasn’t a minute before). I paid for the mug and left the store feeling pretty good about being able to manifest the bank card.


The Transformer

The transformer that controls the electricity into my house is in a neighbor’s back yard.  Squirrels frequently get into it, it blows, and off goes the power.  It  takes the city anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours to get somebody out, fix the transformer, and get the power back on.

Well, about three years ago when my daughter Mary was 15, she was crazy over some rock performer.  She had been saving up to buy of his CDs. So the day she gets the money to buy the CD she is totally excited, practically jumping out of her skin.  I take her to the store to get the CD.  All she can do on the way home is talk about this performer and how she can’t wait to get home and play the CD.

So we walk into the house–no power.  My daughter can’t believe it.  She is enraged!  She screams: ” What?  How can I play my CD?  If there’s a God, he will turn this power on NOW!”  Before the word “now” has finished coming out of her mouth, we hear this big noise, bang, and all of a sudden, everything turns on–I mean everything, lights, TV, radio, refrigerator, air conditioner.  Mary is so surprised, she falls to her knees with her mouth hanging down to the floor.

“Well,” I say, “There’s your answer.”  And Mary trots off to her room to revel in her CD.

So I call my neighbor and ask her how long has the power been off.  She says, “Oh, surprisingly, only about 20 minutes.  I don’t know how they got it fixed so fast.”

Pretty good, job, huh?


Sychronicities Abound

I just came across your website after signing up for the Reality Creation 101 class through Spiritweb. I spent some time last night reading the CC Journal and checking out the different articles and links that you have listed…. And just a little anecdote that seems to fit in in some manner.

Your site was the last one I checked out last night before retiring. I went to bed, then got up around 5am and was wide awake, which is really unusual for me, especially since I took some Melatonin to ensure that I got plenty of rest. I turned on the TV, lost interest and then went back online to check out more of your site. As I was reading some of the Magic and Manifestations columns, I heard some information on the TV station that I had on that totally was what I was looking for in some personal research that I was doing. It was the missing piece that I had been working really hard to get in order to complete a project!! All effortlessly supplied and the syncronicity was perfect!

The next day,  before I went on my merry way to work, I pulled out a deck of these Mayan oracle cards that I use for issues that deal with expanding my consciousness and accelerating my personal evolution. I shuffled the cards and was focusing on my life right now and looking for insight into manifesting some goals. So I pulled the card called Ik……and as I looked up the synopsis of the card ,” co-creator of reality ” was the first thing I saw. This card is all about a connection to spirit,  following inspiration and inner impulse to lead you to your goals. Inspiration was exactly what I’d been wishing for and this really helped!

THEN while I was contemplating the card, I remembered a nifty little system of daily inspiration that a friend of mine introduced me to a few years back. It involved an interpretation of the Mayan calender and it’s cultural/spiritual meanings. I knew there was some software out there about it. Then I thought that I’d probably have to pay for it , but would have to wait because I’m still waiting for my first credit card to arrive. God, what a pain in the ass. I want it now!! 🙂

So when I got home from work that night, I began to search the internet hoping that I’d find some reference to it. After several futile hours I was about ready to quit because I was getting sleepy. Then I had a thought about something I had read either at the CC website, or on the mailing list. ” Don’t give in to the voice of limitation.” So  I figured one more search wouldn’t hurt. Low and behold! Exactly what I had been searchng for was suddenly right there in front of me, and free of charge!

I really love the way this Universe works!!

John Welsh