Earth Changes and Prophecy by Pamela Chamberlyn

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 1999, Issue 4

Earth Changes and Prophecy
by Pamela Chamberlyn

Gordon-Michael Scallion was interviewed on “Roseanne” today.  Once again, I wish to address the issue of prophecy.

Let’s assume that every good psychic is 100% accurate in what they pick up AT THE TIME THEY READ THE ENERGIES.  And let’s Know that OUR RESPONSE to the prophecies we hear immediately adds to or alters the prophecy, depending on the quality of our reaction to what we hear.

I am disturbed… contrast, not resistance… that it is so popular to publicize drastic earth changes prophecies without telling people about the nature of prophecy.  As a prophetess, I can share that there are multiple probabilities operative right now.  And law of attraction is operative in these, of course.  There are parallel planet earths in existence, so none of these prophesies are going to be without effect.

What do we want?  We are gods.  We have created it all.  We are recreating it all.  We are a community of many infinite species and lifeforms all interacting with each other.

What do we want?  We are god.

Using Christian metaphor, we are given the gift of prophecy… and we are given the gift of discernment.  Nice package!  Two for the price of one!

Yes, there will be changes.  Yes, we are, praise goddess, in a time of great change.  This is all for the good.  It is all for Love.  We are not going back to the caveman days (although a few, in their fear, are choosing that), we are going forward into unprecedented LIGHT and Love.

Change is a wonderful thing.  I look around this planet and I see many calls for Love.  I see that change is a good thing.  I welcome it.  Does change need to be cataclysmic?  Only if you resist it.  To quote the Borg:  “Resistance is futile.”  <grin>  The only cause of pain and suffering is judgment/resistance.  There is nowhere in universal law that suffering and limitation are a necessary part of growth.  We actually have to resist pretty hard to inflict pain on ourselves.  There is nowhere in the whole of the universe where pain is “natural.”  It was only after the “separation” that man condemned himself to toil and labor and woman seemed condemned to suffer in bringing forth her young.  Read that:   suffering and limitation in the feminine expression of creativity and toil and pain in the masculine expression of action.

It is impossible for the son/Sun of God to Be separate from Source. We can be unaware.  We can be as unaware as we choose. But it is impossible to Be separate from All That Is.  Nothing you have ever done, or think that you have ever done, has had the power to separate you from your Source.  You can only be unaware, by your own choice. And awareness is a whole different thing to deal with than “separation from god”… much gentler, easier to change your mind about.

As a shaman, I have experienced some of these extreme earth changes already.  They are happening.  in parallel realities.  It all depends on where you choose to focus your attention.  My home state, Florida, has already been through the descent of the land mass south of Ocala… several years ago.  For a period of months, I was in both worlds simultaneously.  I was consistently grateful for the gentleness of the change, for all I saw and experienced and the Love I was privileged to flow to the world where that disaster existed.

I know that Gordon-Michael Scallion, Nostradamus, Cayce, Sheldon Niddle and all the other prophets have correctly picked up probable thoughtforms in advance of their happening.  I know that they bring forth what they see, and enough proof of the reality of the gift of prophecy, to give us time to realign our focus of attention to what we consciously choose to have happen here.  We are gods.  We are creating it all.  We can create it any darn way we want to.

I am concerned…  a great number of people are hearing these dismal prophecies these days.  and for good cause, to a degree.  People need to pay attention to what our dominant thoughtforms are.  But that is just the first step in power.  The next logical step is to decide what you want.  Take responsibility that humans are creating this with the power of their thoughts and feelings… and claim your power and decide what you want!

There is no external power inflicting earth changes and cataclysm on us.  We are the power.  yep… we’ve trashed the planet.  No news there!  And so it’s clean-up time.  And there does not need to be anything violent or horrible about the clean-up.  It is a simple and logical choice for Love.

And it’s much more than clean-up! We have a whole new wonderful, joyous world to create!  We are entering a new era!  We can have and do and Be anything we choose!  That is the “new” technology!  We reawaken to the limitless power of ecstasy of who and what we really are!  Eureka!  It’s time for gods at play, not death and destruction!

