Annual New Year’s Day Channeling Session – 1999 by Michele Mayama

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
February 1999, Issue 4

Annual New Year’s Day Channeling Session – 1999
through Michele Mayama

“Happy New Year to everyone.  It is our joy and our pleasure to be invited to be with you in this great time.  And it is quite amazing to us that this is being broadcast, so to speak, beyond the room’s parameter and people that are sitting with us.  So we welcome those who are in other places and know that you are also joined with us in this time.  So, to all of you, it is our joy and we would like you to know that this year is one where you can increase  your capacity for joy in your bodies.  You have done, many of you, much releasing.  As that which has crept out of your bodies has brought you awareness of those places within you that perhaps have held illusion or pain or memories of that which have been pain, in the millennium, and more than one, of the time in the history before this time when you have all joined in and lived and created and experienced together.  And you are emptying that, as if you are erasing it, and as it comes out you feel a sort of relief but also some of that which was the initial pain or trauma that might have been experienced.”

“This year is one of sort of the turning point for most of you, wherein you begin to realize that to the degree that you had been embodying pain and separation and fear and illusion, you now have a capacity to embody joy, love, delight, the capacity to open in greater and greater measure to grace in abundance, and to bring that into your experience in such a way that it is no longer necessary to weave the illusion through your life in the same way.  It is as if you are erasing your past, and there may be some sadness in saying good bye to some of that, because the forms that have woven that into your reality are also losing energy, on a large scale.  You see it happening where that which once had great energy is now struggling, perhaps even attempting to hold greater and greater effort and control to keep the energy in certain places of power or control or position.  And yet, it is not working very well, it is a struggle.  You will see of that shifting and changing and yet there will also be voices rising, and who knows, it might be one of yours that rises into the collective awareness and brings another way of proceeding, of creating structures, of bringing forms to awareness that can bridge from the old to the new, but have a vision and a passion and a power that begins to build out of the joy in your embodied natures into that which is the greater collective experience.”

“1999.  Wonderful with numbers, yes?  The 9’s of course for many of you as you studied, mean completion.  Or a sense of coming to the beginning of a new cycle.  The end of one, the beginning of another.  Simultaneously it is a beginning.  It is a 9 and a 1, all at the same time this year, a beginning and an end – an end and a beginning.  So you will find that things that used to have energy for you, that you used to even enjoy and like, you might not any longer.  And you might find a new interest, something quite unexpected taking its place.  Or something that you may have been preparing for, for a very long time.  But that hasn’t had a fullness to it yet.  It may suddenly fill you with a certain awareness and vision and ability, skill, people to support you, to come forward and do that which is yours to do.  The guiding principle this year is not that you do it for others but that you do it from the place of joy that creates it.  Very different place to come from.  And we will say it again, so that you understand what we say.   You will not be creating your lives, your experiences, from a place of wanting to help others.  That is part of what is releasing, part of a duality, that has been woven into serving from that place of one separate from another.  When you merge with joy and you merge with the wholeness of your being, and you merge with the wholeness of creation, joy creates through you.  And you just dance a bit about, you speak when you need to speak, you share what you feel like sharing, but you continuously feel that which is the radiant joy and alivness and love pouring through you in such a way that you just absolutely love being you, being alive and being creative and doing whatever you’re doing in the moment.  That is a different way to approach something than if you see another and you wish to help them.  Helping another puts them into a position of being less that able to help themselves, being in a sense less wise than you, being in a sense less in some way, that they would need help from another.  When you come from a place of joy, the animation within your nature recognizes that all have within them an innate power to transform that which has been the illusions and the distortions that have blinded them, that have wounded them, that they have experienced as pain, as lack, as trauma, as whatever.  Suffering.  The innate power within them to recognize and transform according to their own innate beingness, their own innate connectedness.  Your connectedness, your animation, your embodiment activates, inspires, calls forth, and reminds them to remember, just by being yourself and coming from that place.  Anything woven from these frequencies in this next time will have a certain sustainability because life will sustain it.  Rather than that which has been in the past, crystallization which has sustained.  Do you know the difference between animation and crystallization?  Yes?  No?  Speak up, please.  Life and Death?  Animation is life and is the aliveness of that which is creation embodied  and opening into the fullness of matter.  And crystallization is that which binds or holds and continues to then hold it in such a way that the life force begins to be less than available than the initial experience.”

