Have Y2K Your Way! by Tom Haskins

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 1999, Issue 4

Have Y2K Your Way!
by Tom Haskins

[Editor’s Note: ‘Y2K’ refers to Year 2 Thousand – an idea that computers will have difficulty handling the date change from 99 to 2000 and this situation could cause certain problems wherever computers are used.]

“B-wave” is channeled by Tom Haskins…

Gentle beings, with Y2K approaching, it is time to get clear on what you want to experience. As you know, everyone will not have the same variety of creations to feel their way through. There are many modalities available. You could compare it to a movie that has been through many remakes of the same story. It’s like the Internet where everyone on the Net is not at the same site. It is also like the many ways to get to one location: walking, bicycling, driving a car, taking a bus, riding a train, flying in 4 seater, taking commercial airliner, arriving my military transport or being shipped as air cargo freight. If there was a train collision on the way to that place, only the people in that mode of transportation would experience the calamity. Thus it is senseless to predict what will happen to everyone. Simply choose the desired experience.

The aftermath of Y2K will be a fabulous “class” in manifestation for the entire planet. As people compare what happened to individuals they know, they will discover that many different experiences were created. If the people were known intimately, it will be apparent they got what they imagined. For example, some people may be very concerned about a food shortage and prepare by stock piling canned goods. Those that lived in an area with tremendous consensus about a food shortage might create their stores being closed or deliveries being stopped. Another person surrounded by people with no fear of food shortage might discover her own stockpile was ruined by a water leak, rodents or some other very localized factor. You don’t need to experience the same constraints as others, yet those who go along with mass thought forms will share in their common apprehensions.

For those who pay close attention to what was experienced by whom, it will also become clear that it was not the preventative efforts that came true, but the sponsoring thoughts. Just as people who jog to prevent heart attacks will likely create heart attacks. They do not jog for the joy of jogging. They create a heart attack by making that the reason to jog. What they are feeling is attentive to the threat of heart attacks, not the joy of jogging.

There is, for many of you, great self deception around the truth of your sponsoring thoughts. The person who jogs to prevent heart attacks does not say “I’m trying to kill myself”. The human mind focuses on “what” it is trying to do, not “why” it is trying that approach. It has been said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” because heroic idealism blocks the sponsoring thoughts of fear. The feelings in the heart are praying without ceasing. The ideas in the head are disregarded as noise. The Universe listens to the feelings in the heart and delivers matching experiences.

This is also why there has been so much channeled wisdom about “listening to your feelings” as a signal from your Higher Self, as a conversation with God, and as your own offspring that need to be heard and accepted. When the conformity pressures to be logical and reasonable blocks your irrational and unreasonable feelings, the sponsoring thoughts usually ask for “alarming wake up calls”. A mind that ignores the feelings stirred up by its heroic ideals will attract more suffering, misery and pain much to its own bafflement and dismay. The head will be thinking these are courageous, strong, determined, and admirable pursuits. The adversity is a worthy challenge, a noble sacrifice, or its fated destiny. Meanwhile the heart is signaling “bad timing, wrong turn, this feeds the problem, there went a great opportunity, this clings to unwanted conditions, or endurance is being confused with joy”.

The rational mind dissociates the sponsoring thoughts from its conscious awareness. The Higher Self knows all and will reveal sponsoring thoughts when asked. Instead of taking pride in heroic ideals, turn within and ask to be shown how you really feel about those aspirations. There are lots of questions that help uncover your true sponsoring thoughts: why do I think this is necessary, where is this rational desire coming from, what’s the message in this madness, which thought system is promoting this ideal, how is this an object lesson for me, what’s the meaning of my harboring this ambition, where’s the freedom in this situation, or what’s a higher thought than the one I’m using?

The answer to these questions will often come as a feeling. An image may flash across your mind of a forgotten incident. You may be reminded of a situation that felt the same as this one. You are being given pictures of how you got devoted to this ideal and determined to ignore your feelings. In that memory, you passed up a choice to see something two ways. You decided what it meant and turned an interpretation into a fact of life. It went from “as if” to “for certain”.