So, gods and goddesses, what do you want?  When you hear these prophecies, do not ignore them, but neither fear them at all.  They come as a simple message to us of the course of some probable thoughtforms.  Use them joyously to pivot and decide what you do choose to have instead!

Go to your own heart’s Knowing.  become still in whatever way you like to do that  (I like to go into my medicine wheel, walk through the woods, drive out in the country, dance… there are limitless ways to go within to your own heart’s Knowing 🙂 ) and simply ask. Ask for personal guidance, ask for your highest, most loving response to what you have heard.  Ask for Truth to be revealed to you.  Truth will always be loving, positive guidance.  Truth never says “don’t go here”, “don’t do that”;  it always speaks positively to you:  “go here”, “do this”.  and Truth is always soft and gentle and allowing of your sovereignty.  You are god.  You can have it any way you want it.  Ask and then let go and relax.  Your Inner Being will get its responses through to you in the most appropriate way you can receive them.

Where there is the choice for fear.. and be certain that fear IS a choice, not an external monster… there will be vulnerability and uncertainty.  But remember that fear is “false evidence appearing real”.  What do you want?  Love… the choice for Love… is the greatest, most open and limitless power there is.  It’s so simple! Just choose Love!  How do you choose Love?  Simple!  “I choose Love here.”.. and so it Is.

Claim your power back.  Call it back from every person, situation and realm to which you have released it.  Give back the power you have consciously or unconsciously captured from others.  You do not need their power.  You are god.

Take time to Be centered.  Begin and end each day with the practice of centering.  That is what I love about the medicine wheel, but there are many ways for many people.  When you are stressed, choose to come into your center.  At the moment, simply state that your intention is to be in your center.  Later, take the time to Be in your center, however you choose to do that.

All of this is a zillion times more powerful than storing food or buying guns to defend yourself  (which i guarantee you will not work if it comes from a choice for fear).  Friends:  you are god.  You can manifest food or anything else you need easily.  Let the remembering of your god power be your focus and preparation for these wonderful changes.

I wish I had more space to write of the many beautiful and joyous things I have seen in my visions of our immediate future!  I promise you, as a prophetess, that heaven on earth awaits the simple choice for Love.  I promise you that you are absolutely safe, no matter what, if your choice is consistently for Love.  The most important thing you can do is learn in any way that is simple and pleases you to reconnect with your own heart’s Knowing and practice choosing to Be in your center.

I am god.  What do I want?  I want balance and joy on this wonderful planet.  I want to consciously Know at all times and in all situations that this IS a safe and friendly Universe.  I want to Know and experience consistently that all is truly well and that well-being abounds in all.  I want people to appreciate and celebrate our wondrous uniqueness and differences.

I want us all to love and respect ourselves, so that our own self love may be reflected over and over like ripples on the pond in our immediate environment and beyond it to infinity.

I want to play and rejoice and celebrate this incredible planet, the miraculous abundance of diversities here and the incredible opportunity for soul growth that is available to us now.  I want humans to be aware of and joyous in their relations with plants and animals and all life forms here and in other realms that immediately interact with us.  I want us all to Know that angels are real!  I want us all to experience that we are not alone, but always surrounded by great Love!

If there be prophecies, then let us take these prophecies and use them to focus our attention on what we DO want for ourselves and this planet.  You are god.  You choose.  You decide.  It is the most glorious and wonderfully amazing time to be incarnate upon this magnificent and loving planet!

With much love for all of you 🙂  We are all ONE.

©1999, Pamela Chamberlyn. Printed in the February 1999 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)

Pamela L. Chamberlynn is a shawoman and priestess living in Florida. She uses her clinical background as a psychotherapist in combination with extensive training in many aspects of spirituality to bring joy to her own life and to the lives of those who choose to share her teachings.  She practices through “Awakening: A Center for Well-Being” (1300 Executive Center Drive, Suite 405, Tallahassee, Florida 32301 – a website is under construction)  To be on her mailing list, email us with your e-dress or mailing address as you choose.