“If something in your life feels less than animated, less than alive, it is probably not going to survive this year.  Probably, you see?  If there are things in your life which are even a little bit animated,  perhaps just beginning to open like a flower or an opening, these things will probably grow this year.  And be reading for surprises.  You cannot put a 1 and a 9 together in one year without a number of unexpected combinations synchronistic arrangements and surprises.  Some of them feeling like gifts from heaven, others perhaps not quite the same.  More like perhaps a challenge for you, but it will not be a challenge to bring you back so much into the past.  It will be a challenge to bring you into the future, into your purpose.  Human nature at times needs to be challenged, because that which has been the past, the crystallization, the patterning, has kept you in certain pathways of movement, of action, behavior that have not always been in alignment with the frequencies that you will be using in creating with, true?  So challenge is meant to break the old pathways of behavior so you have opportunity to step forward and create a different one.  You see?  One that is more in harmony, more true for you.  It will be as if at times you feel a certain, almost a cracking.  As if something is cracking and you are stepping out of an old skin.  You see?  Leave it behind, do not try to put it back on.  It will not feel too comfortable, and probably won’t even have enough integrity to be put back on.  Go forward, even if there is a space of discomfort, when you do not know quite how to act yet.  When you are not quite sure what it is that you wish to present, or how to do so.  Do the best you can, see?  Do the best you can in those moments, step forward, speak in this true voice, move in as true a way as you possibly can and you will form a new pathway and it will grow more comfortable.  But be reading, for different kinds of surprises, because they will begin almost immediately, and not stop, perhaps even as the millennium approaches.”

“That which is this year for some of you will a year when you will look back and realize that that which went before had prepared you for a turning in your life, and this will be the turning point, the sense of moving from the old patterns, the old pathways, and establishing the new.  They will take several years perhaps to get full and complete and filled in, but you will begin.  You will also get very aware in this year of that which is not that of truth and not of joy.  Not only in your own lives, but in your collective, in your social structures, in your cities, in your towns, in your schools, or wherever you find yourselves.  When you run into such energies, which will in some ways be quite dissonant as you replace your own awareness with joy, rather than try to strike them down, or do battle with them or stand apart and criticize, be rather like an injection, where you bring the joy into that place without a care in the world.  As if you do not care about what happens, you understand?  You step forward into these places and you bring joy, you bring humor, you bring life, you bring new ideas and it will be disruptive, of course, it will be animating to some, they will recognize what it is and they will also feel illuminated and energized.  And it will be for others very frightening, because they have not felt life or animation for a very long time.  And someone is offering them something that for them has been forgotten or put aside.  Do not care about what happens.  Do not care in your personal nature, about what happens.  Infuse, inject, be present.  And dance it into that place and then walk out when it is time to walk out.  Or if there are several that feel as if they can be allies, work with them.  But do not do battle and do not fight.  Because as you do battle you will find that you are pulled into the battle and out of joy.  You understand?  Yes?  Do you think you can do that?  Yes, it will be fun and you will find that what you have held back all these years no longer has to be held back, you see?  Because holding back the life force and the truth and all of that which you have been trying to be acceptable in the old, you don’t have to do that anymore.  Isn’t that worth some celebrating?  And even if there is disruption, you don’t have to care, you see?  (laughter)  Or take it personally.  And you will find that the more you do it, the more fun you have.  Being the disrupters with joy, yes?”

(The session then proceeded into a more lengthy question and answer format.)

Michele Mayama is a channel for the Earth Mother and Universal Intelligence. She shares these powerful transformative energies with individuals and groups, and through publications and the internet. For monthly channelings and commentary on the web, see For more information she can be contacted at (651) 224-8239 or by e-mail at [email protected].