By seeing the situation again now, you can face it two ways to give it new meaning. The bypassed choice involves letting go, forgiving, freedom from resentment, release of guilt, or an expression of unconditional love. When this new choice is embraced and felt deeply, the sponsoring thought is changed. The compulsion to pursue the heroic ideal is dismantled. The current situation offers alternatives that seemed lazy, self-indulgent or neglectful before. Now they seem perfect, inspired, and gracious.

So now compare households that are investing in photo voltaics. One couple has wanted to explore that technology since the first Earth Day Celebration. They love the idea of self sufficient homesteads. They’ve never made the investment in all the years up until now. Yet Y2K is an excuse to finally spend the money on the panels and storage batteries. With the improved technology, now is a better time than ever. They will be focused on their long term desire, the fulfillment of a dream, seeking joy. If the power goes out they will be more delighted at their independence and preparation. They don’t need any house but their own to lose power. They could easily create an ice storm or construction trench taking out a nearby utility line on January 1st, 2000.

Another couple is desperately investing in photo voltaics because they dread the cold, dark, isolated feelings of their house in the “dead of winter”. They are imagining nightmarish scenarios and talking about how long the power was off in eastern Canada last year. Their sponsoring thought is fear. They are probably sharing their beliefs to alleviate their fear, and spreading fear to a wider population. They are imagining a wide spread blackout, entire utility companies shutting down.  Within the scope of their influence, they could create a broader scale experience with the consensus of others who share the sponsoring apprehensions.

So questions about preventive actions are asking to predict “what will happen to everybody”. Nothing will be the same. If lots of people agree, they will create   something to share and support each other through. If people keep their desires focused on their joy, they will have exceptional experiences and attract people who play at their level of creativity.  In all this, everyone has inner guidance. Whatever they create is a co-creation with their Higher Self. If the person is asking their higher self for guidance, they will hear where to be, what to do, what’s the best timing and what’s over-preparing. Those who are disconnected by failing to listen and drowning out the guidance with mental chatter, or are too afraid to stop announcing “the real dangers”- will have perfectly matched experiences for their expression of their belief in separation from unconditional love and joy.

Y2K provides a marvelous incentive to hurry up and awaken from the dream of separation. It’s a way for the Universe to tell everyone “come Home this instant, stop dawdling”. It’s setting up a great contrast between consensus thought forms of fear and the next wave of higher thought forms. Those that are wavering on the brink of those two worldviews will make a choice. It will occur to them that the good times are with the inspired imaginations. The idea of feeling separated from joy, freedom and love is too costly when they stakes have been raised like this. They will realize it”s time to stop messing around and become their Higher Self incarnate.

So from our side, Y2K is a “kick in the pants” to some and proof positive to everyone that you create your experience with your sponsoring thoughts. For people who already act as if they know they create their reality, the drama that unfolds will seem no more or less insane as massive TV coverage of murder suspects, basketball lock-outs, bombing enemy territories “into submission”, and starving populations within reach of world food supplies. The planet creates these dramas to get the feeling of being separated from the power to create what they want. It feels real and choiceless to them, “as if” it has to be that way. Any idea that is an “as if” is a belief that can be changed to create a different “real experience”.

If you are reading these words, you made it to the end of this channeling and you know better than to give away your power to acting “as if this threat is real to you”.  As we said at the beginning, it is time to get clear on what you want to experience. Then create that with your imagination and the feelings in your heart, knowing the support from the Universe for what you want is infinite and at your disposal. Simply ask and receive, believing you will attract what you desire into your experience. With any hang-ups that comes to mind, be grateful for the signal the hang-up provides to seek out a sponsoring thought which interferes with what you clearly desire. As you release this interference, you will feel your mood lighten, your conviction strengthen and your vibration match a scenario where you have the time of your life during Y2K. Then simply flow gratitude as if its done deal, and live in the moment each day, going with the flow of what comes along to connect you with your imagined future.

Thank you for this opportunity to expand your horizons and to invite you to question your limiting beliefs.

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