Stepping Off The Map

The concepts of conscious creation are pretty simple, in theory. (Note: ‘Simple’ does not necessarily mean the same thing as ‘easy’.) Most websites and books that discuss it cover the same basic ideas, including our website too. I do, however, think that the functional, practical application of these concepts in our everyday lives often reveals a LOT more about the process than is readily evident in the general theory. And of course, it reveals a lot more about ourselves.

In my opinion, after you integrate the basic concepts and any useful techniques or processes, you eventually have to step off the end of the known world and have to learn how to create your own map, often step by tenuous step. It goes beyond the momentum derived from the initial excitement of discovery of reality creation principles and initial successful applications, and into…. what? In my own experience, it gets grittier and less polished. It gets repetitive, necessarily lonely or singular, and disheartening at times too. It requires tenacity. It mixes hits and misses and we’re left to sort out why this worked and this didn’t this time, but not the next. And it becomes less and less about technique and more and more about being and who we are at a fundamental level. At this point, while occasional reminders of the principles won’t hurt, they don’t necessarily add anything to your understanding of the journey itself.

My point in writing this is just to say that I’m really looking forward to seeing this next phase of conscious creation begin to be expressed more often as people continue to share their own experiences with stepping off the map. From my own perspective, it seems like the kind of thing that might require a sense of completion before you can effectively write about the whole journey. Maybe it has to be relayed in more of a holographic manner. Whenever I’ve tried to capture certain aspects in words before completion, it has sounded just like stuff I’d already written before – nothing new to see – keep moving along.

Now, I know this is sort of an inconclusive post unto itself, and might not be very satisfying, but in that case, my point has been expressed in a few ways here as well – LOL!

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Mysterious Irish Towers

Irish Tower - image from  philipcoppens.comThis article about the unknown age, construction, and purpose of about 70 round towers scattered about Ireland is a fascinating read overall, but a few choice quotes (from separate sections) are especially interesting because of the implications about energy:

“Using infrared photography, it has been noted that though there is clearly a roof on this tower, on infrared photographs, this does not show up – hinting at the possibility that certain considerations in its construction were in place to create this effect.”


“Hence, Professor Philip Callahan – who was stationed in Ireland during World War II – suggests that the Irish round towers (and similarly shaped religious structures throughout the ancient world) were human-made antennas which collected subtle magnetic radiation from the sun and passed it on to monks meditating in the towers, as well as plants growing around the towers’ base.”


“Farmer John Quackenboss of Virginia decided to construct a round tower; in 1986, he erected five 6′ high terracotta pipes of 12” diameter filled with basalt gravel, covering an area of 1000 acres. He capped the pipes with a cone of concrete, made with basalt gravel and coated in crushed basalt, bringing the total height to two metres – nowhere near the height of the average round tower. After six weeks, his farm enjoyed increased crop yields, despite drought conditions. He reported that the area covered by the towers had higher rainfall, but less moisture evaporation.”

It’s fascinating stuff. I also remember Robert Monroe saying that he realized one day that he had many of his OBEs in a tower-like room with a pyramid roof. Related? You decide – LOL.
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Lucid Dream/OBE and Levitation

One of our dogs woke us up around 4:30 barking at coyotes howling in the distance. After that awakening, I finally got back to sleep just after I heard John’s watch beep for 5 a.m. It was still quite dark out. Next thing I know, I’m sitting up in bed, but feeling paralyzed, and I try to yell for John, but I can’t, since my throat is paralyzed too. But then I become a bit more lucid and decide that I’m not going to panic, and that it was just kind of a leftover panic from previous sleep paralysis experiences, and I feel myself relax. Then I shifted in and out of awareness a few times, probably getting more completely out of that sleep paralysis mode, and next I found myself standing in the bedroom, sort of half-aware and trying to levitate things with limited success. But then I become more lucid, more “there” and begin to succeed in levitating things! Nothing large, maybe a mug, or whatever happened to be near me on the table, but I was getting really good at it. Was holding my hand out like the energy was coming from my hand, and object was floating in front of and above it. I don’t think I ever fully, consciously realized I was in a lucid dream or OBE, but the experience of levitating things was felt very real and physical, and a lot of fun.

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Asking for Confirmation

The other day I was just relaxing, sitting with my eyes closed, when the name “Fiona” came to me. I wondered why I’d think of that name out of the blue, as I don’t know anyone with that name (except for the Host of the Thistle and Shamrock radio show on NPR, Fiona Ritchie, but not personally of course.)

Thinking that it might have some more significance than just a supposed random thought, I said to myself, “If this name/person Fiona is something relevant to me, like, say, a spirit guide or helper, let me know by showing me the name in the world somehow.” (As opposed to just hearing it in my mind.) Then I forgot about it completely and went about my day.

At the very end of the day, John was playing a game online where you can raise a dragon, hoard jewels, challenge other dragons and help friends during battles. He said, “Oh, it looks like your dragon is under attack – I’ll go help you.”

Just as a matter of conversation I replied, “Oh? Who’s the dragon?” He replied, “It’s named Fiona.” Suddenly the earlier communication came back to me and I had to laugh, and then tell him the entire story.

So next time you want some ‘external’ verification, just ask for it and expect it – it may come in really normal ways or the way the confirmation shows up might completely surprise you, more the fun!

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