Astrology: Metaphysical and Mythological Roots by Nancy Leigh Jobes

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 1999, Issue 4

Astrology: Metaphysical and Mythological Roots
by Nancy Leigh Jobes

Astrology is a philosophy bursting with metaphysical symbolism and mythological archetypes. Mythology and its archetypes are usually forgotten elements in astrology. Yet, one cannot truly have a grasp of the premise behind astrology without the mythology in which it is based.

There are several conflicting sources of information as to where astrology began. Some say it was Babylon, some Mesopotamia, others yet say astrology is Sumerian in origin. Ultimately, it is the Babylonian roots of astrology that are used in the west, regardless of where the first person discovered it. The Babylonians had gods that helped them understand and shape their lives.

When we take into consideration the universal characteristics that we all have, it is easy to see why ancient man created mythology. They gave human characteristics to the gods and heroes, in turn giving people an understanding of where they came from, who they were, and who they could aspire to be. When they looked to the sky for their gods and the answers to their prayers, they realized that people born at different times of the year, when there were different bodies of light in the sky, took on certain characteristics. This reinforced their belief that these celestial bodies were their gods, because these gods must be giving their characteristics to the children born during their presence in the sky.

Myths can been seen as ancient ways of understanding human psychology, and are thus implemented in astrology as symbols of human tendencies – astrology enhanced faith, in essence, telling the people where in life the gods were acting on them, and influencing their lives. This is where myth, astrology, metaphysics and psychology all become intertwined.Mythology then, being the basis for all astrology, shows us where we can find the foundation for the symbolism of astrology, and how these symbols can be applied psychologically. When we look to myth, we can see universal aspects of all man. We have a seemingly complex psychology with many different levels.

Today’s astrology utilizes myth to explain where in life we play out each of the universal aspects. Each person will have an individual astrological make up, and each set of symbols will be used in an individual way. Since none of the gods were intrinsically good or bad, the symbols will be used in a person’s life as they choose to use them. Yet, if there is no proven force from the planets instilling these archetypes into us, what metaphysical source might have myth and astrology come from? Early astronomers found that these lights in the sky were actually planets and stars rather than the traditional idea of a god. Astrologers continued the same basic ideas and decided that the planets themselves must have an effect on living creatures.  This was accepted as truth by astrologers without question for over an estimated two millennia.

Astrology went underground during the Christian movement due to Pagan and Gypsy persecution, not resurfacing in any mode of acceptance until the 20th century. There was no opportunity to search for deeper answers about astrology through science or any other “accepted” method. Today, however, there are unlimited resources to be searched for answers to this age-old mystery.

There are metaphysical reasons why all societies of peoples in our recorded history created gods and myths. Modern man needs to feel as if they are protected in life and death. Many fear the idea of being fully in control of their lives; they would rather believe there is an omnipotent force having a hand in the fate of their lives. Since the beginning of recorded history we have needed the experience of feeling controlled, whether it be via gods or stars or something else; so to learn about ourselves under those circumstances for growth. We have a physical reality to learn all that can be discovered in it, even if it means limiting ourselves to do so. Our lives have to be led under a wide variety of conditions, each with its own challenges and triumphs. Certain emotions and experiences would be impossible without setting perceived limits on ourselves.

Intuitively or subconsciously we have created fate and divine intervention to serve our own needs. This does not mean the gods we have created are not real. They are real with as much power as we give to them. Astrology itself is also a created reality. The physical universe we observe with our physical senses is actually an amazingly complex community of atomic and subatomic particles that we comprehend as mass. Recent studies show that the electron parts of the atom are in an active communication with each other. With no regard to known laws of space or time, they communicate instantly from atom to atom regardless of distance. This causes a rise in speculation that atomic particles have a consciousness all of their own.

This is an extraordinary impact on how we can view astrology. Rather than seeing an effect of planets upon us, we can observe from the view that astrology is a communication between all atomic particles in the physical universe. If all particles are so intertwined, we can surmise we have created the seeming effect from the planets upon ourselves. We would influence the planets as much as they would us through understanding and communication at the atomic level. Astrology may have been created by us for the use of having a physical map to help us understand the path we have agreed to lead in this life. We have the opportunity to use this map as a guide, or fight it. Yet, why would we choose to fight something we constructed to help us on our journey? Using astrology for the purposes of finding the personal path to psychological health, spiritual evolution, and understanding fellow creatures makes the journey by far more rewarding.

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Nancy Leigh Jobes is an ordained minister with her religious Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Healing and Counseling. She is currently at work beginning a ministry of her own called “Creative Reality Learning Ministry”, as well as teaching astrology online and offering private sessions in astrology and Interfaith Counseling. She can be reached at [email protected].  You can also visit her site at: